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Csonka’s MLW Fusion Review 3.09.18

March 14, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s MLW Fusion Review 3.09.18  

Csonka’s MLW Fusion Review 3.09.19

Battle Riot Qualifier: Ace Austin defeated DJZ @ 6:05 via pin [***]
– Alexander Hammerstone defeated Isaiah Velasquez @ 3:45 via pin [**]
– Ace Romero defeated Simon Gotch @ 3:58 via DQ []

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– We open with highlights of Lawlor beating Low Ki last week, and the new Contra faction (Simon Gotch, Jacob Fatu, and Josef Samael) laying out Lawlor.

Ace Austin vs. DJZ: They lock up, working into counters and Austin starts going for pins and they work into a stand off. Austin sweeps the leg, follows with kicks and follows with a dropkick to the floor. They brawl at ringside, and Austin then runs into a superkick. DJZ sends him into the crowd and follows with a high cross. DJZ rolls him back in and misses the dropkick, the jawbreaker follows and then a back handspring elbow lands. Austin cuts off the ZDT, follows with clotheslines, and an enziguri. The head scissors follows and then a spin kick connects. The springboard leg drop follows for 2. DJZ fights back with kicks, hits a face buster and that gets 2. Austin counters the cutter, but DJZ cuts off the springboard with a powerbomb. Austin cuts off the ZDT with the fold and picks up the win. Ace Austin defeated DJZ @ 6:05 via pin [***] This was a good sprint, with Austin picking up the big win and qualifying for Battle Riot.

– Salina de la Renta is in the back and she has beer spilled on her by Mance Warner. Mance gives her a handkerchief to wipe off the beer.

– We get a Jimmy Havoc video package.

– Battle Riot II will be a two-hour special when it airs from New York in April.

– We go to Rich Bocchini’s conversation with Dr. Nelson Sweglar about Tom Lawlor. The doctor mentions HIPAA and he mentions patient privacy and he cannot talk about his patient. They don’t know when Lawlor will be back.

– Mance Warner says he doesn’t care who he fights next, but does want a shot at the title.

– Simon Gotch says he’s now fighting for a cause instead of just money.

– Ace Austin & Alexander Hammerstone comment on being in Battle Riot II.

Alexander Hammerstone vs. Isaiah Velasquez: Hammerstone charges, but Velasquez hits a dropkick. Knee strike by Velasquez, he follows with rights but Hammerstone cuts that off but Velasquez hits an enziguri. He dumps Hammerstone, but gets cut off and Hammerstone hits an apron bomb. Back in and he follows with rights, knee strikes, and Velasquez is down. Hammerstone follows with an XPLODER, misses the charge and Velasquez fires back with kicks. Hammerstone puts an end to that and hits a delayed superplex. The nightmare pendulum finishes it. Alexander Hammerstone defeated Isaiah Velasquez @ 3:45 via pin [**] This was a fine extended squash for Hammerstone.

– MJF & Richard Holiday talk about being the one percent and taking a ride in MJF’s new car. They get that shot next week.

– Mance Warner and by El Hijo de LA Park fight in the hallway. Brian Pillman Jr. takes what is left of Mance’s beer.

– They hype Battle Riot 2.

– The Hart Foundation plans to make an example out of MJF & Richard Holiday.

Ace Romero vs. Simon Gotch: This is a rematch as Romero beat Gotch in his open challenge a few weeks back. Gotch charges in with a kick, but Romero cuts him off with a pounce. Romero follows with a suicide dive! Back in and Romero misses a charge, and Gotch lays in kicks. Gotch grounds the action, and then follows with chops and strikes. Gotch lays in more kicks, strikes, but Romero fires back and Jacob Fatu and Josef Samael arrive, leading to a DQ. Ace Romero defeated Simon Gotch @ 3:58 via DQ [*½] There wasn’t much to the match, as it was more about the post match angle, which at least came off well.

– Post match, Contra continues the assault, beating down Romero and busting him open with a spike. They close by putting the flag of Contra over him and stand tall.

– End scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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WWE Fastlane – 3:30
New Japan Cup – 5:45
ROH Anniversary Show Picks – 9:00
EVOLVE Weekend Previews – 11:05
Listener Q&A – 18:00

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The 411
This week’s MLW Fusion was a solid but unspectacular show, with the Austin match and post main event angle being the highlights.