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Csonka’s Lucha Underground Review 12.28.16

December 28, 2016 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s Lucha Underground Review 12.28.16  

Csonka’s Lucha Underground Review 12.28.16 (The Ultimate Opportunity)

– Jeremiah Crane defeated Mil Muertes @ 2:00 via pin [NR]
– Jack Evans and PJ Black defeated Angelico and Son of Havoc @ 5:50 via pin [**½ ]
Best of Five Series For The Ultimate Opportunity: Texano [1] defeated Cage [2] @ 2:15 via pin [NR]
Best of Five Series For The Ultimate Opportunity: Cage [2] defeated Texano [2] @ 22:00 via pin [****]

– We get the usual well done video package.

– Vampiro brings Puma back from his grave, so that he can start his journey of darkness. Puma pledges himself to his new master.

Jeremiah Crane vs. Mil Muertes: Crane attacks before the bell, laying in a series of kicks before Muertes cut him off and beat him down in the corner. Muertes follows with clotheslines, and then hit the snap slam. Puma then returned, hit v with the kendo stick; Crane hit a bicycle kick and picked up the win. Post match, Puma continued to beat down Muertes. Puma then bowed to Vampiro, who nodded in approval. Jeremiah Crane defeated Mil Muertes @ 2:00 via pin [**] I wish they had held off the attack until after the match, but advancing Puma vs. Muertes while protecting Crane (while allowing him to stand up to Muertes) appeared to be the goal here. In that respect it worked well.

– A mystery guy meets with Sexy Star, he’s a Johnny Mundo fan boy, and mocks Star for losing to him so many times. He gives her a box he found in catering, with her name on it; it contained a spider, which of course freaked her out.

– Texano works out, and Famous B tries to recruit him. Famous B promises to fix his image. Texano then threatens him, so Famous B leaves.

– Next week, The Mack challenges Johnny Mundo for the title.

– Striker tries to question Vampiro about the Puma incident. Vampiro basically tells him to mind him own fucking business.

Angelico and Son of Havoc vs. PJ Black and Jack Evans: Angelico wants revenge on Mundo and his crew (Evans, Black and Taya) for taking him out of action. The feud goes back to when these guys were all involved in a feud over the trios titles; they have a lot of history. Evans and Angelico to begin, they started off with the basics and then picked up the pace into a great series of counters. Evans offered a handshake, went for the cheap shot, but Angelico stopped that. Havoc and Black tagged in, Black and Evans used Havoc’s beard to cut him off and work him over for a bit. Angelico and Black worked back and forth kicks, Angelico took the advantage and scored a roll up for 2 as Evans made the save. They did a great job of keeping the action constantly moving until Angelico dislocated his elbow, which sucks. Son of Havoc was left alone and ate the pin. Jack Evans and PJ Black defeated Angelico and Son of Havoc [**½]

– Sexy Star meets wit Dario Cueto, entering his office without knocking. Star says she wants Mariposa, because Star thinks she’s giving her the spiders. Cueto makes the match for next week (along with Mack vs. Mundo fir the title.)

Cage [2] vs. Texano [1]: So this is for Dario Cueto’s “Ultimate Opportunity,” which is basically to be a human vessel for some unknown big bad, bought to us by Lorenzo Lamas (Councilman Delgado). Texano attacked at the bell, ran wild with kicks and hit a back breaker for the near fall. Cage then fired back with kicks, but Texano went for the roll up. As they brawled in the corner, the turnbuckle pad got knocked off. Texano slammed Cage to the exposed buckle, busting Cage open. Texano attacked, hit the sitout powerbomb, and scored the win. Texano [1] defeated Cage [2] @ 2:15 via pin [NR] On one hand I hated that it ended so soon. But on the other hand I dug it because it showed a mistake can almost immediately lead to a loss and if you can condition your audience to that, then you can create drama and great near falls without doing 200 finishers.

– Dario Cueto arrived, and hyped the ultimate opportunity. Match Five is RIGHT NOW

Cage [2] vs. Texano [2]: Texano attacks a bloody Cage, biting at the cut and spitting out the blood of Cage. Cage tried to fight back, spiking Texano with a DDT. Texano hit a series of kicks, they battled up top and Texano hit the superRANA. The slingshot senton followed for a near fall, great juice job by Cage. Cage sent Texano to the floor, followed with a great dive. They brawled on the floor, broke out some weapons, and Cage took Texano into the crowd. Suplex in the bleachers by Cage, but Texano fought back with a spinebuster. They battled back to ringside, and had great intensity. They again brawled into the crowd, superkick by Cage and then slammed Texano to the bleachers. Texano then sent Cage from the bleachers to the floor and followed with a high cross. Texano then slammed Cage into the rows of chairs at ringside, and followed with a chair shot to the head of Cage. Texano grabbed his bull rope and whipped Cage with it. Back in the ring and Texano scores a near fall off the cover. Cage avoids the slingshot senton, but runs into another chair shot. The crowd is great here, into everything as both guys throw bombs center ring; Texano locks in the cross face. Cage rolls into a near fall, Cage then avoids the powerbomb and hits the lariat for the near fall. Cage then got revenge, whipping Texano with he rope. STEINER SCREWDRIVER by Cage, and Texano is done. Cage [2] defeated Texano [2] @ 22:00 via pin [****] This developed into an excellent and intense brawl, hitting the high notes at the right time and kept the crowd the whole time. This was one of the best matches of the season and Texano’s best Lucha Underground performance to date.

– Dario takes Cage into his office, to give him his prize. The ultimate opportunity is a gauntlet, possessed with powers! Cage didn’t want it, but tried it on and choked out Dario and accepted his prize. Well then, Cage now has super powers. PEOPLE GONNA DIE!

– End scene.

– Thanks for reading.

The final score: review Good
The 411
The main event saved this from being a show to skip, as it delivered big time. They did some set up for next week, and solid angle work overall (I dug the Puma/Vampiro angle, but the Angelico injury was just extremely unfortunate. If you have the time, watch the main event for sure.