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Csonka’s MLW: Fusion Review 5.25.19

May 30, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Tom Lawlor MLW
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Csonka’s MLW: Fusion Review 5.25.19  

Csonka’s MLW: Fusion Review 5.25.19

Unsanctioned Match: Jacob Fatu & Joseph Samael defeated Barrington Hughes & Ace Romero @ 1:20 via pin [NR]
– Low Ki and Ricky Martinez defeated Chris Pagan and Troy Hollywood @ 1:30 via pin [NR]
– Champion Tom Lawlor defeated Avalanche @ 8:00 via submission [**]

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– We see Tom Lawlor’s MLW title win and then a promo, where Avalanche says that he is coming for the MLW title. Tom Lawlor says you take on all comers when you are the champion, but when you are the baddest man on the planet Earth, you will do whatever it takes to hold on to the title.

– The Lucha Brothers were in an altercation earlier in the day, so they will not be in action tonight.

– Richard Holliday and Alexander Hammerstone are in the back. Richard says you want to know where Maxwell is and he says that he is discussion with their financial advisor what they will do with all of the extra money when Alexander wins the Openweight Title and run down the Hart Foundation.

Jacob Fatu & Joseph Samael vs. Barrington Hughes & Ace Romero: They brawl right away, pairing off and Samael spikes Romero and they lay the boots to Hughes. Fatu finishes him with the double jump moonsault. Jacob Fatu & Joseph Samael defeated Barrington Hughes & Ace Romero @ 1:20 via pin [NR] Another dominant win for CONTRA.

– They beat down Hughes post match.
– Salina de la Renta is asked about LA Park and the MLW title match tonight. She is asked if he is going to ask if going to cash in and she says we will see.

– We see footage of the Lucha Brothers being attacked by Contra Unit where a fireball was shot into Fenix’s face.

– Kaci Lennox discusses the attack by Contra Unit. She says that Contra said they would strike again, but no one expected the Lucha Brothers to be the victims.

– Tom Lawlor talks about winning the MLW title, and says it doesn’t matter if you are the fattest, trashiest bag of bones looking to cash in. It does not matter if you look like you came from a video game in the 1980s. It does not matter if you are an avalanche from Germany, he will have a death grip on the title.

– They hype Fury Road.

-Mance Warner says he did what he said he would do. He beat up people. He shows us the pay window. He isn’t using the lower or middle window.

– Austin Aries is coming to MLW soon.

– MLW officials are trying to keep CONTRA from the building now. (Psssssst, they failed).

– Ki & Salina argue before the match.

Low Ki and Ricky Martinez vs. Chris Pagan and Troy Hollywood : Ki and Martinez attack before the bell, running wild and Martinez hits a big lariat. Ki follows with strikes, and Martinez follows with a pop up knee strike. Ki hits the double stomp and that’s it. Low Ki and Ricky Martinez defeated Chris Pagan and Troy Hollywood @ 1:30 via pin [NR] A good squash as they continue the angle between Ki & Salina & her crew.

– Post match, Martinez bails on Ki on Salina’s direction and CONTRA lays out Ki.

– Davey Boy Smith Jr. talks about Brian Pillman Jr.’s match against Alex Hammerstone and then Teddy Hart has some advice for him and talks about his preparation for the match. Davey says win this one because there will be more challenges that will get tougher. Alex will blow up like a big tire and then you punish him, stretch him, and submit him.

37.30Champion Tom Lawlor vs. Avalanche: Lawlor starts with strikes, but Avalanche fires back and they lock up. Avalanche overpowers the champion, but Lawlor fires back with kicks and strikes. Avalanche cuts off the rolling knee bar, but Lawlor follows with more kicks. The sliding lariat gets 2. Lawlor attacks the leg, but Avalanche dumps him to the floor and follows. They brawl, and Avalanche splashes him against the post. Avalanche rolls back in and Lawlor follows, but Avalanche maintains control with strikes. The running splash follows for 2. Avalanche shoves him around, but Lawlor lays in a flurry of strikes and kicks until Avalanche hits a clothesline. Lawlor gets the choke, but Avalanche escapes and whips Lawlor to the buckles. He follows with head butts, strikes, and Lawlor fires back with chops. Kicks follow, but Avalanche hits a backdrop and covers for 2. Avalanche lays in strikes, but Lawlor hits a German. The forearm follows and then rapid-fire strikes and kicks. Lawlor gets cut off with a splash and fall away slam, but Avalanche misses the Vader bomb. Lawlor hits a knee strike and the choke finishes it. Champion Tom Lawlor defeated Avalanche @ 8:00 via submission [**] The match was lethargic, but ok. Avalanche never felt like a real threat, which was the main issue here.

– Post match, CONTRA attacks Lawlor. Gotch hits a Gotch Piledriver and then Fatu goes up top with a double jump moonsault. The flag is put on top of Lawlor. Backstage, Salina de la Renta is with LA Park and but they are stopped by Sami Callihan and Mance Warner. Salina is on the phone telling someone to get here right now…

– End scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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The final score: review Not So Good
The 411
Outside of the CONTRA Unit stuff & Low Ki angle, this week’s MLW wasn’t a good show and felt really dated as it was taped over Mania weekend. The angles are solid, but the show was just missing something to elevate it.