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Csonka’s MLW Fusion Christmas Day Special Review

December 25, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s MLW Fusion Christmas Day Special Review  

Csonka’s MLW Fusion Christmas Day Special Review

No DQ Match: PCO defeated Brody King @ 9:38 via pin [***]
– Myron Reed defeated Ace Austin @ 7:11 via pin [***]
Flag Match: Puma King defeated MJF @ 7:45 [***]

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– FYI, I will be reviewing last week’s show to catch up when I get some time later this week. Between the holidays and my slow recovery, my schedule remains off.

– MLW threw out this little surprise today, Merry Christmas!

PCO vs. Brody King: The last time these two fought, it was thrown out and led to this no DQ match. Also since then, both have signed with ROH. They brawl right away; PCO dumps King and follows with a suicide dive. They trade strikes and chops on the floor, and PCO follows with a running knee strike. King cuts him off with chair shots, sits him in a chair and hits a senton… and after a delay PCO goes down. That seemingly just fired up PCO as he hits a DDT on the floor and then sets up a table. He continues to work over King, lays him on the table and climbs into the balcony and flies of with a senton, King moved and PCO bounced off the table. I AM THE TABLE! King brings in a piece of barricade into the ring and PCO is alive. Back in the ring and PCO lays in chops. King then backdrops PCO onto the barricade for 2. They work up top and PCO knocks him off, king grabs the ref and PCO moonsaults onto the ref. King hits a piledriver and a new ref arrives and counts 2. King gets a chair and lays into PCO and then sets up four chairs. PCO cuts him off and chokeslams him onto the chairs for the win. PCO defeated Brody King @ 9:38 via pin [***] This was a good brawl with the usual PCO insanity you’ve come to expect.

Ace Austin vs. Myron Reed: Austin has been on several Impact One Night Only specials and has been impressive. They lockup and work to the ropes, working into counters and into pin attempts. Reed hits a dropkick, Austin fires back with kicks and covers for 2. Austin follows with strikes, but Reed hits an enziguri but Austin follows with knee strikes. The disaster kick follows for 2. Reed powders and Austin follows with the Fosbury flop. Back in and Reed cuts off Austin and tosses him to the floor and follows with the over the post tope. Back in and Reed covers for 2. Reed follows with a cutter and then the springboard cutter for a great near fall. They work to the apron, Reed back in and Austin heads up top and hits a springboard leg drop for 2. Austin counters the cutter, but Reed cradles him for 2. Austin rolls for a suplex, cutter by Reed and he then counters Austin and cradles him for the win. Myron Reed defeated Ace Austin @ 7:11 via pin [***] This was a good and fun little sprint, with Austin looking good in his debut, and Reed picking up an important win. If Impact won’t use Austin more, I hope MLW does.

Puma King vs. MJF: Aria Blake is out with MJF. MJF wanted this flag match, because he’s sick of the luchas coming and “takin our jeeeeeerbs.” Konnan is out with King. This is capture your flag rules. King plays around with MJF to begin, even dancing a bit. MJF gets pissed, attacks, but King cuts him off as he climbs for the flag. Konnan gets in some cheap shots, but MJF dumps King and MJF busts out the Fosbury flop. He tosses King back in, so King follows with a plancha and lays in chops. They brawl at ringside, and King follows with a senton off the guardrail. Back in and Blake distracts King, allowing MJF to attack. MJF takes control and mocks King as he beats on him. King fires back with a superkick, they trade strikes and kicks, and both men are down. MJF rakes the eyes, puts King in the tree of WHOA and climbs for his flag. King fights back and hits a head scissors. King then heads up top but MJF shoves the ref into the ropes, crotching King. MJF climbs, but King hits the powerbomb and looks for his flag. King fights off Blake and grabs the flag for the win. Puma King defeated MJF @ 7:45 [***] This was good overall, with MJF being a great mix of an old school heel while also showing he also has some new school flash to him. Puma King has been a fun addition as well.

– End scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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“Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye Felicia!”

The final score: review Good
The 411
What a pleasant little Christmas surprise we have here, and it’s something I hope that MLW does more of in the future as I have noticed that not everything that makes tape makes TV. Occasional Youtube shows like this area great idea, as this one clocked in at around 35-minutes, and was a fun and breezy watch.