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Csonka’s MLW: Fusion Review 11.23.19

November 24, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Mance-Warner MLW
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Csonka’s MLW: Fusion Review 11.23.19  

Csonka’s MLW: Fusion Review 11.23.19

– Zeda Zhang defeated The Spider Lady @ 4:45 via DQ [*]
National Openweight Title Match: Champion Alex Hammerstone defeated Douglas James @ 9:35 via pin [**½]
Falls Count Anywhere IN ORLANDO Match: Mance Warner defeated Jimmy Havoc @ all night long via pin [**]

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– Backstage, we se that Marshall Von Erich was attacked by “a masked assailant” with a pipe, my man got Nancy Kerrigan’d. Tom Lawlor and Ross Von Erich check on him and Tom calls for the doctor. Commentary announces Tom Lawlor’s new MLW deal.

Falls Count Anywhere Match: Jimmy Havoc vs. Mance Warner (Part One): They immediately brawl during Havoc’s entrance and start using chairs as Havoc fires back and takes control until Mance hits him with a beer. Havoc posts him and they brawl into the ring. We get a door introduced and Mance follows with chair shots and sets up the door in the corner. Mance follows with strikes, an eye poke and busts out some tacks. Havoc eye pokes him and they fight to the back and into the parking lot. Havoc car jacks some guy and escapes. Mance takes the ref and they steal a car. To be continued

– It is announced that due to injury, Ross Von Erich will now face Fatu on Thanksgiving, replacing Marshall who was injured tonight.

– The Dynasty (Hammerstone & Holiday) are at the pool with Holliday and Hammerstone is getting a tan and talking about how Holliday will get his gift box on Thanksgiving. Holliday wants to know what it is if he guesses it. Holliday guesses a giant egg and Hammerstone asks who would give an egg on Thanksgiving. Holliday asks if they are giant AirPods or if it is what he got at the Mexican Pharmacy and Hammerstone tells him to drop it.

Zeda Zhang vs. The Spider Lady: Zeda has new and improved ring gear. They lock up and Spider Lady rakes at the eyes and follows with kicks. Spider Lady follows with strikes, Zeda fires back, grounds her and lays in knee strikes and a suplex. More strikes follow and the ref separates them as Spider Lady attacks the knee of Zeda and works a half crab. Spider Lady now works the leg in the ropes, continues attacking the knee and then follows with chops. Back to the knee she goes and the mandible claw follows, she won’t break in the ropes and we get a DQ for kicking too much ass. Zeda Zhang defeated The Spider Lady @ 4:45 via DQ [*] It was more angle than match, but this was not a good start to the re-launch of MLW’s women’s division, as the action was clumsy and bad, and there was no heat to this at all.

– Post match, Spider Lady removes her mask to reveal that it is Priscilla Kelly. He gets the mandible claw again and hits a referee.

Falls Count Anywhere Match: Jimmy Havoc vs. Mance Warner (Part Two): Mance is still chasing Havoc, making someone drive him after him. He follows him to an apartment complex and into Havoc’s apartment and they brawl and Mance picks up a near fall. They fight into the bathroom and Mance swirlies Havoc. Havoc hits him wit a frying pan and covers for 2. They brawl and head out of the building. The chase continues as Mance drinks some moonshine. To be continued

– The Opera Cup returns on December 5th. The first round matches are Davey Boy Smith Jr vs. Shinjiro Otani, Alexander Hammerstone vs. MJF, Timothy Thatcher vs. Richard Holliday, & TJP vs. Brian Pillman Jr.

– Priscilla Kelly is interviewed and says everyone knows that of everybody in the entire wrestling business, she is the queen of doing the unexpected, the queen of shocking people, and getting inside people’s head. The women’s division is lacking a mind strong enough to get inside every other female and make them question themselves & their sanity. That is what she is here to do; make every one question their place and their sanity.

National Openweight Champion Alex Hammerstone vs. Douglas James: Holiday joins commentary as James picks up early near falls, a dropkick, strikes and cutter for 2. James follows with kicks and Hammerstone cuts him off with a capture suplex. He works over James in the corner, and follows with a delayed suplex for 2. Hammerstone follows with back elbows, and whips him to the buckles. Hammerstone celebrates as James fires back with kicks and chops. Hammerstone cuts him off with a big boot and talks shit to James. The bear hug follows, James escapes, hits a knee strike but Hammerstone hits an overhead toss for 2. Hammerstone takes him up top and follows with strikes. James counters out of the superplex and hits an avalanche German for 2. the superkick follows, and the running meteora gets 2. James up top and Hammerstone cuts him off, and slams him to the mat. The bicycle kick, German, and powerbomb gets 2. The burning hammer gets 2 and no reaction. Hammerstone is pissed and jams fires back until Hammerstone hits nightmare pendulum for the win. Champion Alex Hammerstone defeated Douglas James @ 9:35 via pin [**½] This was a perfectly solid match, where they tried the over confident heel vs. the never say die babyface, unfortunately, no one bought it and there was absolutely no heat to it at all with completely dead near falls.

– Mance Warner drives by Full Sail in pursuit of Jimmy Havoc.

– On Thursday, Ross Von Erich will face Jacob Fatu for the MLW Championship. King Mo will face Ricky Martinez, while Kotto Brazil & Jordan Oliver face Gringo Loco & Zenshi.

– Tom Lawlor talks about his new contract with MLW, noting that he could talk about the competitors and the limitless future MLW has. But the real reason he is here is that he lost a family member, the MLW Championship. Says that the Von Erichs are great, but the sky is the limit for him and the world is his oyster. It doesn’t matter how clean MLW has been, but Filthy Tom Lawlor is now staying around and he will knock it out of the park.

– They hype the partnership with AAA.

Falls Count Anywhere Match: Jimmy Havoc vs. Mance Warner (Part Three): They are brawling in the parking lot of Full Sail and Havoc bites Mance. They fight into the car and start driving back to the venue. They are back and brawl into the building. Mance starts stapling Havoc, using dollar bills to staple them onto Havoc. Havoc starts stapling him back and pockets the cash as they trade. In the ring and Havoc shoots Mance into a chair and DVDs him into the door. He follows with one into the tacks and covers for 2. Havoc attacks with a fork, stabbing Mance and Mance cradle shim on the floor for the win. Mance Warner defeated Jimmy Havoc @ all night long via pin [**] I will give them an A for creativity and using the stipulation in an interesting way. It was ok, but it’s the same thing as always. Mance wins, Havoc attacks post match and gets his heat back so that this feud must continue.

– Post match, Havoc attacks Warner and stabs him with the fork. Havoc stabs at Warner’s balls and then he rakes the fork across his head head.

– Josef Samael says he told you the fires were going to rise. They have something special for the Von Erichs on Thanksgiving. Samael says we’ll witness the end of a new hope, and say goodbye to Ross Von Erich.

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This week’s episode of MLW Fusion ended the MLW hot streak, and was an overall poor show, with a largely dead crowd and nothing to really sink your teeth into.