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Csonka’s MLW: Fusion Review 6.29.19

June 30, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s MLW: Fusion Review 6.29.19  

Csonka’s MLW: Fusion Review 6.29.19

– Austin Aries defeated Adam Brooks @ 12:03 via pin [***½]
– Jacob Fatu defeated Ariel Dominguez & Sam Black @ 1:25 via pin [NR]
– Josef Samael defeated MLW Champion Tom Lawlor @ 7:52 via DQ [**½]

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– Josef Samael and Jacob Fatu opened this week’s Fusion with a video package. Samael hyped up his match with Tom Lawlor tonight, and said he would soften him up for Fatu next week.

– Rich Bocchini and Jim Cornette interviewed Marshall & Ross Von Erich after their debut last week. They said they have Lawlor’s back, he can trust them, and that they gave him their word and their word is their bond.

Austin Aries vs. Adam Brooks: Aries was on the MLW debut TV show, beating ACH, and makes his return tonight. Aries works leg kicks to begin, and then grounds the action as they scramble for position. Brooks counters back, but Aries escapes and teases the last chancery until Brooks makes the ropes. They lock up and Aries picks up the pace and follows with arm drags. Lock up again and Brooks trips up Aries and follows with a shotgun dropkick for 2. He follows with another dropkick and covers for 2. Aries powders, Brooks follows, and stuns Aries off the ropes and the cutter gets 2. Aries powders again, and Brooks hits the apron superkick. Back in and Brooks heads up top and is cut off. He then battles back, but Aries counters turbo backpack and follows with grounded strikes. He delivers knee strikes, and then the second rope elbow connects for 2. They trade, but Aries hits a neck breaker in the ropes. Brooks cuts off the suicide dive, and follows with a slingshot DDT. Post break and they trade strikes and chops. Brooks avoid s the dropkick and he follows with a shotgun dropkick but Aries cradles him and locks on the last chancery, but Brooks makes the ropes. Aries follows with knee strikes, strikes and Brooks hits an enziguri but Aries then drops him on his head with an apron DVD. Back in and the Aries 450 eats knees. The ushigoroshi by Brooks follows for 2. Brooks up top and the senton eats knees. Aries hits the shotgun dropkick and brainbuster for the win. Austin Aries defeated Adam Brooks @ 12:03 via pin [***½] This was a very good opener, with both guys looking good, and serving as a strong re-introduction for Aries.

– In the post match interview, Aries said it was good to be home. He said that just because he hasn’t been on social media doesn’t mean he hasn’t been busy. Since leaving his former employer, he has set his sights on the war in professional wrestling, not sports entertainment or “cosplay pro wrestling,” he called out those who have the costumes but can’t display “the magic”. Aries calls himself the last true magician of wrestling and he makes them all believe. He praised MLW for their use of weight limits and divisions and admitted that he has been Heavyweight Champion in places, but he’s never been a heavyweight in his life. He proclaimed he is a middleweight and said that was bad news for Teddy Hart; people might think Hart is an asshole, but not compared to this asshole.

– We get a video promo from the Dynasty, and while MJF & Holiday bragged about their wealth & status. Hammerstone again subtlety looked on as if he didn’t approve. MJF & Holiday still have Teddy’s MLW tag title and said that procession was 9/10 of the law.

– Savio Vega is coming to MLW.

Jacob Fatu vs. Ariel Dominguez & Sam Black: Fatu beautifully destroyed these lads, tossing them around hitting superkicks, pop up Samoan drops and of course the double jump moonsault onto he pile of corpses for the finish. Jacob Fatu defeated Ariel Dominguez & Sam Black @ 1:25 via pin [NR] Squash, Fatu is great; I hope MLW actually has him locked into an enforceable contract a uses him to his potential.

– Post match, Simon Gotch and Josef Samael of Contra Unit joined the ring and beat down the two helpless jobbers.

– Salina de la Renta is interviewed and asked her if she went too far with the loser leaves town match with Mance Warner and Sami Callihan. She explained that the ratings went through the roof, so she obviously gave the fans what they wanted. De la Renta then questioned why they were talking about those two when they could be talking about her. She closed by saying it must be so hard to see a 22-year-old in this much control.

– Mance Warner has promised to come after de la Renta and Promociones Dorado.

MLW Champion Tom Lawlor vs. Joseph Samael: Lawlor rushes the ring and they brawl right away. They trade strikes, Samael takes control until Lawlor drops him with rights. They trade again, Lawlor lays in chops and hits a corner splash. Clotheslines follow, and they spill to the floor as Lawlor maintains control. Samael fires back and slams Lawlor to the barricade. Back in and they trade again, Lawlor lights him up until Samael cuts him off and chokes him out. He grounds the action, working the arm and then slams him down and grounds things again. The hammerlock clothesline follows for 2. Samael lays in strikes, and follows with the camel clutch. Lawlor fights and makes the ropes. Samael then chokes him out in the ropes, and then chokes him on the post. Lawlor fights off a suplex, and suplexes Samael back into the ring. The VonErichs & CONTRA brawl backstage. Samael gets a spike, misses and Lawlor lays him out with spin kick. Lawlor shoves down the ref for the DQ. Josef Samael defeated MLW Champion Tom Lawlor @ 7:52 via DQ [**½] This was a solid brawl with Samael looking to soften up Lawlor ahead of his match with Fatu next week, and continuing the established feuds.

– Post match, Lawlor & Samael continue to battle as the VonErichs brawl with Fatu & Gotch backstage.

Next week: MLW World Heavyweight Champion Tom Lawlor defends against Jacob Fatu, Myron Reed vs. Rey Horus, The Jim Cornette Experience with Salina de la Renta.

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The final score: review Good
The 411
This week’s episode of MLW: Fusion was a good and simple show, re-introducing Aries, and continuing the build to Fatu vs. Lawlor for next week.