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Csonka’s Impact Xplosion Review 7.07.18

July 12, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Impact XPLOSION 7718
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Csonka’s Impact Xplosion Review 7.07.18  

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Csonka’s Impact Xplosion Review 7.07.18

– Matt Sydal & Kongo Kong defeated A1 & El Reverso @ 7:50 via pin []
From Slammiversary 2011: Abyss defeated Brian Kendrick & Kazarian @ 12:05 via pin [**½]
From Impact (7.05.18): Rey Fenix defeated Rich Swann @ 13:30 via pin [***¾]

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Matt Sydal & Kongo Kong vs. A1 & El Reverso: Jacobs is out with Kong & Sydal. Sydal and Reverso to begin. They work into some back and forth before Sydal grounds things. Reverso trips up Sydal, but Reverso cuts him off and hits a springboard back elbow. A1 tags in and Sydal talks shit about his third eye. A1 lays in rights, hits a shoulder tackle and Sydal spills to the floor. Jacobs distracts A1 as Sydal slips under the ring. He sneaks back in and then tags out to Kong. Kong and A1 trade strikes, A1 now lands corner mounted strikes, but Kong fires up and no sells the buckle shots and cuts off A1. Reverso flies in and bounces off of Kong. Kong dumps him and hits a shoulder tackle on A1. Sydal tags in and double teams follow. Sydal now works the arm, and follows with kicks. Sydal grounds things, targeting the arm. Kong tags in and A1 fires up with strikes, but Kong hits a slam and senton. Sydal tags in, hits a knee drop and then goes back to the arm. A1 fights to his feet, and hits a desperation backbreaker. Reverso tags in and misses a dropkick. He then dumps Sydal, Kong cuts him off and dumps him to the floor. Reverso hits a dive, but bounces off of Kong. Back in and Kong plants him with the Samoan driver for the win. Matt Sydal & Kongo Kong defeated A1 & El Reverso @ 7:50 via pin [*¾] This was unfortunately not very good at all, there was no drama as it was basically an extended squash and Reverso is a sloppy worker.

Time for Around the Ring with Katarina. Katarina is thrilled to be back with the company, and says she did enjoy her previous run as Winter. She enjoys working the indies, and when she’s not wrestling, she loves to write and act. Her goal is to win the Knockouts championship and puts over the division. She’s excited to mix it up with the new women. She says she prefers the four-sided ring, and Josh says he didn’t mind the 6–sided ring. Stone Rockwell does a run in for the final seconds.

X-Division Champion Abyss vs. Brian Kendrick vs. Kazarian: This was a solid match, with Kaz & Kendrick largely pin balling around for Abyss. Unfortunately the layout was really lazy, typical triple threat action with Kendrick taking about a 5-minute nap at one point and killing the flow, it was fine, but not worth investing 12-minutes in. Abyss defeated Brian Kendrick & Kazarian @ 12:05 via pin [**½]

Rey Fenix vs. Rich Swann: This is a mini-preview of the Slammiversary 4-way, and the kind of match to kick off a show with. They lock up and work into some back and forth. Fenix fights back and does a lucha flippity do arm drag. Swann now gets an arm drag, misses a standing moonsault and then work into a stand off. Fenix dropkicks Swann to he floor and follows. They work into counters and Swann hits a dive off the ropes and wipes out Fenix. Back in and Swann up top, he jumps over Fenix and then trips up Fenix. He sets Fenix up top but Fenix moonsaults into an arm drag and follows with a tope. Back in and Fenix connects with a cutter for 2. Fenix now hits a pair of lethal injections to take control. Post break, and they trade chops. Fenix lays in strikes and hits an enziguri. Swann cuts him of and hits a Michinoku driver for 2. Swann now hits a 450 splash for 2. Fenix now takes Swann up top and hits the super RANA and then a Fenix driver for 2. Fenix sets and runs into a head kick, Swann heads up top and Fenix cuts him off and hits a muscle buster for the win. Rey Fenix defeated Rich Swann @ 13:30 via pin [***¾] This was a very, very good match and a really strong match. With a bit more time and a better finish, it would have been great.

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This week’s episode of Impact Xplosion was a perfectly solid episode, with the Fenix vs. Swann match from Impact easily being the highlight.