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Csonka’s MLW: Fusion Review 5.04.19

May 6, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s MLW: Fusion Review 5.04.19  

Csonka’s MLW: Fusion Review 5.04.19

– Low Ki defeated Daga @ 10:40 via pin [***]
– Hijo de LA Park defeated Gringo Loco @ 5:52 via pin []
– LA Park defeated Pentagon Jr @ 11:53 via pin [**½]

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– Salina de la Renta on the phone talking about running the show while Low Ki is doing push ups as they prepare for the big night. This leads to a special Promoceones Dorado themed opening video package, since Salina is running the show this week.

– Salina stands in front of Rich Bocchini and Jim Cornette while Rich reads off a prepared introduction; Cornette wants to know why they are doing this. She then welcomes everyone to the new MLW. By the time this show is over, you are going to know that she should have been in charge since Day One. Cornette’s facial reactions in the background during this were priceless.

– Sami Callihan has been escorted out of the building on Salina’s orders.

Low Ki vs. Daga: They brawl right away as Daga looks for revenge as Ki ripped open his cauliflower ear months ago. Daga follows with a dropkick and then hits a RANA. Daga then hits a suicide dive. Post break and they are brawling on the floor with Daga still in control. Back in and Daga hits a basement dropkick for 2. Ki fights off a suplex and dumps Daga off the ropes. Ki then works the knee, slamming it of the post. Ki follows with chops and then grounds things. He then lays in kicks and covers for 2. Daga starts to fire back, but Ki cuts him off with kicks, covering for 2. Ki lays in elbow, and locks on an abdominal stretch. Daga escapes and Ki hits kicks and head butts. Daga finally cuts him off with a dragon screw and another. They trade strikes, and Daga follows with a clothesline for 2. He heads up top and misses the double stomp, allowing Ki to hit John Wooooooooooo for 2. They work up top and Ki cuts him off but Daga pulls him to the mat. The missile dropkick follows and hits a suplex but Ki gets the ropes and steals the pin. Low Ki defeated Daga @ 10:40 via pin [***] This was a good match that played well off of the established feud.

– Salina says that people want to know who have made the cut for the National Tournament. It’s Gringo Loco (why, he lost tonight?) vs. Alexander Hammerstone and Brian Pillman Jr. vs. Rich Swann. The two winners face off and the winner of that becomes the first MLW Openweight Champion on June 1st. They REALLY do not need another title.

– They showcase the several challengers that MLW Champion Tom Lawlor has waiting on him. Lawlor says as champion, you take on all comers. It does not matter where you are from or how big you are. You are going to go down at the hands of Tom Lawlor. He asks Ariel Dominguez what you call the champion in MLW and he says Filthy.

– Sami Callihan in the back and he sees Ricky Martinez on the phone. Sami attacks him and takes the phone.

Hijo de LA Park vs. Gringo Loco: They lock up and work into some counters. Park hits arm drags and they separate. They work into lucha passes and into a stand off. Loco follows with kicks, and Park takes him to the floor. The suicide dive follows. Post break and Park rolls him back in, and whips him with his belt. Park follows with an enziguri and Loco cuts him off up top and does the deal with a super falcon arrow for 2. Park cuts him of with a code red and covers for 2. Park heads up top and Loco pops up and crotches him. Loco follows with another super falcon arrow for 2. Park battles back and hits an Omori driver for the win. Hijo de LA Park defeated Gringo Loco [***] This was a good and fun little sprint.

– We get a Contra promo.

– Josef Samael says Barrington Hughes has been unstoppable but he has not faced Contra. Joseph Fatu says that Barrington Hughes has been saying he is undefeated, but they will take care of him.

– Sami calls Salina on Ricky’s phone. At first, Salina thinks she is talking to Ricky but Sami talks. Salina yells at him and Sami tells her to shut up. Salina says he is going through the money she paid him. Sami says he has things to do and hangs up. Bro, you called her.

LA PARK vs. Pentagon Jr: They brawl on the ramp to begin with PARK taking control. PARK posts him and then hits him with the steps. They work into the ring and PARK dances. PARK ties Pentagon’s mask to the ropes and follows with kicks. PARK then whips him with his belt, and follows with chops. PARK then works him over in the corner, and dumps him to the floor. Back in and PARK maintains control, Salina attacks Pentagon but he kisses her and she slaps him. PARK knocks him to the floor. Pentagon fires back and hits a tope. Post break and Pentagon hits sling blade for 2. PARK then hits a German and knee strike for 2. He takes Pentagon up top and Pentagon slips out and hits the back stabber for 2. He looks for the penta driver, but PARK hits a head butt and running knee strike for 2. Pentagon hits an enziguri and superkick, and that gets 2. PARK cuts him off with a suplex to he buckles for 2. The suicide dive follows. Back in and PARK hits a top rope spin kick and both men are down. The spear finishes it. LA Park defeated Pentagon Jr @ 11:53 via pin [**½] Another week and another lackluster LA PARK main event. It was solid overall, but felt like a waste of Pentagon. I get that MLW expects Pentagon & Fenix to become AEW exclusive and are booking them that way, and at this point, I can’t wait for Pentagon to leave so he doesn’t have to carry PARK to something somewhat watchable.

– Post match, Salina thanks everyone for their disgusting money. They and her crew are going to go to a classy town to celebrate because New York is the armpit of the United States. First, they are going to open a gift from their sponsors. There is a box on the stage. They open the box and Mance Warner comes out and he attacks LA Park. That’s a Jim Cornette special right there.

Next week: Barrington Hughes vs. Jacob Fatu & Gringo Loco vs. Alexander Hammerstone.

– End scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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This week’s episode of MLW Fusion was a nice change of pace with Salina and Promoceones Dorado running things. The show was pretty good overall, but had we had an actual good main event, it would have been better.