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Csonka’s NJPW Road to Power Struggle 10.17.19 Review

October 17, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
NJPW Jr Tag 2
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Csonka’s NJPW Road to Power Struggle 10.17.19 Review  

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Csonka’s NJPW Road to Power Struggle 10.17.19 Review

Super Junior Tag League Match: Taguchi & Romero defeated Yuya Uemura & Tiger Mask @ 12:40 via pin [***]
Super Junior Tag League Match: Titan & Volador Jr defeated TJP & Clark Connors @ 12:20 via pin [***]
Super Junior Tag League Match: Suzuki-gun defeated El Phantasmo & Taiji Ishimori @ 13:45 via pin [DUD]
Super Junior Tag League Match: Roppongi 3K defeated Robbie Eagles & Will Ospreay @ 21:30 via pin [***½]

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Taguchi & Romero vs. Yuya Uemura & Tiger Mask: Yuya & Romero begin. They lock up with Romero looking to work the arm, Yuya tries to battle back and gets back to his feet. Romero follows with strikes, kicks and Yuya battles back and hits the shoulder tackle. Tiger and Taguchi tag in, they work a criss cross and Tiger makes him run and Taguchi gets blown up. Tiger hits an arm drag, tags in Yuya and Taguchi avoids the dropkick. Romero tags back in and grounds things. The basement dropkick follows for 2. Taguchi tags in for double teams, hits ass attacks and Romero follows with grounded ass attacks. Yuya fires back, misses the dropkick and Romero covers for 2. Forever clotheslines follow until Yuya hits the dropkick. Tags to Tiger and Taguchi. Tiger follows with dropkicks, dumps Romero and then Taguchi. He knee bars Romero, Taguchi makes the save and gets dumped. Yuya joins in for double teams. Romero hits a knee strike, tags in Taguchi and follows with the rolling suplexes for 2.The ass attack follows but tiger hits the superplex. Yuya locks on the crab, Taguchi fights and Tiger arm bars Romero. The coaches fight to not tap, and power to the ropes. Yuya hits a German as Romero makes the save. he follows with the dive but Yuya cradles Taguchi for 2. Taguchi hits an enziguri and hits bum a ye for 2. The dodon follows and Yuya is done. Taguchi & Romero defeated Yuya Uemura & Tiger Mask @ 12:40 via pin [***] This was a good tag with good energy and the coaches being a really fun team so far, going 2-0 early on.

Titan & Volador Jr vs. TJP & Clark Connors: Volador and TJP begin. They lock up, TJP works into counters and he grounds things. The bow and arrow follows, and Volador escapes, TJP hits the head scissors, and they work into a standoff. Titan and Connors tag in, Connors looks to ground him and Titan counters into a cloverleaf until Connors rolls and attacks the knee. The dropkick follows, TJP tags back in and Titan fights them off, hits dropkicks and tags in Volador. He follows with kicks to TJP, the luchas work double teams and follow with a double dropkick. Titan follows with a springboard splash for 2. Volador grounds TJP, Titan back in and cradles him for 2. Connors in and hits a big shoulder tackle, works over Titan in the ropes and follows with chops for 2. TJP back in and hits the senton atomico as Connors takes out Volador. TJP counters back ands the cradle gets 1, and TJP transitions to a scorpion deathlock. He works into a Muta lock, and then lays the boots to Titan. Titan battles back, hits the springboard high cross and Volador tags in and the backstabber gets 2, Titan hits an enziguri and double teams follow as Connors makes the save. He’s dumped and TJP counters the doomsday and dumps Volador, and superplexes Titan, and rolls into a detonation kick for 2. Connors tags in, and the spear gets 2. The crab follows on Titan, Volador hits a superkick for the save, TJP takes him out and it breaks down, Tope by Volador, and Connors cradles Titan for 2. He follows with chops, Titan cuts him off with dropkicks and heads up top. and the double stomp follows for the win. Titan & Volador Jr defeated TJP & Clark Connors @ 12:20 via pin [***] Another good tag as team CMLL goes 2-0.

El Phantasmo & Taiji Ishimori vs. Suzuki-gun: Suzuki-gun attacks, but are cut off as Ishimori follows with back rakes. Phantasmo works a back rake and then a chest rake on Kanemaru. Ishimori hits a back rake off the ropes, and then follows with clubbing strikes. Phantasmo hits a back rake off the top and then works the rope walk, Despy shakes the ropes as Kanemaru cuts him off and dumps him. he and Despy take control, Despy in and he woks back rakes. Phantasmo cuts him off with the dropkick for 2. Ishimori in and takes out Kanemaru, tree of WHOA time for Despy and the nut stomps follows. Ishimori hits strikes, Kanemaru cuts him off and takes him to the floor. They all brawl to the floor, Suzuki-gun takes control as they use weapons. Back in and Kanemaru takes control with a knee strike, lays the boots to Ishimori and hits a suplex for 2. Despy back in and hits a splash for 2. He knees Ishimori in the balls, hits a slam and tags in Kanemaru. Suplexes and slams follow off of the quick tags and Kanemaru covers for 2. They dump Phantasmo and Kanemaru follows with an inverted DDT for 2. Ishimori cuts off Kanemaru, Phantasmo tags in and takes him out, hits a high cross on Ishimori and the moonsault follows. The springboard splash gets 2. Despy counters back into stretch muffler, escapes and the spinebuster follows for 2. He locks on the stretch muffler and Ishimori makes the save. Double knees follow and the lung blower and Phantasmo moonsault follows for 2. Phantasmo takes out Kanemaru, but gets cut off. Ishimori hits the back handspring kick for 2. The double knees follow and Kanemaru takes out the ref. Low blow by Kanemaru, low blow by Phantasmo. He grabs a belt and gets low blowed. Belt shot by Despy, Whiskey mist, belt shot, pinche loco and that’s that. Suzuki-gun defeated El Phantasmo & Taiji Ishimori @ 13:45 via pin [DUD] I guess the good news was that all of the bullshit was kept to one match as they tried to out heel each other. The bad news, this sucked all of the dicks. Worse news? We’re getting a rematch. Fuck off with all of this bullshit, I’ll never get this time back

Robbie Eagles & Will Ospreay vs. Roppongi 3K: The boys from CHAOS battle here. Sho and Robbie begin. They lock up, working to the ropes and Sho starts working the arm until Robbie counters out. He grounds the action, goes back to the arm and they end up in a standoff. Lock up and they trade shoulder tackles. Sho counters a RANA but Robbie counters out and then runs into a shoulder tackle. Will and Yoh tag in, they lock up and work to the ropes for the clean break. Yoh then attacks, hits the dropkick and follows with uppercuts. Robbie tags in and they double team Yoh, dump Sho and Will slams Sho into a wall as Robbie lays the boots to Yoh. The running kick follows for 2. Will tags in and lays in chops on Yoh. He follows with kicks, the basement dropkick and covers for 2. Robbie tags back in, lays in chops and the knee drop follows for 2. Yoh fires back, hits a dragon screw and Will gets the tag. Yoh fights them off, hits the double RANA and tags in Sho, he dumps Robbie, lays in a flurry of kicks on Will and covers for 2. The dead lift German is countered, Will hits the back handspring kick and follows with strikes. They trade and light each other up, Will hits chops and Kawada kicks. Sho fires up and Will keeps firing away until Sho hits a lariat. He follows with strikes, but Will hits a German, hook kick and then runs into a lariat. Robbie and Yoh tag in and Yoh hits the flying forearm, takes out the knee and follows with the figure four. Robbie fights, and makes the ropes. Yoh lays the boots to him but Robbie dropkicks him to the floor and follows with the suicide cannonball dive. Back in and Robbie missile dropkicks the knee, hits sliced bread and covers for 2.The Ron Miller special follows, Sho makes the save and Will flies in and they work over Sho. I-95 follows for 2. Double enziguri follow on Yoh, thy look for the double top rope Spanish fly but Sho makes the save and the doomsday knee follows for 2 as Will makes the save. He follows with strikes and chops, gets cut off with the double knees as 3K takes down Robbie, but he counters 3K, hits turbo backpack and covers for 2. The 450 Is countered, and Yoh cradles him for 2. Robbie follows with a flurry of kicks, they work into counters and Yoh counters into a cradle for 2.Yoh then gets the 5 star clutch for the win. Roppongi 3K defeated Robbie Eagles & Will Ospreay @ 21:30 via pin [***½] This was a really good and fun tag match, with the Birds of Prey going a surprising 0-2 to start things off. I really enjoyed the match, but it was far from their best work and never felt as if they clicked into top gear to reach great.

* Titan & Volador Jr: (2-0), 4pts.
* Rocky Romero & Ryusuke Taguchi: (2-0), 4pts.
* Suzuki-gun: (2-0), 4pts.
* El Phantasmo & Taiji Ishimori: (1-1), 2pts.
* Roppongi 3K: (1-1), 2pts.
* Robbie Eagles & Will Ospreay: (0-2), 0pts.
* TJP & Clark Connors: (0-2), 0pts.
* Tiger Mask & Yuya Uemura: (0-2), 0pts.

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The 411 on Wrestling Podcast returns to the 411 Podcasting Network for episode 60. On the show, the good brother, Steve Cook, joins 411’s Larry Csonka as the guys will break down week three of the NXT vs. AEW war and who took this week’s battle. From there, an Impact Bound for Glory preview and discussion of Bushiroad acquiring STARDOM. The show is approximately 94-minutes long.

* Intro
* Bushiroad Acquires STARDOM: 9:15
* AEW Dynamite Review (10.16.19): 22:55
* NXT TV Review (10.16.19): 46:20
* The Comparison: 1:10:05
* Impact Bound for Glory Preview: 1:18:45

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The final score: review Average
The 411
Night two was a solid show over all, dragged down by the horrendous El Phantasmo & Taiji Ishimori vs. Suzuki-gun match; the rest is good and fun though.