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Csonka’s Impact Xplosion Review 8.17.19

August 21, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s Impact Xplosion Review 8.17.19  

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Csonka’s Impact Xplosion Review 8.17.19

– Eddie Edwards defeated Raj Singh @ 5:00 via pin [**]
From TNA Destination X 2012: AJ Styles defeated Christopher Daniels @ 17:30 via last man standing [****¼]
From Impact Wrestling 8.16.19: Tommy Dreamer & Tessa Blanchard defeated Sami Callihan & Dave Crist @ 14:00 via pin [**½]

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Eddie Edwards vs. Raj Singh: They lock up and Singh looks to take control until Edwards cuts him off with back elbows. Singh follows with strikes, but Edwards fires back with an overhead belly to belly. Singh cuts off the dive once but Edward shits it the second time. Edwards follows with strikes until Gama distracts him and Singh attacks. He follows with grounded strikes, lays the boots to him, and the butterfly gut buster gets 2. Singh runs into uppercuts, fires back and Edwards then attacks with running elbow strikes, chops and the blue thunder bomb for 2. Gama distracts Edwards, but he fights back with the Boston knee party for the win. Eddie Edwards defeated Raj Singh @ 5:00 via pin [*½] This wasn’t good, Edwards tried, but Singh was rather bad here as his footwork was all over the place and he looked clumsy. So Gursinder Singh sucked, Bhupinder Singh shows some promise early in his career, and Raj Singh is no good; it’s a low bar for sure.

We go around the ring with Alexia Nicole. Nicole is from Toronto and has been working for 6-years and trained under Taylor Wilde. She loves movies and saw Batista’s Stuber movie recently. Josh argues that everything is better in 3D, and Nicole disagrees. She grew up a wrestling fan, is 23, and loved Foley & Undertaker growing up. Nicole puts over the Canadian wrestling scene, and is excited to be working with Impact.

AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels: Last man standing matches can be a funny thing, because without the near falls, many of them lack the proper drama because the crowd doesn’t get into the early teases. With that being said, I felt that these guys had a pretty tremendous match. You know that AJ and Daniels work very well together and have had great matches, but with the angle surrounding things, I know that many were down on the match. But they delivered. They worked hard, they bled, they worked the stipulation very well and overall I enjoyed what they presented. The closing spot, which was the Styles Clash off of the ramp through a table, was the perfect exclamation point to close things out, and they finished at the right time with the right finish. This was a great outing, a very different style of match compared to what had been presented thus far, and they simply delivered because they were given the opportunity to do so. AJ Styles defeated Christopher Daniels @ 17:30 via last man standing [****¼]

Tommy Dreamer & Tessa Blanchard vs. Sami Callihan & Dave Crist: They brawl at the bell with Dreamer & Tessa controlling early on. Dreamer hits an apron cannonball as Tessa flies off the top with a cannonball onto oVe. Post break and they are brawling on the floor with Dreamer & Tessa controlling. Back in and Sami begs off of Tessa, offers a handshake but Tessa attacks. Sami battles back, but Tessa sends Dave into Sami. Dreamer in and double teams follow. Dave knocks Tessa to the floor as Sami takes Dreamer to the floor. Dave now works over Dreamer, rolls him back in and covers for 2. He grounds the action, and then follows with strikes. Sami tags back in and continues to isolate Dreamer. Dave back in and lays the boots to Dreamer. Sami follows with chops, but Dreamer fires back and dumps Sami. Sami pulls Tessa to the floor to stop the tag, and they double team Dreamer. Dreamer fights back, tags in Tessa and she runs to take control back. Dave fires back, but Tessa hits the code breaker as Sami takes out the ref. They all brawl, but Dreamer &Tessa follow with DDTs but no ref. A new one arrives and counts 2. They tease piledrivers, but oVe hits low blows, which Tessa laughs at until Sami hits her with a kendo. Dave accidentally hits Sami, she fights back and hits the magnum with the kendo for the win. Tommy Dreamer & Tessa Blanchard defeated Sami Callihan & Dave Crist @ 14:00 via pin [**½] This was solid match, with only Tessa bringing some real fire. Also, I still feel that the Dreamer pairing does nothing for Tessa,

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This week’s episode of Impact XPLOSION was not as good as the past few weeks, but the Styles vs. Daniels flashback is well worth the rewatch.