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Csonka’s MLW: Fusion Review 8.03.19

August 4, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Low Ki Kaval NXT MLW
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Csonka’s MLW: Fusion Review 8.03.19  

Csonka’s MLW: Fusion Review 8.03.19

– Low Ki defeated Jimmy Yuta @ 0:32 via referee stoppage [NR]
– Ross & Marshall Von Erich defeated Ken Doane & Mike Mondo @ 4:00 via pin [**]
– Gringo Loco defeated Zenshi @ 3:30 via pin [**]
– Davey Boy Smith Jr defeated Timothy Thatcher @ 14:50 via submission [***½]

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– We have matches from NYC & Chicago this week, with Tony Schiavone back on commentary for the NYC matches.

Low Ki vs. Jimmy Yuta: Yuta take him to the ropes, looking top take the fight to Ki. Ki catches him with kick to he face and that’s it. Low Ki defeated Jimmy Yuta @ 0:32 via referee stoppage [NR] I absolutely fucking adore Low Ki wrecking fools on a weekly basis.

– Contra Unit says the Von Erichs and Tom Lawlor want to make a challenge. But Samael says it will be four on four. Fatu says he will finish what he started in Chicago and will bust heads open. Samael says come September 7th, the black flag of Contra Unit will fly high.

– Konnan meets with Salina de la Renta and Jimmy Havoc. Konnan wants Jimmy to step back and says he has three demands. First, Konnan wants a match between Jimmy Havoc and LA Park with the loser leaving MLW. Salina does not want to do that but eventually she agrees.

-The Dynasty meet at a Prosche dealership and Holliday comments on MJF’s watch. MJF says Teddy Hart will be unable to use his rematch clause because he failed the wellness policy. Alexander Hammerstone asks about the wellness testing and Richard and MJF says they will get him some clean pee.

– The Squad arrives. Kenny says New York has been lacking some sprit because your Mets suck and your Knicks suck, and that the only thing that sucks more than New York City is MLW’s tag team division. They are not here because of their last name, it is because they earned it. They are not like the Hart Foundation so they are making an open challenge against anybody. Ken says he does not care who their opponents are, whether it is the Harts or the Von Erichs, who are living off their hippie father’s name. Ross & Marshall Von Erich answer the challenge.

Ross & Marshall Von Erich vs. Ken Doane & Mike Mondo: They brawl at the bell and the Von Erichs run wild and hit dropkicks. The Squad powders, but Ross attacks and runs them together. Post break and Marshall leans house with clotheslines, a dropkick and powerslam. The moonsault gets 2.Ross s dumps Mondo and Marshall gets the claw and the double team law slam finishes it. Ross & Marshall Von Erich defeated Ken Doane & Mike Mondo @ 4:00 via pin [**] This was shirt and ok, with the Von Erichs maintaining momentum, and delivering a good post match angle.

– Simon Gotch and Josef Samael make their way to the ring. The Von Erichs attack, but Gotch connects with uppercuts to Ross. They brawl, Samael with a head butt to Marshall but Marshall fights back. A masked man makes his way onto the ramp and he pulls off the mask to spray mist into Marshall’s face. Officials check on Marshall but Contra Unit continues with the attack. Ross checks on Marshall after Contra Unit leaves.

Gringo Loco vs. Zenshi: Loco attacks, they work into counters and Zenshi hits a head scissors. They work into fast paced counters again and Zenshi cradles him for 2. Loco misses the enziguri and Zenshi then hits a RANA on the floor. The senton atomico follows for 2. The 450 follows for 2. Zenshi heads up top and Loco catches him with tombstone for the win. Gringo Loco defeated Zenshi @ 3:30 via pin [**] This was short and fun, and ok overall.

– Footage is shown from last week with Alexander Hammerstone and Georgia Smith. Davey Boy Smith Jr is asked about the video of his sister and Alexander Hammerstone and says he is not here to talk about that. He is here to talk about Timothy Thatcher. He says he knows how tough Thatcher is and that this will be one hell of a catch wrestling contest. It will be Strong Style at its finest; he will show that he is superior to Thatcher and he will force Thatcher to tap out. Smith is still asked about his sister and he tries to duck the question.

Davey Boy Smith Jr vs. Timothy Thatcher: They lock up and Smith takes him down, and rolls for an ankle lock but Thatcher escapes. Smith takes him down again, but Thatcher counters out and escapes. Smith grounds the action, but Thatcher counters into a chinlock but Smith counters into a hammerlock. He starts attacking the arm, but Thatcher counters into a half crab. Smith kicks him away, but Thatcher follows with leg kicks and attacks the knee. Smith kicks his way out, rolls and makes the ropes. Thatcher follows with knee strikes to the thigh, but Smith makes the ropes. Smith follows with leg kicks, but Thatcher takes him down and starts working the knee again. Smith kicks his way out and Thatcher then hits a belly to belly and works a calf killer. He transitions to a knee bar, but Smith follow with strikes and head butts to escape. The rolling arm bar follows, but Thatcher counters into an ankle lock. He grapevines the leg, Smith fights and powers up and gets the sharpshooter but Thatcher makes the ropes. They trade strikes, lighting each other up and Smith gets the backslide for 2. The small package follows for 2. Smith follows with strikes, and the bulldog suit down pin gets 2. They trade pin attempts and Smith gets the cradle and bridge for 2. They trade again, trading slaps now and Smith hits a German, but Thatcher follows with one of his own. Smith then hits a German, a second and then a tiger suplex for 2. Smith follows with kicks, knee strikes, but Thatcher rolls for an arm bar, gets it and Smith counters as Thatcher gets the triangle but Smith hits a powerbomb and locks on the crossface and Thatcher taps. Davey Boy Smith Jr defeated Timothy Thatcher @ 14:50 via submission [***½] This was a very good, hard-hitting grappling match and a welcomed change in style on MLW.

– Post match, Georgia Smith comes out to interview her brother. She asks him how is he feeling and Davey takes the mic and he says the chants for him is music to his ears. He wants to talk about Alex Hammerstone, and says Dusty Rhodes told him silence is golden and he knows why Georgia is silent. Hammerstone is trying to play mind games with him. It is only a matter of time before they step in the ring.

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* Breaking Down Whether or Not Kevin Owens Is The Next Stone Cold: 1:40
* WWE Smackville Review: 9:20
* Should Impact Wrestling Go All The Way With Tessa Blanchard as World Champion?: 18:15
* Tenille Dashwood Signs With Impact Wrestling: 24:35
* Cody Rhodes vs. Sammy Guevara Announced For AEW’s TNT Debut: 29:00
* WWE Studios & Netflix Teaming For a Big Show Sitcom: 38:10
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This week’s episode of MLW: Fusion was a solid show with a very good main event. There wasn’t much wrestling wise this week overall, but they did a good job of continuing angles (Konnan vs. Salina. Harts vs. Dynasty. Contra vs. Von Erichs & Lawlor), which has been the strength of the show recently.