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Csonka’s NJPW NJ Cup (Day 5) Review

March 13, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s NJPW NJ Cup (Day 5) Review  

Csonka’s NJPW NJ Cup (Day 5) Review

NJ Cup Tournament Match: YOSHI-HASHI defeated Chase Owens @ 14:15 via pin [***]
NJ Cup Tournament Match: Tomohiro Ishii defeated Taichi @ 23:00 via pin [****]

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YOSHI-HASHI vs. Chase Owens: Jado is out with Owens. Owens grounds things right away, slaps HASHI around and that fires HASHI up. He lays in strikes, they work into counters and HASHI gets the butterfly lock; Owens makes the ropes. HASHI follows with chops, Jado distracts him and Owens attacks and dumps him. Owen follows and repeatedly whips him to he barricades. Owens then slams HASHI bad shoulder first into the apron. HASHI manages to beat the count, but Owens immediately attacks the arm. The slam and second rope elbow follows. The neck breaker connects for 2. HASHI avoids another elbow drop, hits the spin kick and follows with the draping dropkick for 2. HASHI now lands chops and a clothesline for 2. HASHI takes him up top; Owens fights him off and hits the double stomp for 2. Owens now locks on the sharpshooter, but HASHI makes the ropes. They work to the apron, but HASHI fights off the package piledriver with a backdrop. He heads up top, and the blockbuster follows for 2. Owens fights off karma, Owens takes the ref and Jado is in. Owens uses the kendo stick and hits a running knee strike for 2. Superkick by HASHI but Owens hits a rebound lariat for 2. HASHI counters jewel heist and hits a lariat. Kendo shot by Jado hits Owens. HASHI takes him out, hits a running meteora and the butterfly lock follows. Owens fights, escapes, and hits a back elbow. Lariat by HASHI, karma follows and HASHI wins. YOSHI-HASHI defeated Chase Owens @ 14:15 via pin [***] This was a good match, with HASHI picking up the win. I would have liked Owens to attack the shoulder more following the apron attack, but the work was good and they created some nice drama down the stretch.

Taichi vs. Tomohiro Ishii: Ishii stalks Taichi, so Taichi powders for some stalling. Taichi back in, tries to rake the eyes and powders again. Back in and Ishii attacks and chases him to the floor for some brawling. Taichi throws a chair at him and follows with chair shots. He chokes him out, and then posts Ishii. Ishii makes it back in, and Taichi chokes him out in the corner. He follows with kicks, Ishii gets annoyed and fires back until Taichi rakes the eyes. Ishii cuts him off with a suplex and follows with chops. Taichi cuts him off with a high kick, another and hits the running boot. More kicks follow, Ishii fires back with throat chops and Taichi is down. Ishii lands head butts, follows with kicks and Taichi now fires back with kicks. Ishii fights off the backdrop driver once but Taichi fights and hits it anyway. The pants are off, and the buzz saw kick gets 2. Taichi locks on a stretch plum, Ishii fights but starts to fade; Taichi covers for 2. Ishii fights off the last ride, hits a backdrop and follows with strikes and a German. Ishii hits a flurry of strikes, follows with the lariat and that gets 2. Ishii hits the last ride, but Taichi kicks out on a good near fall. The sliding lariat misses, Taichi tosses the ref into Ishii and follows with an enziguri. The ref is down, Taichi gets the mic stand but Ishii is back up. Taichi drops it and they trade strikes, Taichi follows with kicks and Ishii is down. Taichi hits the axe bomber and that gets a good near fall. The last ride connects and Ishii kicks out! Ishii fights him off and hits a piledriver, but Taichi pops up and hits the head kick. Head butt by Ishii and the lariat follows. He hits another and Taichi kicks out. Taichi counters the brain buster and scores with a low blow and Gedo clutch for another good near fall. Taichi misses the superkick, enziguri by Ishii and he hits the sliding lariat for 2. The brainbuster connects and Taichi is done. Tomohiro Ishii defeated Taichi @ 23:00 via pin [****] Much to my surprise, this was a great match. Ishii was his usual great self, and Taichi really toned down the shenanigans and was working his ass off and he delivered. The home stretch, with some really great near falls, really put it over the top as the crowd was completely invested. While he lost, Taichi came off great; this is what I want from him more often.

– The rest of round two will be…

* Lance Archer vs. Will Ospreay (Thursday)
* Mikey Nichols vs. Kazuchika Okada (Thursday)
* Ryusuke Taguchi vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi (Saturday)
* Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Kota Ibushi (Saturday)
* Toru Yano vs. Colt Cabana (Sunday)
* Minoru Suzuki vs. SANADA (Sunday)

– Set for round three…

* YOSHI-HASHI vs. Tomohiro Ishii

– End scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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The final score: review Good
The 411
Night 5 of the NJ Cup was a good show, with both matches delivering well.