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Csonka’s Impact Xplosion Review 4.07.18

April 12, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s Impact Xplosion Review 4.07.18  

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Csonka’s Impact Xplosion Review 4.07.18

– Alisha Edwards defeated Laurel Van Ness @ 6:15 via pin []
From TNA Lockdown 2011: Max Buck defeated Jeremy Buck, Robbie E, Chris Sabin, Jay Lethal, Amazing Red, Suicide, and Kendrick @ 14:00 [***]
From Impact (4.05.18): Cage defeated Lashley @ 8:35 via pin [***]

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Alisha Edwards vs. Laurel Van Ness: Ness attacks, but Edwards cuts her off right away and hits a senton. The running elbow follows for 2. Edwards up top, gets cut of and Ness attacks with strikes. The running knee strike follows and she covers for 2. Ness now chokes her out in the ropes and follows with a dropkick. Edwards looks for an octopus, but Ness escapes and covers for 2. Ness maintains control, slamming her to the buckles. The curb stomp follows, and Ness covers for 2. She keeps the action grounded, but Edwards battles back with a final cut. Edwards follows with clotheslines, and hits a suplex for 2. Edwards lays in chops now, and they blow a high cross spot as Edwards came up really short. Edwards counters the unprettier into a flatliner for the win. Alisha Edwards defeated Laurel Van Ness @ 6:15 via pin [*¾] This was a really rough match, with Edwards picking up the win as Ness is out of the company. I appreciated her work and dedication to the character, but it greatly held her back as an in ring performer. She looked so much better as her self at SHIMMER 100.

– We get a really well done video package on the road to the Redemption PPV, featuring Aries & Patron. This was really good stuff, the videos have gotten really good as of late. But patron is a piece of shit and is now gone, which is fine with me as we get Aries vs. Fenix vs. Pentagon now at the PPV.

X-Division Xscape Cage Match: Max Buck vs. Jeremy Buck vs. Robbie E vs. Chris Sabin vs. Jay Lethal vs. Amazing Red vs. Suicide vs. Kendrick: Suicide and Robbie E pair off, and they start the match. We’re actually going to do tag rules here. Max tags in, gets beat down, Robbie cuts off Suicide, tags Max in and a dropkick for Suicide. Jeremy tags in and faces off with brother Max. Max tags Jay in, and its good to see he still has a job. Counters off the ropes, kick by Jeremy, head scissors follows. Back breaker as well, and the Lethal combo connects. Max and Suicide both tag in, Suicide with clotheslines. Robbie tags in, takes down Suicide and gets the soul food for the pin. Suicide is out. Jay in, Robbie begs off, and fist pumps. He tags Sabin, who attacks him and he and Jay beat Robbie down. Jay and Sabin celebrate, and Sabin rolls him up for 2. Some lucha like counters now, and a basement dropkick by Jay gets 2. Boot by Sabin, Red tags in and gets a missile dropkick. Chops by Jay, Red shuts down the handspring and then hits the code red and Jay is eliminated. Sabin back in, dropkick by Red. Red to the top and LEAPS INTO a suplex, countered and Sabin plants him. SICK clothesline by Sabin kills Red, and he gets pinned. Red is eliminated. Max in now, dropkicks and a cover for 2. Drop toehold by Sabin, tree of woe time, and Sabin with the levitation dropkick in the corner. Small package gets 2 for Sabin. Cradle shock try countered, and Max with the blockbuster style move and Sabin is gone. Kendrick in and rolls up Max for 2. Kendrick still in his robe, running wild, and Robbie tags in and takes over on Kendrick. Kendrick back with the dropkick and splashes Robbie against the cage. Max and Jeremy tag in, Max begs off, and Jeremy with rights. Max tries to escape, Jeremy pulls him in, rights follow. He slams Max to the cage a few times, and mounted rights follow. Jeremy stalks Max, but Max rolls him up and Jeremy is gone. Robbie beats down Kendrick, lays the boots to him and celebrates. Elbows to Kendrick, and Max joins in on the attack. They pick up and spear Kendrick into the cage, law dart style. Kendrick back with boots, slams both to the cage and dropkicks follow. Enziguri to Max, dropkick to Robbie and a cover gets 3. Down to Kendrick and Max, and we have elimination rules now. Max stops Kendrick from climbing, beats him down and then tries to climb. Kendrick stops him for a moment; Max slams him to the corner and then BUCKLE BOMBS Kendrick! Max climbs, Kendrick tries to stop him, they battle on the top rope, Kendrick slams Max repeatedly to the cage and Max falls. Kendrick climbs, Max shoves the ref into the cage, allowing Max to climb and win. Max Buck defeated Jeremy Buck, Robbie E, Chris Sabin, Jay Lethal, Amazing Red, Suicide, and Kendrick [***] This was a good and fun match, but it didn’t really have a lot of highs or drama attached to it.

Cage vs. Lashley: Lashley attacks right away and they brawl to the floor. Back in and it’s all Lashley, and he works over Cage with strikes. Lashley follows with a spear in the corner, and follows with a suplex. Cage avoids the spear and hits a F5, covering for 2. Lashley uses the ref as a shield and low blows Cage. He lays the boots to Cage again and chokes him out in the ropes. The side slam follows for 2. Lashley tosses him to the floor. Cage rolls back in and Lashley continues to control. Cage counters back with a superkick and an electric chair drop. Cage follows with a German and DVD for 2. Clotheslines by Cage connects, and Lashley is down and powders to the floor. Cage follows, and stalks Lashley. They brawl on the ramp; Cage hits a slam and maintains control. Cage suplexes Lashley from the apron into the ring, covering for 2. Cage up top, Lashley crotches him and follows him up and hits a superplex. The cover gets 2. Cage battles back, but Lashley counters drill claw, hits a German but Cage pops up only to eat a spear and Lashley covers for 2. Cage escapes the dominator, hits a knee and the drill claw finishes it. Cage defeated Lashley @ 8:35 via pin [***] With Lashley leaving and Impact obviously seeing big things in Cage, you couldn’t ask for a better way to establish Cage as a top star on the rise. They had another good and fun big man match, with Cage winning clean as a sheet, sending Lashley on his way as he looks to climb the ranks and take his place.

– End Scene.

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This was a solid show this week, with a good throwback and Impact match. It was unfortunately held back by a really rough opener and the fact that they had to run the Aries vs. patron video, which while extremely well done, is now dated.