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Csonka’s MLW: Kings of Colosseum Review 7.06.19

July 7, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s MLW: Kings of Colosseum Review 7.06.19  

Csonka’s MLW: Kings of Colosseum Review 7.06.19

MLW National Openweight Championship Open Challenge: Champion Alexander Hammerstone defeated Kotto Brazil @ 5:30 via pin [***]
– Myron Reed defeated Rey Horus @ 8:30 via pin [***]
MLW Title Match: Jacob Fatu defeated MLW Champion Tom Lawlor @ 7:55 via to become the NEW MLW champion [**¾]

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– The Dynasty is out as Hammerstone makes his open challenge. He represents being a hero, this country, and the national open weight championship. He calls out his opponent, which is Kotto Brazil. MJF joins commentary, but they turn off his mic and he leaves. He then returns as they turn it back on.

Alexander Hammersron’s Star Spangled Open Challenge: Champion Alexander Hammerstone vs. Kotto Brazil: Kotto hits and runs to begin, and gets the cradle for 2. He runs wild with strikes and a dropkick, and Koto cradles him for 1. Hammerstone overpowers him and starts tossing him around, the bicycle kick follows and Hammerstone follows with strikes. Hammerstone hits the pump handle slam and follows with knee strikes. Kotto battles back, but Hammerstone quickly cuts him off. Kotto picks up the pace, hits kicks and a tornado DDT. Hammerstone is back up and Kotto hits an enziguri, clothesline, and the missile dropkick. The frog splash follows for 2.Kotto up top and gets distracted by Holiday. Hammerstone hits the delayed superplex, and follows with nightmare pendulum for the win. Champion Alexander Hammerstone defeated Kotto Brazil @ 5:30 via pin [***] This was a good opener, with Brazil continuing to be a blast as the resilient babyface.

– Post match, MJF cuts a promo praising Hammerstone. He then mocks the crowd and challenges the Hart Foundation for a tag title match.

– Commentary breaks down the CONTRA vs. Lawlor feud ahead of tonight’s main event. CONTRA cuts a promo, with Gotch promising that Fatu will beat Lawlor for the title tonight. Lawlor takes him out and says he’s ready for tonight and will end the feud.

– They hype their PPV debut in November.

Rey Horus vs. Myron Reed: Jordan Oliver is at ringside with Reed. Reed attacks with kicks, but Horus cuts him off with a dropkick. Reed powders, back in and they lock up. Horus follows with kicks, hits the RANA, and follows with a dropkick as Reed powders. Oliver trips up Horus, distracting him and Reed follows with a dropkick for 2. Reed lays the boots to him as Oliver gets in cheap shots but Horus flies back in with a lucha arm drag and to the floor dumps Oliver onto Reed. The ref cuts off a Horus dive so Horus dives over him and wipes out Reed & Oliver. Horus follows with chops and backing, covers for 2. Reed fires back, hits a dropkick and Horus picks up the pace and hits the flying leg drop for 2. Red counters the suplex into a stunner, and follows with the springboard 450 for 2. They trade strikes, Reed hits a bicycle kick and Horus counters back with the Spanish fly for 2. Oliver distracts him and Horus takes him out but Reed flies in with an uppercut and pins Horus. Myron Reed defeated Rey Horus @ 8:30 via pin [***] This was a good and fun match, but would have been netter with out al of the shenanigans.

– The Hart Foundation accepts the Dynasty’s challenge for the tag titles, but it will be a ladder match, and it will be Pillman & Hart defending in Freebird rules. Pillman promises not to disappoint.

– Jim Cornette interviews Salina de la Renta, who looks great as always. Salina gets attitude right away as Cornette praises her for what she’s accomplished so far in MLW. She recently won the top female entrepreneur award on Puerto Rico. Cornette asks about LA PARL possibly cashing in soon on his title shot, but Salina won’t reveal her plans. Cornette talks about Konnan coming back and possibly coming after her. Salina says his stars are gone and the last time he was on TV he got stabbed, and Konnan arrives. Konnan says that he will prove to her on live TV that he can please a woman She doesn’t have time for his dick measuring contests, and Konnan calls her a street walker, and reveals that he has a new crop of luchas coming in. Salina doesn’t buy it and reveals that she had a secret that can ruin Konnan and then leaves.

– The Dynasty talk about the Hart Foundation’s challenge and accept, but tease tension.

– They hype Fatu vs. Lawlor.

MLW Champion Tom Lawlor vs. Jacob Fatu: Lawlor is alone tonight as the VonErichs are in Israel according to commentary. Samael is out with Fatu and Salina watches on from the crowd. Thy brawl at the bell, Lawlor fires back and then gets dumped to the floor. Fatu follow and slams him on the apron and then to the barricades. He chokes out Lawlor with a cable, slams him onto the apron again and then off of the barricade. Fatu follows with strikes and slams Lawlor off of the timekeeper’s table and rolls him back in. Fatu follows with head butts, grounding Lawlor. The slam follows and Fatu misses a flying head butt off the ropes. Lawlor looks for a sleeper, gets it but Fatu fights him off and Lawlor follows with a dropkick and get the sleeper again. Fatu escapes, catches Lawlor and slams him down. The double jump moonsault misses, allowing Lawlor to low blow him as Samael distracted the ref. Lawlor follows with kicks, but Fatu fires up and Lawlor lays in knee strikes. The hanging guillotine follows, but Fatu escapes and hits a back handspring moonsault for 2. Fatu follows with a corner splash hat misses, and V follows with clotheslines and strikes until Fatu hits a superkick and pop up Samoan drop. The double jump moonsault finishes it and we have a new champion. Jacob Fatu defeated MLW Champion Tom Lawlor @ 7:55 via to become the NEW MLW champion [**¾] Lawlor as champion was a good call at the time, but I found his title run largely underwhelming. The move to Fatu was a smart move, as he’s a great talent and one I hope they have locked in for a long time, as he can be a huge star for them. The match was pretty good overall, with the right result.

– Fatu & Samael stand tall to close the show.

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The final score: review Good
The 411
MLW: Kings of Colosseum was a good one hour special, with some good wrestling, a big title change, and the continuation of the Dynasty vs. The Hart Foundation feud.