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Csonka’s MLW: Fusion Review 10.12.19

October 15, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Salina de la Renta MLW
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Csonka’s MLW: Fusion Review 10.12.19  

Csonka’s MLW: Fusion Review 10.12.19

– Oraculo defeated Black Danger & Ricky Marvin @ 6:23 via pin [**¾]
Title vs. Title Match: Rey Horus defeated Alexander Hammerstone @ 13:33 via DQ [***]
MLW Tag Tem Title Match: Champions The Dynasty defeated Los Parks @ 8:55 via pin [**½]

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-The Dynasty makes fun of Mexico, and Salina takes issue with that and that leads to the Dynasty facing Los Parks tonight. MJF & Holiday try to get out of it but Hammerstone accepts for them.

– AJ Kirsh joins the commentary team.

Oraculo vs. Black Danger vs. Ricky Marvin: Danger took Oraculo’s mask two-years ago. Danger and Marvin attack Oraculo, working double teams and grounding him. They then work submissions in the ropes, and follow with corner attacks. Marvin chokes him out and Oraculo starts to fire back, but Marvin cuts him off with a DDT and dropkick. Danger works over Oraculo on the floor, they trade chops until Marvin attacks Oraculo. Back in and Oraculo avoids the double team a Marvin takes out anger. The cutter follows, and then a springboard moonsault to the floor. The RANA into a cradle follows on Marvin for 2. Marvin cuts him off with the arm snap spot, Danger back in and Marvin cuts him off. The TKO on Oraculo follows for 2. Danger dumps Marvin, hits Oraculo wit a stunner and piledrives Marvin. Oraculo counters into something sloppy, the Jay driller by Danger follows and Oraculo battles back with a destroyer. Oraculo hits the poison RANA, dumps Marvin and the 450 finishes Danger. Oraculo defeated Black Danger & Ricky Marvin @ 6:23 via pin [**¾] This was a pretty good, but at times disjointed opening match featuring the stars of the CRASH.

– Low Ki tells Brian Pillman Jr. that he let his emotions get the best of him during his match against Austin Aries last week and that’s why he lost. Ki said what Pillman got himself into is chess, not checkers. Pillman told Ki that he doesn’t know anything about him and then stormed away. Low Ki was great here.

– The Dynasty exit a Mexican pharmacy and tell the cameraman not to call them Dynasty. Holliday said they couldn’t wear their suits or people would be begging them for money, so the cameraman asked what they were doing at a pharmacy. Hammerstone got excited and his faction mates told him to calm down and said he’d had enough. Hammerstone said it’s legal in Mexico and he can never get enough. STEROID JOKES.

– Salina de la Renta says that LA Park will bring home the MLW Championship at the Saturday Superfight. People make a big fuss over Jacob Fatu being undefeated, but LA Park is also unbeaten in MLW. Josef Samael showed up and said he’s been listening to what she’s been saying. He says that people expect him to react with violence to her and her crew. Samael said she has a lot to offer and a lot of impressive assets. He said Salina’s intelligent and beautiful, but she craves power. Samael told Salina to think with her mind rather than her heart and asked what if she lived in a world where she was a member of the Contra Unit. Samael said she could pick violence or she could say two little words. “I choose violence,” Salina stated. Jimmy Havoc arrives and said he heard the word violence. He said he’s the executive producer of the Halloween edition of Fusion and said he wants a member of Contra and a member of Promociones Dorado and he wants some blood in a Tijuana street fight. Samael selected himself to represent Contra Unit, then Salina said she had the perfect opponent for him. Salina & Samael were really good here.

Crash Heavyweight Champion Rey Horus vs. MLW National Openweight Champion Alexander Hammerstone: Hammerstone attacks at the bell, overpowering Horus. He sends him to the buckles, and follows with strike and kicks. The fall away slam follows. To the floor and Hammerstone follows with chops and then strikes. He slams Horus to the apron, and then back in, Horus dropkicks him to the floor and follows with a suicide dive. Horus then hits a flying leg drop back in and covers for 2. Hammerstone cuts him off with the flapjack and lariat. He follows with elbow strikes, and then chokes out Horus. Hammerstone grounds the action, Horus fires back but Hammerstone slams him down. Horus counters out of a suplex and picks up the pace, dumps Hammerstone and follows with an over the post tope. Horus slams Hammerstone onto a chair, follows with an enziguri and slingshot splash. He stuns Hammerstone off the ropes and hits a high cross for 2. Horus up top and Hammerstone cuts him off with a press slam. The bicycle kick and German follows. The sitout powerbomb gets 2. Hammerstone works him over in the corner, but misses a charge and posts himself. Horus hits the tornado DDT and that gets 2. he argues with the ref, ref bump by Hammerstone and hits the burning hammer but no ref. Hammerstone gets a chair, nails Horus and covers for 2. Horus hits code red for 2. he sends Hammerstone into the chair wedged in the corner and the 450 connects but the Dynasty attacks for the DQ, Rey Horus defeated Alexander Hammerstone @ 13:33 via DQ [***] As you’ve come to expect in a co-promoted title vs. title match, we get a shitty finish. The match was good, but would have been better with out the bullshit.

– They beat down Horus post match.

– We head to the control center to hype the November 2nd Saturday Night Superfight PPV.

– MJF cuts a promo and says he can’t wait until Trump builds the wall. Holiday demands that the fans settle down and says his boy Donald says all you need to know is English. They are better than them and they know it. Hijo Park lays out some obscenities, and calls them gringos.

Champions MJF and Richard Holliday vs. LA Park Jr. and Hijo de LA Park: This is a lucha rules match. MJF and Hijo begin. They lock up and work to the ropes. MJF slaps him around and Hijo sends him to the floor. Holiday tags in and they lock up, Holiday takes him down and follows with strikes. Hijo fires back, tags in Park Jr and double teams follow. Holiday cuts off Hijo and hits the clothesline. He stomps away at Hijo, takes out Park Jr and the champions follow with double teams. MJF covers for 2. Holiday tags back in and keeps Hijo grounded. The back elbow follows for 2. MJF tags back in and pokes Hijo in the eyes. Holiday joins in for double tams and do a Fargo strut into elbow drops. They dance and piss off Salina. Park Jr tags in and Los Parks run wild on the champions. MJF makes the save on the pin attempt, but Los Parks hit a double team neck breaker. They follow with stereo suicide dives and lay the boots to the champions. MJF takes out park Jr and Holiday low blows Hijo and hits the market crash for the win. Champions The Dynasty defeated Los Parks @ 8:55 via pin [**½] This was a solid but completely forgettable main event.

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It was cool to see MLW in a new setting and in front of their biggest crowd to date working with the CRASH, which gave the show a fresh feeling. Overall, this week’s episode of MLW: Fusion was a pretty good show with solid to good wrestling and some good promo work in the middle.