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Csonka’s MLW: Fusion Review 7.13.19

July 16, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
MLW Ladder Match The Kings of Colosseum
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Csonka’s MLW: Fusion Review 7.13.19  

Csonka’s MLW: Fusion Review 7.13.19

– Ace Austin defeated Air Wolf @ 7:18 via pin [***]
– Low Ki defeated Ariel Dominguez @ 0:15 via KO [NR]
MLW Tag Team Title Ladder Match: The Dynasty defeated Champions The Hart Foundation @ 17:25 [****]

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Ace Austin vs. Air Wolf: They lock up and work to the ropes. Wolf ground the action, and gets a cradle for 2. Austin counters back to his feet and Wolf follow with arm drags but Austin cradles him for 2. They trade several pin attempts, and end in a stalemate. Austin follows with kicks, but Wolf counters back and they work into counters and Wolf hits the lucha arm drag. He follows with chops, and then a PK, covering for 2. Austin attacks the mask, and then hits an apron superkick. Austin works him over on the floor, Wolf fires back but Austin slams him off of the barricade. He grabs his cane and then rolls back in to break the count. He follows with a dropkick, rips at the mask of Wolf and Wolf fires back. They work up top and Austin shoves him off and Wolf battles back with a suplex. Austin to the floor and Wolf follows and chases him back in, hits a PELE and heads up top. Austin distracts the ref and uses the cane and the fold finishes it. Ace Austin defeated Air Wolf @ 7:18 via pin [***] Austin gets revenge and evens the series at 1-1 as this undercard feud will continue, with both eventually looking for a Middleweight or Openweight title shot. This was a good little opener with Austin heeling it up well.

– Salina de la Renta was backstage with Ricky Martinez. Martinez wanted another shot at Low Ki when de la Renta got a phone call from Jimmy Havoc. She answered but not so fast, it was Mance Warner on the other end. Warner said Havoc was lying in a pool of blood and he has “the golden ticket” so was away to drink some light beers. De la Renta ordered Martinez to go get the ticket back.

– We get footage of Fatu wining the MLW title last week.

Low Ki vs. Ariel Dominguez: They circle and Ki ends Dominguez’s life with a knee strike for the KO. Low Ki defeated Ariel Dominguez @ 0:15 via KO [NR] They announced that Ki has officially moved to the middleweight division, and him starching fools has been wonderful stuff.

– The Dynasty were in Martha’s Vineyard. Alexander Hammerstone was working out and getting a tan while Richard Holliday was reading the paper in his suit. They were talking strategy for tonight’s match, which aggravated MJF. MJF screamed that he was not afraid of heights, but Hammerstone didn’t believe him.

– Salina had an update on Ricky Martinez and his search for the golden ticket. Martinez was on Facetime and he had found another one of Warner’s life-sized, presents. Martinez took a sledgehammer to it, but it was A TRAP. Salina saw what was coming as Warner appeared from behind and beat him up. Warner took the phone and told her that was another one down, and that he still had her golden ticket. Konnan bumped into de la Renta backstage and told her that Dr. Wagner Jr. will be in MLW soon.

– Backstage, Salina de la Renta, LA Park, and El Hijo de LA Park were trying to leave the arena. As LA Park left, Warner jumped in and locked the gate behind him, locking him out. He then jumped Hijo and knocked him out cold with a chain wrapped around his fist, taking out his third Promociones Dorado member of the night. Don’t fuck with old Mancer.

Champions The Hart Foundation (Hart & Pillman) vs. The Dynasty (MJF & Holiday): They brawl at the bell, dumping MJF and Pillman works him over on the floor. Hart follows with chair shots on Holiday, as the champions take control. Hart follows with a suplex on the floor, and MJF cuts off Pillman back in the ring. Holiday posts Hart, and Pillman follows with a high cross on MJF. Holiday cuts him off with a side slam, but Hart is back and follows with rights and the lumbar check. The challengers fight back, raking the eyes, and then grab a ladder but the champions dropkick it into their faces. Pillman follows with a springboard high cross to the floor. Hart then hits a moonsault onto the pile. He slides the ladder in and looks to climb. MJF cuts him off and Pillman superkicks Holiday on the floor. MJF looks to climb, but he’s afraid. Pillman cuts him off, and MJF makes Blake climb for him. The crowd hates MJF. Blake then hits a high cross but accidentally takes out MJF. Pillman sets up the ladder in the corner, they work over MJF and whip him into the ladder. Hart hits the backstabber and grabs a chair, and Pillman catapults him into the chair and ladder but Holiday gets another ladder and makes the save. He suplexes hart onto a ladder, and MJF lays the boots to Pillman. Holiday suplexes Hart onto another ladder, and the challengers whip Pillman into a ladder. Another suplex on Hart onto a ladder follows. MJF sets up the ladder, and argues with Holiday over who will climb. They shove each other and Holiday climbs. Hart cuts him off and hits an Argentine cutter. MJF looks to climb but Pillman superkicks him and hits a DVD. Pillman clears out the ladder, Hart sets one up in the ropes and MJF low blows Pillman. Pillman manages to low bridge he challengers and Hart follows with the DDT/piledriver combo platter on both. The Asai moonsault follows, and Hart gets a chair and piles a few up. Destroyer on MJF by Hart. They set up a door bridge on the chairs, lays MJF on it and heads up top and the corkscrew senton follows and puts MJF through the door. Pillman climbs, but Hammerstone arrives and buckle bombs him. He grabs a table and sets it up on the floor. Holiday suplexes Hart on the floor as Smith arrives and powerslams Hammerstone on the table, but it doesn’t break. Pillman and Holiday climb, they fight up top and Blake climbs onto Pillman’s back, gets knocked off and Holiday hits Pillman with a chair and grabs the titles and we have new champions. The Dynasty defeated Champions The Hart Foundation @ 17:25 [****] This was an overall great main event, with the Dynasty and Hart feud continuing to deliver. They had a strong layout, everyone worked hard, and the crowd loved it.

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The final score: review Very Good
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This week’s episode of MLW: Fusion was a rather great show, as they are in a run of really good and string shows. They are building some undercard acts, Low Ki wrecking fools is awesome, the Mancer vs. Promociones Dorado feud is going along well and the Dynasty & Hart Foundation feud continued with a great main event.