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Csonka’s Lucha Underground Review 12.21.16

December 21, 2016 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s Lucha Underground Review 12.21.16  

Csonka’s Lucha Underground Review 12.21.16 (Battle of the Bulls [Part III])

Battle of The Bulls Tournament Finals Elimination Match: The Mack defeated PJ Black, Cage and Jeremiah Crane @ 20:05 via pin [***½]
Lucha Underground Title Steel Cage Match: Champion Johnny Mundo defeated Sexy Star @ 12:13 via escape [**½]

Battle of The Bulls Tournament Finals Elimination Match: Cage vs. The Mack vs. Jeremiah Crane vs. PJ Black: The winner becomes the #1 contender for the Lucha underground title. They all brawled right away with Cage and Mack doing hoss spots. Crane and Black return, Mack piles Black onto Crane and hits a standing moonsault onto both. Crane then took control with kicks and a dive onto Black. Mack then hit a dive; cage cleared the ring and hit a dive onto the pile. Black followed with a moonsault onto everyone Great start here, tons of energy; Cage then caught Crane and suplexed him on the floor. Mack and Black hit a doomsday DDT onto Cage (which he countered into a powerslam).

Crane then hit the lumbar powerbomb on Cage and worked the guillotine. Cage then powered out into the catatonic side slam for the near fall. Texano runs in, hits Cage allowing the others to attack and eliminate Cage. That was a good way to protect Cage and to add heat to the ongoing best of five with Texano. Crane sent Mack to the floor post break, Crane hit a neck breaker on Black and scored a near fall. Mack tried to fight back and crane fought him off. Mack and Crane up top now, the trade head butts. Mack countered the sunset flip bomb, but Crane hit a sitout powerbomb for 2 as Black made the save. Sick Crane driller on Black, Mack returns and sets Crane up top and then they fight back and forth, stunner by Mack and Crane is eliminated. Post break, Black and Mack trade chops. Black it’s a stunner and Mack no sells it hits a stunner of his own for he win. The Mack defeated PJ Black, Cage and Jeremiah Crane @ 20:05 via pin [***½] This was a fun and overall very good effort, despite the weak second half. If they could have kept the intensity, it could have been great. The tease is that Mack may have to face off with his friend Sexy Star for the title.

– Fenix and Aerostar search the bathroom for Drago, who was kidnapped by Kobra moon, Lizard man and Lucha-saurus last week. Kobra Moon arrives and claims Drago is back with the tribe. Lizard man and Lucha-saurus arrive and we get a brawl in the bathroom. Lizard man and Lucha-saurus kick ass on Fenix and Aerostar, Moon helps out, and this should be leading to a trios title match.

– Sexy Star meets with Mack backstage, and they hug. She is proud of him. Mack says for her to beat Mundo’s ass, but tells her not to get mad when he takes the title from her.

– Crane meets with Dario and wants a match, and then looks in the ceiling panels for something he hid as a kid. Dario is flabbergasted at this. He meets with Catrina, and shows her what he found; it’s something they played with at kids. Next week, Crane faces Muertes. He says he will have Catrina all to himself when he is done. Crane then walked through “ghost Catrina.”

Lucha Underground Title Steel Cage Match: Champion Johnny Mundo vs. Sexy Star: Black, Evans and Taya have been banned from ringside. Star attacked at the bell, but got cut off. They did some back and forth and stalled for a bit. Mundo worked the arm and grounded Star. Star countered out with a side headlock takedown, Mundo then tried to escape, and Star cut him off and laid the boots to him. Star then tried to escape; Mundo stopped her and pulled her back in. He then raked her face off the cage. Mundo speared Star to the cage, Star sidestepped and Mundo crashed into the cage. They climbed, Mundo pulled her off and Star hit the RANA. Star again tried to escape. Mundo stopped her but then got crotched on the top rope. Star again failed to escape, was stopped, and Mundo hit the side back breaker for a near fall. Mundo then repeatedly slammed Star to the cage, connected with a spin kick and then he tried to escape. Star cuts him off and powerbombs him back in and covers for 2. Star climbed again, Mundo followed but got kicked back to the mat. Star then hit the high cross for a near fall. This led to a double down spot, Star then climbed again, but Mundo stopped that. They sat on top of the cage, traded strikes, Star pulled him back in and they traded kicks as they stood on the top rope. Mundo then pulled off Star’s mask, she fell to the mat and Mundo escaped the cage to win. Champion Johnny Mundo defeated Sexy Star @ 12:13 via escape [**½] The Johnny Mundo vs. Sexy Star matches have been a complete let down, as Mundo seems to not work to her strengths well. As far as this match goes, it felt lifeless most of the way and too repetitive. I loved the super heel finish, but outside of that, this was pretty average.

– As Mundo tried to leave, The Mack arrived and hit him with the stunner. Mack vs. Mundo should be really fun.

– We see Drago chained up in Kobra Moon’s temple. He refuses to kneel before her.

The final score: review Good
The 411
Based on the Battle of The Bulls Tournament Finals, and the advancement of the Drago/Kobra Moon angle (which should lead to a trios title match), the show was an overall good one. They set up Crane vs. Muertes and Mack vs. Mundo, advanced Cage vs. Texano and I think the best thing about the “Battle of The Bulls Tournament” shows is that it feels as if it allowed things to get back on track and into a nice flow.