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Csonka’s NJPW BOSJ 26 (Night 10) Review

May 26, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s NJPW BOSJ 26 (Night 10) Review  

Csonka’s NJPW BOSJ 26 (Night 10) Review

– Dragon Lee defeated Taka Michinoku via injury forfeit [NR]
– Ryusuke Taguchi defeated Ren Narita @ 7:15 via submission [***]
– Jonathan Gresham defeated Kanemaru @ 7:50 via submission [***]
– Rocky Romero defeated DOUKI @ 10:30 via submission [***]
– Marty Scurll defeated Titan @ 10:30 via pin [***½]
– BUSHI defeated Bandido @ 8:30 via pin [***¼]
– Shingo defeated Tiger Mask @ 9:30 via pin [***]
– Yoh defeated El Phantasmo @ 12:45 via pin [**¾]
– Robbie Eagles defeated Will Ospreay @ 28:01 via submission [****]
– Taiji Ishimori defeated Sho @ 20:35 via pin [***¾]

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Ryusuke Taguchi vs. Ren Narita: Narita shoots and gets the takedown, but Taguchi makes the ropes. They continue working on the mat, with Taguchi starting to work the leg. Narita starts to take control but Taguchi makes the ropes. Narita goes back to the leg, but Taguchi makes the ropes again. Narita keeps things grounded, but Taguchi counters out and looks for the ankle lock but Narita makes the ropes. Narita follows with strikes, but Taguchi cuts him off with an ass attack. Taguchi locks on the ankle lock, but Narita counters out and rolls but Taguchi gets the ankle lock again. Narita cradles him for 2, and then follows with the crab. He pulls Taguchi center ring, but Taguchi counters out and into the ankle lock; Narita gets the cradle for 2. Taguchi back to the ankle lock, Narita fights but Taguchi drops down and Narita taps. Ryusuke Taguchi defeated Ren Narita @ 7:15 via submission [***] This was a good ground based match, with Narita continuing to bring the good fight but coming up short.

Jonathan Gresham vs. Kanemaru: They lock up and work to the ropes. Gresham looks to ground things, Kanemaru keeps trying to escape, but Gresham keeps him down. Gresham stays a step ahead here, but Kanemaru finally makes the ropes. Gresham baits him in once, but Kanemaru hits the basement dropkick and then works him over on the apron. He follows with elbow strikes, rakes the eyes and then grounds things with a body scissors. He then hits a skull fucker, but Gresham makes the ropes. They trade strikes and kicks, and then Kanemaru chokes him out. Gresham fights back and PKs the arm and follows with arm drags. Kanemaru cuts him off with a tornado DDT, and then the moonsault for 2. Gresham counters a suplex, attacks the arm and hits a RANA. They work the tumbleweed and Kanemaru gets 2. He’s dizzy now and Gresham hits the German for 2. Kanemaru shoves the ref into Gresham, but Gresham cut off the whiskey attack and gets the octopus hold. Kanemaru taps. Jonathan Gresham defeated Kanemaru @ 7:50 via submission [***] This was good and fun, with Gresham outwrestling Kanemaru who was looking to out sleaze him. Gresham moves to 8 points with the big win.

Rocky Romero vs. DOUKI: DOUKI attacks right away, and takes the fight to the floor. He posts Romero, and then chokes him out. DOUKI then slams Romero’s knee off the post, and back in, DOUKI continues to assault the leg. Romero fights back hits an enziguri, but DOUKI immediately attacks the knee again. He puts him in the tree of WHOA and stomps on his balls. The running double stomp follows for 2. DOUKI pulls a Yano and removes the buckle pad, lays in chops, but Romero then sidesteps DOUKI who posts himself. Romero follows with kicks and chops, and then attacks the arm. The springboard RANA follows and the forever clotheslines connect. They trade strikes, Romero fires up and cuts off the DDT and hits a tornado DDT and pulls the arm bar. DOUKI then counters out into an Indian death lock, but Romero makes the ropes. Romero cuts him off, but DOUKI hits a sitout widow’s peak for 2. Romero fights out of suplex de la luna but DOUKI cradles him for 2. Knee strike by Romero, the clothesline follows, and then gets the gets a hover board lock into an arm bar and DOUKI tapes. Rocky Romero defeated DOUKI @ 10:30 via submission [***] I will admit that DOUKI has become more consistent as we’ve gone along here, while Romero keeps delivering with good outings and smart match layouts.

Titan vs. Marty Scurll: Brody King is at ringside. Scurll tells commentary that he’s going to give “the lucha libre” a try. They lock up and work to the mat, and then end in a stalemate. Scurll grounds things, looking to work the arm but Titan counters out and hits a head scissors. He then follows with arm drags and then a dropkick. He then hits a RANA on the floor. Back in and Scurll cuts him off with a dropkick, and then works a Romero special. Scurll follows with uppercuts, and then grounds things with a half crab. Titan makes the ropes, and Scurll goes after his mask. Scurll keeps the action grounded, and they then trade clotheslines. King distracts Titan, so Titan hits him with a high cross. Back in and the high cross follows on Scurll for 2. They work up top and Titan follows with chops, a PELE and then the RANA for 2. Scurll fires back with uppercuts, a DDT, but Titan connects with an enziguri for 2. They trade strikes, and Scurll hits the half and half suplex. Titan fires back with a superkick, and gets the leg lock, but Scurll makes the ropes. Scurll gets the backslide for 2, and follow with an enziguri He then decapitates Titan with the lariat and the package piledriver follows for 2. Black plague finishes it. Marty Scurll defeated Titan @ 10:30 via pin [***½] This was very good stuff as they played the clash of styles well, the work was clean, and there was good drama leading to the Scurll win.

Bandido vs. BUSHI: BUSHI offers the handshake and then attacks. They pick up the pace, working into counters and lucha passes until Bandido hits knee strike. BUSHI cuts him off and takes the action to the floor, and then posts Bandido. Back in and BUSHI chokes him out with his shirt. The neck breaker follows for 2. BUSHI locks in an STF, grounding the action but Bandido fights and makes the ropes. Bandido fights off the apron DDT, and then dropkicks BUSHI to the floor. He then follows with a tope. Back in and Bandido covers for 2. BUSHI rakes the eyes, but Bandido hits press slam into a falcon arrow, doing the deal, and covering for 2. Bandido hits an enziguri and tornillo press. The inverted suplex and shining wizard follows for 2. The 21-plex is countered, and BUSHI hits the dropkick and apron DDT. The neck breaker follows for 2. BUSHI follows with a destroyer and that gets 2. The MX connects and BUSHI wins. BUSHI defeated Bandido @ 8:30 via pin [***¼] This was good stuff, with the homestretch really coming off well and BUSHI picking up another win. This was fun.

Shingo vs. Tiger Mask: They lockup and work to the ropes. Tiger follows with leg kicks, but Shingo runs him over with a shoulder tackle, and then a knee strike. Tiger is down and then pulls an arm bar, but Shingo makes the ropes. Tiger follows with kicks, and Shingo powders. Shingo then posts Tiger’s knee, and then focuses on the knee. The suplex follows for 2. Tiger fires back, lays in kicks and covers for 2. Shingo fights off the tiger driver, hits a slam and they work up top, and trade strikes and Tiger hits the super butterfly suplex. Shingo powers out of a tiger suplex, they trade strikes, and Tiger hits the Tiger driver for 2 and follows with an arm bar. Shingo powers out with a powerbomb. Tiger hits a knee strike but runs into a DVD. Clotheslines follows, but Tiger gets the crucifix for 2. Back to an arm bar, but Shingo makes the ropes. Tiger lays in kicks, but Shingo hits the pumping bomber for 2. he hits another but Tiger kicks out again. Last of the dragon finishes it. Shingo defeated Tiger Mask @ 9:30 via pin [***] Good stuff with Tiger giving it his all as the veteran, but like everyone else, failed to beat the dominant Shingo.

El Phantasmo vs. Yoh: Phantasmo attacks right away and takes Yoh to the floor. He follows with strikes and then hits him with the barricade. The suplex follows, and Phantasmo rolls back in. Phantasmo then tosses Yoh into the chairs at ringside. He rolls back in and Yoh crawls to the ring and makes it back in. Yoh then gets a roll up for 2. The backslide follows for 2 again. Yoh hits a dropkick, and then attacks Phantasmo’s injured arm. He follows with strikes and chops, but Phantasmo stuns him off the ropes and the springboard moonsault gets 2. He follows with chops in the corner, and then hits an eye poke. He covers, using the ropes, but the ref sees it and breaks it up. Phantasmo whips him to the buckles, but Yoh battles back and Phantasmo puts him in the tree of WHOA and stomps on his balls reputedly, mocking Romero until Yoh hits a spider German. Yoh fires up and lays in forearms, and the bridging suplex for 2. Yoh up top and gets cut off. Phantasmo follows him up and Yoh fights but Phantasmo hits an enziguri and then the super RANA. The big splash eats knees and Yoh covers for 2. He locks on an am bar, but Phantasmo makes the ropes. Phantasmo fights off the dragon suplex and they trade cradles for near falls. Superkick by Phantasmo, and the Argentine cutter follows for 2. Yoh then dumps him to the floor, and Phantasmo cuts off the dive and shoves Yoh into the ref. He gets his title and the ref stops him, and Yoh gets the five star clutch for the win. Yoh defeated El Phantasmo @ 12:45 via pin [**¾] This was pretty good, but largely felt flat. Big win for Yoh, as the Roppongi boys go 2-0 against Phantasmo.

Will Ospreay vs. Robbie Eagles: Eagles refuses the handshake. They lock up and work to the ropes for a clean break. Lock up again and back to the ropes, and Eagles breaks clean. Eagles grounds things, they work into counters and Ospreay follows with a shoulder tackle. Eagles attacks with kicks, they pickup the pace and Ospreay follows with a dropkick and they work into a series of counters. Eagles fakes the handshake and slaps Ospreay. Ospreay hits the monkey flip and Eagles spills to the floor. Ospreay follows with the plancha, and back in, Ospreay lays the boots to him. He follows with strikes, and then chops. Eagles picks up the pace, hits a RANA and then a spin kick, covering for 2. Eagles now follows with chops, kicks, and then a sliding dropkick for 2. They trade strikes, Eagles then attacks the leg and works over Ospreay in the ropes. Eagles stays focused on the knee, grounding the action but Ospreay makes the ropes. Eagles then stomps away at the knee, and follows with strikes. Ospreay fires back, and follows with the back handspring kick. Enziguri by Ospreay and th3 619 follows, and then the hesitation dropkick connects. The running shooting star press gets 2 for Ospreay. Ospreay hits the springboard forearm for 2. Eagles spills to the floor and Ospreay hits the Sasuke special. Back in and Eagles attacks the knee and hits the sliding lariat. Eagles then follows with the suicide cannonball. Back in and Eagles hits double knees, and covers for 2. Eagles continues to assault the knee, but Ospreay hits a desperation enziguri. They work into a series of counters and Eagles hits the reverse RANA. They trade strikes from their knees, fighting to their feet and keep trading. They lay in chops now and light each other up with strikes and Eagles follows with kicks, but Ospreay hits an enziguri, head kick and Eagles cross bodies him to the floor. They work to the apron and trade again, Ospreay teases storm breaker, but Eagles counters into a sliced bread on the apron. Eagles makes it back in and Ospreay follows. Eagles follows with a dragon RANA for 2. The 450 misses, heel kick by Ospreay and hesitates on hidden blade as Eagles collapses. Eagles now gets the Ron Miller special as Phantasmo arrives at ringside. Ospreay fights, but Eagles pulls him back center ring. Ospreay keeps fighting. and finally makes the ropes. Ospreay fires back but Eagles hits a dragon screw and flies into a dropkick from Ospreay. Ospreay follows with Cheeky nandos, takes Eagles to the ropes and they trade strikes. Eagles hits a super RANA but Ospreay lands on his feet but Eagles takes out the knee, but Ospreay counters back until Eagles hits turbo backpack for 2. Eagles takes out the knee again, but Ospreay counters into a powerbomb for a great near fall, but Ospreay can’t follow up. Phantasmo distracts Ospreay, and the shooting star press eats knees and Eagles cradles him for 2. Ref bump, and Phantasmo hits Ospreay with the chair shot. Eagles isn’t happy about this, but hits the 450 on the knee and the Ron Miller special follows and Ospreay taps. Robbie Eagles defeated Will Ospreay @ 28:01 via submission [****] This was a great match with a good story, but a bit too much overbooking for my tastes at the end. I loved Eagles continuing to lean towards babyface, not liking the help, and also Ospreay’s hesitation in finishing him with hidden blade during the match.

– KNIFE PERVERT II VIDEO. Juice is pissed and leaves after cutting a promo on knife pervert.

Sho vs. Taiji Ishimori: They lock up and work to the ropes and Ishimori attacks. Ishimori counters the dropkick, but Sho sends him to the floor and attacks the arm with a PK. Back in and Sho grounds things, focusing on the arm. Ishimori battles back, and follows with the seated senton. He then follows with a cravat, and slams Sho to the buckles, covering for 2. Ishimori keeps things grounded, and then follows with chops. The head scissors and neck crank follows, and he covers for 2. Sho cuts off the back handspring kick and then hits the spear. He follows with corner clotheslines, and then a suplex for 2. The arm bar follows, but Ishimori fights and makes the ropes. Ishimori counters out of the German and rolls into a double stomp. He misses the double knees, but hits the back handspring kick. Ishimori then follows with the triangle moonsault to the floor. Back in and Ishimori covers for 2. Sho fights back and hits an inverted slam. The dead lift German follows, another, and then a third follows for 2. They trade, Ishimori counters the spear and then runs into a lariat by Sho. They trade strikes, throwing bombs and Sho now hits a flurry and they trade knee strikes and Sho hits a huge lariat. The lumbar check follows, and then project Ciampa connects for 2. Sho looks for shock arrow, but Ishimori counters out but Sho follows with a piledriver for 2. Sho looks for shock arrow again, but has to transition for an arm bar but Ishimori counters into the Lebell lock. Sho rolls and fights, but Ishimori adds in the other arm and cranks back until Sho finally makes the ropes. Ishimori goes John Woooooo, hits double knees, and then the lung blower for 2. Sho counters bloody cross and looks for shock arrow, but Ishimori escapes and Sho follows with a knee strike. Shock arrow is then countered into bloody cross and Ishimori wins. Taiji Ishimori defeated Sho @ 20:35 via pin [***¾] This was a very good main event, with good back and forth work and counters, but overall lacked in drama and crowd investment.

Shingo Takagi: (7-0) 14pts.
Taiji Ishimori: (6-1) 12pts.
Dragon Lee: (5-2) 10pts.
Sho: (3-4) 6pts.
Marty Scurll: (4-3) 8pts.
Jonathan Gresham: (4-3) 8pts
Tiger Mask: (2-5) 4pts.
Titan: (2-5) 4pts.
Yoshinobu Kanemaru: (2-5) 4pts.
TAKA Michinoku: (0-7) 0pts.

El Phantasmo: (5-2) 10pts.
Will Ospreay: (5-2) 10pts.
Ryusuke Taguchi: (5-2) 10pts.
Robbie Eagles: (5-2) 10pts.
BUSHI: (4-3) 8pts.
Yoh: (4-3) 8pts.
Bandido: (3-4) 6pts.
Rocky Romero: (3-4) 6pts.
DOUKI: (1-6) 2pts.
Ren Narita: (0-7) 0pts.

– End Scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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The final score: review Good
The 411
Night 10 of the NJPW BOSJ 26 was another good and consistent night of action, with A block down to two men and B block a bit more competitive.