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Csonka’s NJPW G1 29 (Night Five) Review

July 18, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s NJPW G1 29 (Night Five) Review  

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Csonka’s NJPW G1 29 (Night Five/Block A) Review

– KENTA defeated Lance Archer @ 12:00 via submission [***½]
– EVIL defeated SANADA @ 18:16 via pin [****]
– Kazuchika Okada defeated Bad Luck Fale @ 10:05 via pin [***]
– Hiroshi Tanahashi defeated Zack Sabre Jr @ 14:36 via pin [****]
– Kota Ibushi defeated Will Ospreay @ 27:35 via pin [****¾]

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Sorry for the delay, I had an early therapy session this morning.

– Kevin Kelly, Chris Charlton & Rocky Romero are on commentary.

KENTA vs. Lance Archer: Archer shoves him down to begin, and looks like a giant in there tonight. KENTA starts throwing leg kicks, body kicks and breaks him down to a knee. KENTA just lights him up with a flurry of kicks, the running boots follow until Archer fucking mows him down with a shoulder tackle. They work to the apron. Archer teases a chokeslam and the lions catch KENTA but Archer follows with an apron cannonball to wipe them all out. He works over KENTA on the floor, lays in chops and slams him to the barricade. Back in and Archer calls him Hideo, which fires up KENTA but Archer hits the pounce and follows with strikes. He chokes him out, and then follows with a clothesline. KENTA fires back with kicks, and then hits a powerslam. The missile dropkick and running kicks connect. He follows with the Shibata dropkick, heads up top and the double stomp follows for 2. He looks for go to sleep, Archer escapes, counters the tornado DDT and takes KENTA up top. KENTA fights him off, but gets caught into a chokeslam for 2. Archer calls for the claw, but KENTA counters out and then gets mowed down by a lariat for 2. KENTA counters blackout with a sleeper, Archer fades and KENTA hits the PK. The go to sleep is countered into the claw, but KENTA makes the ropes. The muscle buster follows for 2. The last ride follows for 2 again. Archer looks for the claw, but KENTA counters into a triangle, transitions to an omoplata and Archer taps. KENTA defeated Lance Archer @ 12:00 via submission [***½] This was a really good match, as they played the size difference well and allowed KENTA to hang with the giant through his intensity and overall resilience. KENTA looked really good again and Archer has been such a pleasant surprise in this tournament so far.

SANADA vs. EVIL: This is the battle for Milano Collection AT’s heart. SANADA hits dropkick s right away, and looks for a moonsault but has to land on his feet. EVIL powders, slides a chair into distract SANADA and then attacks. SANADA grounds him and EVIL fights of the paradise lock and looks for the scorpion deathlock but SANADA counters out and EVIL escapes the paradise lock again and then ties up SANADA in it and poses. EVIL then dropkicks him to the floor, follows and slams SANADA to the barricades. Back in and EVIL covers for 1, and EVIL then grounds the action with a body scissors. SANADA makes the ropes, and then fires back with chops and EVIL fires back but misses a the senton. They fight over a suplex, SANADA counters and dropkick the knee and then again. The paradise lock in the ropes follows. SANADA dropkick him to the floor, and follows with the plancha. Back in and SANADA follows wit a belly to back suplex for 2. EVIL fires back, and starts attacking the back of SANADA and follows with a back breaker for 2. Elbows by SANADA, counters a German and hits the springboard missile dropkick. EVIL fights off the TKO, and then uses the ref to hit magic killer. He follows with clotheslines, takes SANADA up top and the superplex follows for 2. EVIL looks to finish things, but SANADA counters everything is evil into skull end, but EVIL counter out and SANADA hits everything is evil for 2. WE STEALIN SHIT NOW. SANADA hits the slam, heads up top, the moonsault eats knees and EVIL cradles him for 2. They come face to face, trading strikes and SANADA lands uppercuts. EVIL fires back with chops, but SANADA fires up and they trade again. Tiger suplex by SANADA and that gets 2. He looks to finish it, skull end follows and EVIL fades… SANADA swings him around and EVIL then cradles him for 2. They trade, huge lariat by EVIL and darkness falls connects for 2. EVIL look for everything is evil but SANADA cradles him for 2. EVIL hits a lariat but SANADA pops up at 1. EVIL turns him inside out with another lariat for 2. Everything is evil connects for the win. EVIL defeated SANADA @ 18:16 via pin [****] This was great stuff from the LIJ lads, showing how well they knew each other and, gong to great lengths to one up each other by stealing shit. I really enjoyed this and it was about the match I hoped for stylistically from them.

– They share the LIJ salute post match.

Kazuchika Okada vs. Bad Luck Fale: Fale attacks Okada during his entrance and beats him down on the floor. They roll into the ring, and Fale hits the corner splash and running splash for 2. Okada fires back, but Owens trips him up and Jado attacks with kendo shots on the floor. Okada rolls back in and Fale follows with the Tongan massage parlor, and covers for 2. Fale starts attacking the back, and hits a backdrop. Okada fires back, looks for a slam but Fale falls on him for 2. Okada avoids a charge, lays in strikes, elbows, and then slams Fale. Fale to he floor, and Okada follows with a tope. He rolls Fale back in and hits the corner elbow, and then the DDT for 2. Okada follows with kicks, hits John Wooooooo and follows with the air raid neck breaker for 2. Okada heads up top, hits the elbow drop and poses. The rainmaker is countered when Fale pulls the ref in the way, Owens attacks, and Fale hits the grenade. Okada counters out of the bad luck fall, hits a dropkick and then dropkicks Owens. Jado with a kendo shot, but Fale then knocks Jado down and Okada cradles Fale with the bulldog sit down pin for the win. Kazuchika Okada defeated Bad Luck Fale @ 10:05 via pin [***] This was shockingly good, with Big Kaz weaving some of his magic and using everything he had to make Fale not only look like threat but also look good. I wish he’d stop that because it’s shit like that which leads to Fale’s annual pushes.

Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Zack Sabre Jr: Sabre teases grounding things, they circle and Tanahashi plays keep away until they work to the ropes and break. Sabre works a cravat, but Tanahashi counters out and Sabre shoots single leg, and works for a knee bar. Tanahashi grabs a heel hook but Sabre transitions to the previously inured arm but Tanahashi counters out. Sabre is pissed, and they work to the ground again as Sabre gets an inverted triangle, but Tanahashi makes the ropes. Tanahashi shoots and takes him down, and then targets the knee. Sabre escapes, but is taken back down as Tanahashi starts working the knee again, only for Sabre to counter out and then gets cradled for 2. Sabre then gets the cradle for 2. They trade pin attempts, and Tanahashi hits twist and shout. Sabre counters sling blade into an octopus hold, but Tanahashi counters out an transitions into a dragon screw. He follows with uppercuts, Sabre fires back and they trade. Sabre is down, fires back and looks for a backslide but Tanahashi counters as they battle for position and Tanahashi hits sling blade. Sabre counters the dragon suplex and locks on an arm bar until Tanahashi stacks him up and stomps his way out and into the cloverleaf until Sabre locks on the double arm bar. Sabre cranks back, but Tanahashi rolls and barely makes the ropes. Tanahashi counters the PK and Sabre slaps away at him and hits a nasty dragon screw. Sling blade follows for 2. Tanahashi up top and the high fly cross follows, Tanahashi back up top and the high fly flow eats knees, triangle by Sabre and Tanahashi counters into a cradle for the win. Hiroshi Tanahashi defeated Zack Sabre Jr @ 14:36 via pin [****¼] These two can really do no wrong as they delivered another great match. The counter wrestling was great and clean, but Sabre just couldn’t put the ace away and much like his loss to SANADA, got out countered again and took another loss.

Kota Ibushi vs. Will Ospreay: Ospreay is coming in with a neck injury, while Ibushi is nursing an ankle injury. They lock up and work to the ropes, and break clean. Lock up again, Ibushi overpowers Ospreay and they work back to the ropes for another clean break. Ospreay now grounds the action, but Ibushi counters as they scramble for position. Ibushi works a head scissors, targeting the neck until Ospreay counters and rolls to his feet. Ibushi follow with a shoulder tackle, and then grounds things going back to the neck. They work into quick counters, they tease finishes, and Ospreay trips him up and slams the ankle of Ibushi off of the apron. He then slams it off of the barricade, and then posts the ankle. Back in and Ospreay continues to attack the ankle, keeping Ibushi grounded and maintaining control. Ospreay follows with uppercuts and then misses the corner dropkick and Ibushi fires back with kicks, but can’t follow up. Ibushi works a cravat, going back to the neck of Ospreay. He then follows with elbow drops, covering for 2. Ibushi goes back to the head scissors, continuing to work the neck and grounding Ospreay. Ospreay powers up, but Ibushi follows with kicks but Ospreay counters back with the back handspring kick. He slowly follows up with strikes, an enziguri and 619. The springboard forearm misses, powerslam by Ibushi, but Ospreay counters back and hits the springboard forearm as Ibushi rolls to the floor. Ospreay follows with the Sasuke special, and back in, hits the inverted suplex for 2. He looks for storm breaker, Ibushi fights it off so Ospreay lays in strikes. Ibushi then counters the back handspring into a German and Ospreay is down. Ospreay fights off the last ride, attacking the ankle, but Ibushi clubs away at the neck of Ospreay. They trade strikes, fire up and just light each other up and Ospreay is rocked. They trade kicks, Ibushi hits a flurry but Ospreay cradles him for 2 and then stomps away at the ankle and hits a head kick. Ibushi fights off the dragon suplex and hits a German, counters the storm breaker and follows with an Omari driver; the last ride follows for 2. Ibushi heads up top, Ospreay cuts him off and attacks the ankle, hits Cheeky nandos and Ibushi counters storm breaker but Ospreay cradles him for 2 and follows with a lariat counter and the spinning powerbomb for 2. Ibushi grabs Ospreay’s leg, desperately trying to stop him from going up top but Ospreay follows with strikes head kicks and the super oscutter is cut off and Ibushi puts him in the tree of WHOA, stares him down and Ibushi starts kicking and slapping him in the face. Ibushi now takes him up top, teases a super dragon suplex, but Ospreay fights him off and eats a PELE. Ibushi looks for the dead lift German but Ospreay back flips out and hits hidden blade… and the delayed cover gets 2. Ospreay tries to fire up, pulls Ibushi up and follows with Kawada kicks, and the Robinson special connects. The oscutter is cut off, head kick by Ospreay and the oscutter follows for a GREAT near fall. Ospreay looks for storm breaker, but Ibushi counters into a knee strike, they work into counters, and the Michinoku driver gets 2 for Ibushi. Ospreay then counters back with the Spanish fly for 2. He drops the elbow pad, hidden blade is countered with an elbow strike and lariat! Ibushi drops the kneepad, BOM A YE turns Ospreay inside out for a great near fall… THA FUCK? Ibushi is pissed and takes Ospreay’s soul with a kamigoye for the win. Kota Ibushi defeated Will Ospreay @ 27:35 via pin [****¾] HOLY SHIT, what a match, and it was even better than their excellent WrestleKingdom encounter. They did an excellent job through out the match of using the injuries that were reported on both men and kept them a common thread throughout, which played extremely well and added to the drama and got the crowd invested. They also included great throwbacks to the WrestleKingdom match before working into a scintillating closing stretch with some absolutely tremendous near falls that had me on the edge f my seat. These boys absolutely delivered a MOTYC here.

G1 29 Block A
* KENTA: (3-0), 6pts.
* Kazuchika Okada: (3-0), 6pts
* Lance Archer: (2-1), 4pts.
* EVIL: (2-1), 4pts.
* Hiroshi Tanahashi: (1-2), 2pts.
* Kota Ibushi: (1-2), 2pts.
* Will Ospreay: (1-2), 2pts.
* SANADA: (1-2), 2pts..
* Bad Luck Fale: (1-2), 2pts.
* Zack Sabre Jr: (0-3), 0pts.

G1 29 Block B
* Juice Robinson: (2-0), 4pts.
* Jon Moxley: (2-0), 4pts.
* Big Tom Ishii: (2-0), 4pts.
* Shingo: (1-1), 2pts.
* Hirooki Goto: (1-1), 2pts.
* Toru Yano: (1-1), 2pts.
* Taichi: (1-1), 2pts.
* Jay White: (0-2), 0pts.
* Adorable Hawaiian Buddha Jeff Cobb: (0-2), 0pts.
* Tetsuya Naito: (0-2), 0pts.

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The 411 on Wrestling Podcast returns to the 411 Podcasting Network for episode 37. On the show, the good brother, Steve Cook, joins 411’s Larry Csonka and the guys will examine the decision to put the Universal championship back on Brock Lesnar, thoughts on EVOLVE 131, Alexa Bliss’ childish reaction to her Raw match, early Summerslam thoughts and more. The show is approximately 84-minutes long.

* Intro
* Examining Brock Lesnar as Universal Champion & The MITB Crutch: 7:10
* Looking at Alexa Bliss Crying Over Negative Fan Reaction: 17:50
* Is WWE playing a dangerous game by continually announcing things and not delivering?: 27:45
* AEW Using WCW Personalities: 32:15
* Early Summerslam Card Thoughts: 38:50
* EVOLVE 131 Thoughts: 54:50

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The final score: review Very Good
The 411
Night five of the NJPW G1 29 was a an absolutely great night of action overall, with KENTA & Archer continuing to deliver, the boys from LIJ having a banger, Fale actually having a good match, Zack & Tana doing what they do best, and Big Willy & Kota delivering the match of the tournament so far.