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Csonka’s MLW: Fusion Review 9.07.19

September 9, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s MLW: Fusion Review 9.07.19  

Csonka’s MLW: Fusion Review 9.07.19

– Jordan Oliver defeated Gringo Loco @ 7:30 via pin [**½]
– Brian Pillman Jr defeated Richard Holiday @ 7:10 via pin [**½]
– Alexander Hammerstone defeated Go Shiozaki @ 11:05 via pin [***½]

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– Konnan is interviewed outside of the building, talking about his issues with Salina de la Renta. LA Park, El Hijo de LA Park, and Bestia 666 attack and Salina takes possession of her phone back.

Jordan Oliver vs. Gringo Loco: This is fallout from last week’s trios match. Myron Reed is at ringside. Oliver attacks before the bell and lays the boots to Loco. Reed attacks Loco on the floor, and back in Oliver maintains control. He follows with strikes in the corner but Loco fires back and dropkicks the knee and follows with a standing moonsault. They trade strikes and chops, but Loco hits a back handspring elbow. Oliver knocks him to the floor and follows with a suicide dive and back in, covers for 2. Oliver grounds the action, laying the boots to Loco. Loco fights back, but is cut off. Oliver springboards in but Loco catches him with a powerbomb for 2. The split-legged moonsault follows for 2. Oliver grabs the sign from Reed, the ref takes it and Oliver eye pokes Loco and cutter gets 2. Loco fires back, hits an enziguri and follows with a tope. Back in and Oliver begs off, faking an injury. Reed hits Loco with a chair and Oliver cradles him for the win. Jordan Oliver defeated Gringo Loco @ 7:30 via pin [**½] This was a solid opener, but was disjointed and too many shenanigans for my liking.

– Post match, Reed & Oliver lay out Loco.

– Low Ki cuts a promo on next week’s War Chamber match. Can Tom Lawlor and the Von Erichs trust him? He and Lawlor are far past their issues, while Ross and Marshall are a vital part of wrestling history that would have ended if not for him. They are about to enter the War Chamber, the most brutal match in Major League Wrestling. There is no way out, and whatever the outcome may be, he is you’re their best option.

-Richard Holiday says that he thinks he looks pretty good in gold. There are a lot of conspiracies in MLW, and the biggest one is that the Hart Foundation run things in MLW. He says it is no coincidence that Dynasty sounds so much like destiny because they are the only true thing in Major League Wrestling.

Brian Pillman Jr vs. Richard Holiday: Pillman attacks right away, they trade and Holiday lays in chops. Pillman fires back with clotheslines and chops, and the dropkick follows. He dumps Holiday but then gets tripped up on the apron. Back in and Holiday lays the boots to him, follows with strikes and a running back elbow for 2. Pillman counters a suplex, but Holiday cuts him off with the spinning neck breaker for 2. Holiday grounds the action, but Pillman fires back and lays in chops. The flying forearm follows and uppercuts. Holiday cuts off the dropkick and looks for a sharpshooter, but Pillman cradles him for 2. The powerslam gets 2. Holiday trips him up and the rolling DVD gets 2 for Holiday. He argues with the ref, grabs a chair and the ref takes it, and Pillman pulls an Eddie Guerrero with his rookie of the year trophy. Low blow by Pillman and the neck breaker finishes it. Brian Pillman Jr defeated Richard Holiday @ 7:10 via pin [**½] This was another solid match, Pillman tries hard but his game is still really incomplete and is exposed in singles outings.

– Dominic Garrini is coming to MLW.

– More War Chamber hype as Marshall von Erich says that he knows that his brother has his back and that they have Tom Lawlor’s back. They hope that Low Ki honors his word. Ross says he might not trust Low Ki, but they do have a common enemy. Contra Unit is not ready for the Von Erich’s home field advantage, because they will end Contra’s reign of terror because they will have Kevin von Erich as their General.

– Old Mancer is out of ail and cuts a promo on Jimmy Havoc. He knows that it was Havoc’s plan to get him locked up and thrown away in a cage. You think that is going to fuck with Mancer? I’m not right in the head already. But he was clear minded in jail and he came up with a plan to mess you up and that is what he is going to do. “I am coming to fuck you up Jimmy Havoc.”

– Tom Lawlor says that there is nowhere that he would rather be than inside that steel cage against Contra Unit. He does not care if he is bleeding his last ounce of blood, because he is walking into that cage with the Von Erichs and Low Ki to ensure that Contra Unit doesn’t walk out. He doesn’t know if he can trust Low Ki, but Low Ki is coming to rip the head off the snake of Contra. He does know that Low Ki will be a warrior and he will get the job done. Lawlor will be ready for business what War Chamber is over.

Go Shiozaki vs. Alexander Hammerstone: This match is from the NOAH N1 Victory tournament. They lock up and Hammerstone overpowers him to the ropes. They break and lockup again, Hammerstone works the arm until Shiozaki counters out and grounds him. Hammerstone counters out but Shiozaki trips him up and works a headlock. They work to the ropes, and we get a clean break. Shiozaki attacks and they trade shoulder tackles. Hammerstone follows with strikes, chops by Shiozaki but Hammerstone mows him down. Post break and Shiozaki follows with a delayed suplex for 2. Hammerstone fires back with strikes, chops and follows wit a bicycle kick and German for 2. Shiozaki fights off a powerbomb, and connects with a big lariat. They trade strikes, lighting each other up and Hammerstone follows wit a flurry, rolling elbow and side effect for 2. Hammerstone looks for a burning hammer, Shiozaki fights him off and the ripcord lariat follows for 2. Hammerstone battles back with an enziguri, Shiozaki fights off the XPLODER and runs into a high knee strike and a powerbomb for 2. The nightmare pendulum finally finishes Shiozaki. Alexander Hammerstone defeated Go Shiozaki @ 11:05 via pin [***½] This was very good stuff, with Hammerstone continuing to grow and improve as a singles performer. More importantly, I felt he stayed in there with Shiozaki and never felt out-classed or out of his league. Getting chances like this will only help Hammerstone grow as a performer.

– A CONTRA video closes the show, as they claim that Lawlor was a broken man, the Von Erichs are blinded by pride, and the black flag on CONTRA will wave high over Dallas. Gotch says that the Von Erichs to rest their heads as they have no one else to look up to. “You want a war? CONTRA will take you to war.”

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This week’s episode of MLW: Fusion was a good show, with a solid undercard, a very good main event, and they continued the Konnan vs. Salina, Mancer vs. Havoc, & Hart Foundation vs. Dynasty feuds while finalizing the build to War Chamber; the storytelling continues to be MLW’s strength.