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Csonka’s Lucha Underground Review 1.04.17

January 4, 2017 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Johnny Mundo Lucha Underground
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Csonka’s Lucha Underground Review 1.04.17  

Csonka’s Lucha Underground Review 1.04.17 (Evil Rising)

– Sexy Star defeated Mariposa @ 6:45 via pin [**½]
– Drago, Lizard Man and Lucha-Saurus defeated The White Rabbit Tribe @ 7:20 via pin [**]
Non-Title Match: Champion Johnny Mundo defeated The Mack @ 8:42 via pin [***]

– We get the usual well done video package.

– Mil Muertes is pissed that Puma is still alive. Catrina says he was able to return, due to the dark magic of Vampiro. Jeremiah Crane meets wit Catrina telling her that he beat the man she loves. Catrina says she doesn’t love Muertes.

Mariposa vs. Sexy Star: Matt Striker centimes to do Sexy Star a disservice on commentary, completely over selling her as something she is not; hyperbole can be a bad thing when it comes off as disingenuous. They worked a nice back and forth, Mariposa was sent to the floor and Star hit the dive. Mariposa repeatedly slammed Star to the wall under the bleachers. Back in, Star escapes the butterfly effect and they went for repeated covers. Star fired up and laid in slaps and strikes. Mariposa then worked a version of the Indian death loc. Mariposa then missed a moonsault; Star hits the corner dropkick, and then the double stomp off the top for the win. Sexy Star defeated Mariposa @ 6:45 via pin [**½] This was a solid outing, but commentary (Striker) was bad. He kept bringing up the heated past of the wrestlers and their “No Mas” match, but the in ring never got very heated. It felt as if he was calling a different match; you can sell their history, but the verbiage has to match the action.

– Marty the Moth arrives and chokeslams Mariposa (his sister).

– Mascarita Sagrada works out, the White rabbit Tribe finds him and they think he is “The White Rabbit, their God.

The White Rabbit Tribe (Paul London, checker man and Mohawk dude/Mala Suerte, Saltador) vs. Drago, Lizard Man and Lucha-Saurus/Steve Pain (Pindar) and Austin Matelson (Vibora): Kobra Moon pulled Drago to the ring on a chain. Vampiro discuses that “Lizard Man” starts “most of these matches.” This is their first match. Whoops, editing mistake. Drago tags in, he and Lizard man work over checker man. London tags in, the rabbit tribe dances, but Lucha-Saurus tags in and scares them to the floor. Double chokeslam to Mohawk dude and checker man by the Lucha-Saurus, they work the heat on London. London makes a lethargic come back, Mohawk dude and checker man make the comeback but miscommunication ruins that. London tries to fight back with superkicks, but the Lucha-Saurus plants him with a tombstone. Kobra Moon makes Drago finish off checker man, he hit the front roll DDT and Kobra Moon’s creepy bastards. Moon puts the chain and collar back on Drago. Fenix and Aerostar arrive and try to make the save. They send the Lucha-Saurus to the floor, Drago was released by Moon, but they played it as if he was brain washed and didn’t know who his partners were. Drago, Lizard Man and Lucha-Saurus defeated The White Rabbit Tribe @ 7:20 via pin [**] This was an overall solid in ring debut for Kobra Moon’s creepy bastards. It feels as if, due to the commentary errors, and the post match angle like we jumped ahead or missed some parts of the story.

– Sexy Star and Mack met in the locker room, Mack tells her he needs to do this on his own and that she needs to stay back here.

– We see Dario in the locker room, meeting with The Mack. Dario then revealed that tonight’s match with Mundo is not a title match. The winner picks the stipulation for the title match.

Champion Johnny Mundo vs. The Mack: The winner picks the stipulation for their title match, which was supposed to be this week. Mundo took control right away, but Mack got fired up, made a comeback and hit the XPLODER on the floor. Mundo rolled under the ring, which allowed him to sneak back out and slam Mack to the railing. Back in and Mundo scores a cover for 2. Mack fired back with forearm strikes and gets a cradle for 2. Mack with the swinging slam, and the people’s elbow follows. Mundo then hits a spin kick and forearm strikes. Mack then hits the Samoan drop, kips up and then hits the standing moonsault. Pop up forearm strike by Mack, Mack then hits a kick to the face followed by the code breaker for 2. We get the ref bump, Mack hits the sit out powerbomb, but the ref was down; he had the win, Evans and Black are out, they distract Mack and Mundo hits the low blow and gets the roll up for the win. Champion Johnny Mundo defeated The Mack @ 8:42 via pin [***] This was some bait and switch bullshit after they advertised the title match. Unfortunately this isn’t the first time this season they’ve done it. The match was good and fun, and the way Mundo won (and the stipulation picked) made perfect sense for the Mundo character.

-After a beat down, Mundo tells Mack he sucks, is fat and picks an “all night long” match for their title match. Triple curb stomp to Mack follows as Mundo continues to call Mack fat,

– Mil Muertes then arrives and attacks Vampiro. Muertes kicks Vampiro’s ass, takes him in the ring but Puma arrives to make the save. Vampiro stops him and eats the flatliner

– End scene.

– Thanks for reading.

The final score: review Good
The 411
There was nothing “great or must see” as far as the wrestling goes, but it was a strong storytelling episode, which I enjoyed. The Drago angle is going along well, and the set up to Mundo vs. Mack worked well. Now they just have to deliver, the good news is that historically, Lucha Underground has killed it on the “one match show” format.