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Csonka’s NJPW G1 29 (Night Four) Review

July 15, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
NJPW Juice Robinson
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Csonka’s NJPW G1 29 (Night Four) Review  

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Csonka’s NJPW G1 29 (Night Four/Block B) Review

– Shingo defeated Toru Yano @ 6:20 via pin [**½]
– Juice Robinson defeated Hirooki Goto @ 12:25 via pin [***½]
– Jon Moxley defeated Adorable Hawaiian Buddha Jeff Cobb @ 8:57 via pin [***]
– Big Tom Ishii defeated Jay White @ 19:15 via pin [****]
– Taichi defeated Tetsuya Naito @ 21:00 via pin [**½]

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– Kevin Kelly & Rocky Romero are on commentary.

Shingo vs. Toru Yano: Shingo attacks as Yano tries to remove his shirt, but Yano goes for a buckle pad and Shingo runs into the exposed buckle and Yano cradles him for 2. Yano powders to the floor, sits in a chair as Shingo follows and they brawl. He follows with rights and Yano drop toeholds him into a chair and moves barricades and a table in front of him and then throws a buckle pad at him for the near countout. Yano gets the tape and Shingo fights him off, hits knee strikes and a shoulder tackle for 2. Yano fires up and they trade strikes, Shingo drops him and then blocks the low blow but Yano backslides him for 2. Shingo follows with chops, Yano shoves him into the ref, tosses a chair to Shingo and pulls an Eddie Guerrero. BUSHI arrives, takes the ref, chair shot and pumping bomber follow and Shingo wins. Shingo defeated Toru Yano @ 6:20 via pin [**½] This was fine Yano fun with Shingo winning.

Hirooki Goto vs. Juice Robinson: They lockup and Goto grounds the action but Juice escapes. Goto looks to work the arm, but they work into a stand off. They trade shoulder tackles, and Juice follows with a leg lariat. He connects with clotheslines and Goto cuts off the cannonball and hits an inverted tower of London. To the floor and Goto follows with kicks and then whips Juice to the barricade. Goto starts focusing on the neck and back, and back in and Goto covers for 1. He follows with elbow strikes, and the suplex connects for 2. He grounds the action, working the neck until Juice makes the ropes. Juice fires up and they trade strikes; Juice follows with a boot and follows with the flapjack. The clothesline connects, and the full nelson bomb gets 2. Juice now lays in jabs, but Goto fires back with kicks and strikes. He pummels Juice in the corner, hits the spin kick and Saito suplex for 2. They trade forearms, head butt by Juice and counters ushigoroshi as they trade clotheslines. Goto blocks the left hand of God and follows with a lariat. Ushigoroshi follows for 2. The GTR is countered, head butt by Goto and then lays in kicks, and Juice is down. He then powers up and hits the desperation jackhammer for 2. Juice rallies, but Goto counters pulp friction only for Juice to cradle him for 2. Goto counters the left hand of God and they trade head butts, left hand of God and pulp friction finishes it. Juice Robinson defeated Hirooki Goto @ 12:25 via pin [***½] This was a very good, hard-hitting battle with Juice overcoming a re-energized Goto and picking up his second win.

Jon Moxley vs. Adorable Hawaiian Buddha Jeff Cobb: They lock up and trade shoulder tackles. Cobb grounds things, and they work to the ropes. Moxley follows with chops, and Cobb works into the international, hits a dropkick and follows with an overhead belly to belly. Moxley to the floor and then slams Cobb into the apron shoulder first. Moxley starts targeting the shoulder, rolls him back in and hits divorce court and follows by working the arm until Cobb makes the ropes. Moxley lays in chops, which angers Cobb and Cobb fires back, but Moxley cuts him off attacking the shoulder and hits the Regal knee trembler. The suicide dive follows, and they fight up the ramp and Moxley bites him and then runs into forearms by Cobb and they work into a double down. They then trade strikes, Moxley slams him shoulder first to the apron and then works the arm in the barricade. Back in and Moxley heads up top, and follows with the elbow drop press for 2. Cobb powers up but his shoulder gives him issues, but counters back with a snap German and standing moonsault for 2. Cobb drops the straps, hits a running elbow and Moxley rebounds with a lariat, drops the kneepad and the knee trembler gets 2. Cobb sets him on the ropes, follows with strikes, and teases a German to the floor. Moxley fights it off and Cobb clotheslines him back in. The knee trembler and draping death rider follow for the win. Jon Moxley defeated Adorable Hawaiian Buddha Jeff Cobb @ 8:57 via pin [***] This was good, I like the different vibe that Moxley is bringing to the G1 as his matches feel different in a good way.

Jay White vs. Big Tom Ishii: Gedo is out with White. White stalls on the floor and Ishii attacks. Back in and Gedo trips up Ishii, but he just shakes off shoulder tackles and mows down White. To the floor they go and Ishii slams him to the barricade. He chases Gedo away, and throws a chair at White, who moves. Gedo attacks, allowing White to post Ishii. Back in and White follows with chops. He connects with uppercuts, and covers for 2. Ishii fires back, but White cuts that off with a neck breaker for 2. Ishii counters back and hits a suplex, and then follows with chops in the corner. White talks shit, Ishii gets pissed and throat chops him. They work into counters until White plants Ishii with a DDT. The suplex to the buckles follows, and covers for 2. Ishii fights off the kiwi krusher, absorbs a clothesline, and hits the powerslam. White follows with strikes, Ishii dares him to keep throwing, they trade, lighting each other up and White is down. White then counters a lariat into a flatliner and follows with a German. White lays in grounded strikes, and kicks away at the neck of Ishii. Ishii slowly fires up and he’s pissed. He just absorbs the strikes, backing down White until White hits the snap Saito but Ishii pops up and levels him. Ishii takes him up top and hits the stalling superplex for 2. White fights off the powerbomb, but Ishii hits a Saito suplex. They work into counters, but White hits the uranage. The kiwi krusher connects for 2. Ishii fights of blade runner, but White follows with elbows and stomps. They trade, Ishii follows with elbow strikes until White hits the sleeper suplex but Ishii counters blade runner into a German. He follows with clotheslines, and then levels White with a lariat. The powerbomb follows for 2. Ishii follows with strikes, White grabs the leg, Gedo takes the ref, but Ishii hits an enziguri and sliding lariat for 2. White counters the brainbuster, but Ishii counters blade runner into a flatliner and the lariat follows for a close 2. BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIN BUTSTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA and White is done. Big Tom Ishii defeated Jay White @ 19:15 via pin [****] ALL HAIL BIG TOM ISHII! White started 2-0 last year, but finds himself in a reversal of fortune as he’s 0-2 to start this year falling to two former CHAOS teammates. This was great, and a nice mix of Ishii’s hard-hitting and no bullshit approach and White’s great counter work. The crowd loved Ishii, wanted him to win, and they teased White staling another really well until Big Tom dropped him on his dome for the win

Tetsuya Naito vs. Taichi: Kanemaru is at ringside. They tease locking up and stall to begin. Naito lays on the mat and dares Taichi to attack and then cradles him for 2. Tranquilo. Naito rolls to the floor, but then rolls back in and takes control. He drags Taichi to the floor and whips him to the barricades. Taichi hides behind Kanemaru & Abe, and then rolls back in. Naito follows and Taichi low blows him. Back to the floor and he shoots Naito into the barricade. He follows with chair shots, and back in, Taichi follows with kicks. He mocks Naito, talks shit and Naito fires back. Taichi rakes the eyes, follows with Kawada kicks but Naito cuts him off with a dropkick. The draping neck breaker follows and that gets 2. Naito hits another neck breaker and grounds the action until Taichi makes the ropes. Taichi fights off Gloria, and hits an enziguri. They trade strikes and kicks, enziguri by Taichi and both men are down. The pants are now off, but Naito counters the superkick and hits a RANA. Taichi battles back with the backdrop driver for 2. Taichi grabs the blue bag, calls to the back and it’s all a distraction to pull out the iron fingers. Naito fights it off, hits a DDT and takes Taichi up top and follows with a RANA. Gloria connects for 2. Taichi counters Destino, hits a high kick and then a short powerbomb. The axe bomber follows and the cover gets 2. Taichi looks for black mephisto, but Naito counters and hits a pop up low blow and poison RANA. Destino follows for 2. Taichi counters Destino into black mephisto, and both men are down. Naito counters the superkick with a German, we get a ref bump, Naito fights off Kanemaru, Taichi gets the iron fingers, but Naito counters, hits an enziguri and snow plow but the ref is dead still. Naito drags him over, but Taichi counters the destino into a superkick for 2. Taichi has the iron fingers, nails Naito and hits last ride for the win. Taichi defeated Tetsuya Naito @ 21:00 via pin [**½] I was not a fan of this, it felt like a mix of 18-minutes of slow and nothing action with the typical Taichi bullshit and about three minutes of actual quality action. I just never got into it and kept hoping for Dangerous T to arrive, but he never did. Naito joins Cobb and White at 0-2.

G1 29 Block A
* Lance Archer: (2-0), 4pts.
* Kazuchika Okada: (2-0), 4pts
* KENTA: (2-0), 4pts.
* EVIL: (1-1), 2pts.
* Bad Luck Fale: (1-1), 2pts.
* Will Ospreay: (1-1), 2pts.
* SANADA: (1-1), 2pts..
* Zack Sabre Jr: (0-2), 0pts.
* Hiroshi Tanahashi: (0-2), 0pts.
* Kota Ibushi: (0-2), 0pts.

G1 29 Block B
* Juice Robinson: (2-0), 4pts.
* Jon Moxley: (2-0), 4pts.
* Big Tom Ishii: (2-0), 4pts.
* Shingo: (1-1), 2pts.
* Hirooki Goto: (1-1), 2pts.
* Toru Yano: (1-1), 2pts.
* Taichi: (1-1), 2pts.
* Jay White: (0-2), 0pts.
* Adorable Hawaiian Buddha Jeff Cobb: (0-2), 0pts.
* Tetsuya Naito: (0-2), 0pts.

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* Intro
* AEW Fight For The Fallen Review: 2:50
* WWE Extreme Rules Review: 45:00

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The final score: review Average
The 411
While far from bad show, night four of the NJPW G1 29 was easily the weakest night of action so far. Block B is mirroring Block A with big stars struggling early on, so it will be interesting to see who rebounds and how far.