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Csonka’s NJPW BOSJ 26 (Night 4) Review

May 16, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s NJPW BOSJ 26 (Night 4) Review  

Csonka’s NJPW BOSJ 26 (Night 4) Review

– Robbie Eagles defeated Ren Narita @ 9:15 via pin [***¼]
– Yoh defeated Bandido @ 13:10 via pin [***½]
– El Phantasmo defeated BUSHI @ 10:35 via pin [***½]
– Will Ospreay defeated Rocky Romero @ 25:45 via pin [****¼]
– Ryusuke Taguchi defeated DOUKI @ 21:29 via submission [*]

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Robbie Eagles vs. Ren Narita: They lock up and work into counters as Eagles looks to work the arm. He follows with shoulder tackles, but Narita fires back only for Eagles to chop block the knee. Eagles grounds the action, working the leg. Narita avoids a knee charge, and follows with a slam and dropkick. Eagles fights off the crab, and then takes out the knee with a dropkick and covers for 2. Eagles follows with body kicks, and the sliding clothesline gets 2. Eagles goes back to the knee, but Narita cradles him for 2. The backslide follows for 2 again. Eagles follows with kicks, but Narita hits the overhead belly to belly for 2. Narita locks on the cloverleaf as his hometown crowd rallies for him. Eagles makes the ropes, and then lays in kicks. Narita fires up with strikes and covers for 2. Eagles hits turbo backpack and picks up the win. Robbie Eagles defeated Ren Narita @ 9:15 via pin [***¼] This was a good opener and win for Eagles, while Narita put in a great effort in loss.

Yoh vs. Bandido: They shake hands, lock up and start working into counters as they work to the mat. Yoh makes the ropes and they break. They pick up the pace, work into counters, and Bandido press slams Yoh. Yoh battles back with dropkicks, and then starts focusing on the knee and grounding things. Bandido battles back, takes control and follows with a tornillo off the ropes. He dumps Yoh. They work to the apron and Bandido hits a head scissors to the floor. Bandido heads up top and follows with a beautiful moonsault to the floor. They roll back in and Bandido covers for 2. They trade kicks and Yoh cuts him off with an STO. He follows with strikes, kicks, and they work into counters with Bandido hitting a pop up cutter for 2. Yoh fires up and cuts him off with a running kick. Bandido battles back and then hits the draping 450 in the ropes. Yoh counters 21-plex and hits a German for 2. Yoh takes Bandido up top, Bandido fights but Yoh hits the superplex and then does the deal rolling into the falcon arrow for 2. Bandido hits a go to sleep, lariat and covers for 2. Yoh counters 21-plex, hits a dragon suplex, and hits another for the win. Yoh defeated Bandido @ 13:10 via pin [***½] This was a very good, fun, and competitive match, worked at a good pace and allowing Yoh to pick up an important first win.

El Phantasmo vs. BUSHI: Phantasmo refuses the handshake and they get right to action, working into counters and Phantasmo follows with a dropkick. He grounds the action, targeting the arm. He busts out the ropewalk until BUSHI cuts him off and knocks him to the floor. BUSHI then slingshots into a RANA, rolls him back n and chokes out Phantasmo with his shirt. Phantasmo escapes, and then follows with chops. BUSHI battles back with a RANA, but Phantasmo cuts him off with chops and then lays the boots to him. BUSHI fires back with kicks and follows with a missile dropkick. He then spikes him with a DDT, covering for 2. Phantasmo cuts him off with the Argentine cutter for 2. The springboard moonsault also gets 2. BUSHI crotches him on the ropes and follows with a RANA and that gets 2. BUSHI looks for MX, but flies into a superkick. Suicide dive by Phantasmo and then follows with another. Back in and Phantasmo follows with the top rope splash for 2. BUSHI battles back and spikes him with a DDT on the apron. Low blow and CR2 finishes BUSHI. El Phantasmo defeated BUSHI @ 10:35 via pin [***½] This was another very good match, with BUSHI working hard and Phantasmo continuing to impress.

Will Ospreay vs. Rocky Romero: CHAOS explodes! They fist bump and here we go as they lock up and work to the ropes. Romero with the Okada like break, they pick up the pace and end in a stalemate. Romero dropkicks Ospreay to the floor, and then rolls him back in and follows with kicks. The dropkick follows, and Romero lays in strikes. Ospreay fights off sliced bread, hits an enziguri and 619. He follows with chops, strikes, and then a slam. The knee drop follows for 2. They trade chops, Ospreay follows with kicks, but Romero locks on the octopus hold. Ospreay powers out and hits a side back breaker. He then grounds the action, focusing on the back of Romero. Romero powers up and lays in chops but Ospreay drops him with vicious chops. Romero fires back with kicks and the tornado DDT. Ospreay counters the RANA, but Romero cuts off the back handspring kick. He then attacks the arm, and hits a springboard RANA and then a suicide dive. Back in and Romero hangs him in the ropes and follows with kicks and then the springboard dropkick connects for 2. Romero goes back to the arm, heads up top and drives the shoulder to the mat with a knee drop. Ospreay fires up and scores with the back handspring kick. He then springboards in with the clothesline for 2. Romero to the floor and Ospreay hits the Sasuke special. Back in and Ospreay follows with rights. Romero fires back, they trade and Ospreay follows with Kawada kicks. The head kick follows, and Romero counters oscutter into the arm bar, but Ospreay stomps his way out and makes the ropes. Romero follows with kicks to the arm, but Ospreay hits the enziguri and both men are down. Ospreay follows with uppercuts but Romero cuts him off with clotheslines. Sliced bread follows for 2 as the crowd loses their shit. Romero is fired up, but Ospreay counters the RANA with a buckle bomb. Hook kick by Ospreay, but Romero counters hidden blade into a backslide for a great near fall. Ospreay counter sliced bread and hits a hook kick, and storm breaker is countered into a RANA for a great near fall. They trade strikes from their knees, working to the feet as Ospreay drops Romero. Romero fires up again and lays in a flurry of chops and strikes. Ospreay cuts him off, misses hidden blade and Romero hits the knee strike and superkick. The arm bar follows, Ospreay fights, and powers out and into a powerbomb for 2. Ospreay heads up top and hits the shooting star press but Romero is alive and kicks out! Storm breaker finally finishes it. Will Ospreay defeated Rocky Romero @ 25:45 via pin [****¼] This was really great with the cagey veteran taking the fight to the rising star and proving that the old black tiger still has some claws. Ospreay was great in bringing the sizzle, while Romero brought tremendous fight and had the crowd completely invested in his chances of winning, which led to great drama and near falls down the stretch. A lot of people were shitting on Romero’s inclusion in the tournament, but while 0-2 in terms of wins and losses, he’s 2-0 in terms of delivering in his matches. I loved this.

Ryusuke Taguchi vs. DOUKI: DOUKI attacks before the bell and takes control. Hew grounds Taguchi, and lays the boots to him. He then dumps Taguchi and follows. He hits a slam on the floor, and then slams a young lion onto him. DOUKI heads up top and hits the wild senton to the floor, wiping out Taguchi and some lions. Taguchi beats the count back in, and DOUKI maintains control. Taguchi tries to fire back, but DOUKI cuts him off. Taguchi finally scores with ass attacks. But misses the plancha. DOUKI follows with a suplex on the floor. DOUKI then posts him. Taguchi fires back, but DOUKI hits him with a chair shot. DOUKI slowly and lifelessly works him over in the crowd. Back in and DOUKI hits the double stomp, and covers for 2. He grounds the action, but Taguchi makes the ropes. The ass attack follows and then a dropkick. DOUKI to the floor, and Taguchi follows with the springboard plancha. Back in and Taguchi hits the springboard ass attack for 2. Taguchi follows with rolling suplexes, and covers for 2. The ankle lock follows, and then dodon gets 2. Taguchi cradles him for 2 and then transitions back to the ankle lock. Taichi attacks as DOUKI hooks the ref and hits a backdrop driver on Taguchi. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK YOU. DOUKI hits a slingshot DDT, and follows with a head and arm submission; Taguchi fades, but just manages to makes the ropes. Taguchi keeps fighting and hits a blue thunder bomb for 2. They trade strikes, enziguri by Taguchi and then we get a ref bump. Taichi distracts him, DOUKI gets a chair but Taguchi fights him off. Taguchi then slams DOUKI into the chair, and bum a ye connects for 2. The dodon follows and then the ankle lock. The lions fight of Taichi and DOUKI taps. Ryusuke Taguchi defeated DOUKI @ 21:29 via submission [*] This match sucked, ad was bad even before the useless run in as the first 8 to 9 minutes were just lifeless and bad. Taguchi tried, but DOUKI sucks and is nothing more than a dollar tree version of Desperado. Gedo can fuck off for making me watch 21-minutes of DOUKI.

Shingo Takagi: (2-0) 4pts.
Tiger Mask: (2-0) 4pts.
Taiji Ishimori: (2-0) 4pts.
Marty Scurll: (1-1) 2pts.
Jonathan Gresham: (1-1) 2pts
Titan: (1-1) 2pts.
Dragon Lee: (1-1) 2pts.
Sho: (0-2) 0pts.
Yoshinobu Kanemaru: (0-2) 0pts.
TAKA Michinoku: (0-2) 0pts.

Robbie Eagles: (2-0) 4pts.
El Phantasmo: (2-0) 4pts.
Will Ospreay: (2-0) 4pts.
Ryusuke Taguchi: (2-0) 4pts.
Yoh: (1-1) 2pts.
DOUKI: (1-1) 2pts.
Rocky Romero: (0-2) 0pts.
BUSHI: (0-2) 0pts.
Bandido: (0-2) 0pts.
Ren Narita: (0-2) 0pts.

– End Scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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The final score: review Good
The 411
Night four of the NJPW BOSJ 26 was on its way to being one of the strongest nights so far, with a lot of very good wrestling and an Ospreay vs. Romero match that pleasantly over delivered. And then that main event caused that to come to a screeching halt, delivering the tournament’s worst effort as dollar tree Desperado stunk up the joint. It’s good overall, but skip the main event, it’s 21-minutes you’ll never get back.