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Csonka’s NJPW Sengoku Lord 2019 Review

April 20, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
NJPW Sengoku Lord
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Csonka’s NJPW Sengoku Lord 2019 Review  

Csonka’s NJPW Sengoku Lord 2019 Review

– Umino & Narita defeated Tsuji & Uemura @ 7:45 via pin [**¾]
– Suzuki-gun defeated Nagata, Kojima, Honma, Henare, & Liger @ 12:25 via submission [***]
– Makabe, Yano, & Dragon Lee defeated Tama Tonga, Tonga, Loa, & Ishimori @ 8:35 via pin [**½]
– Mikey Nicholls defeated Chase Owens @ 9:10 via pin [***]
– Hirooki Goto & Taguchi defeated Jay White & Hikuleo @ 11:02 via pin [**½]
– LIJ defeated CHAOS @ 16:35 via pin [***½]
US Title Match: Champion Juice Robinson defeated Bad Luck Fale @ 17:45 via pin [***]
IC Title Match: Champion Kota Ibushi defeated Zack Sabre Jr @ 28:55 via pin [****½]

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Umino & Narita vs. Tsuji & Uemura: Umino and Tsuji begin. They lock up and Tsuji works into counters and grounds things. Tsuji follows with a shoulder tackle, and they trade strikes. Umino cuts him off, hits a dropkick and covers for 2. Narita tags in and takes control, working a cravat and grounding things. Umino takes Uemura to the floor, and then tags in. They double team Tsuji, covering for 2. Umino follows with uppercuts, Narita back in and lays in strikes. Tsuji finally cuts him off with a backdrop and tags in Uemura. He runs wild on Narita, covering for 2. Narita fights off the crab, and Tsuji joins in for double teams. Uemura locks on the crab, but Umino makes the save. He’s cut off with a double dropkick, as Narita & Uemura trade strikes and Narita hits an overhead suplex for 2. Narita then hits a bridging belly to belly for the win. Umino & Narita defeated Tsuji & Uemura @ 7:45 via pin [**¾] This was a pretty good opener, with Tsuji & Uemura finally starting to show more fire.

Nagata, Kojima, Honma, Henare, & Liger vs. Suzuki, Taichi, Kanemaru, Desperado, & Taka: You’ll be shocked to hear this, but Suzuki-gun attacked before the bell, leading to a floor brawl. Honma hits a diving kokeshi and falling kokeshi to take control. Suzuki tags in and he wants Liger. Liger tags in and they lock up and work to the ropes. They trade chops, and Liger dumps him but Suzuki pulls him to the floor and slams him to the barricade. Suzuki follows with chair shots, and rocks him with strikes. Suzuki-gun controls on the floor, as Liger struggles to make it back in. Taichi tags in and they isolate Liger before Taichi attacks his mask. Taka follows with a knee strike, and Kanemaru is in and lays the boots to him. They work up top and Liger hits a superplex. Despy in and attacks, but Liger cuts him off and tags in Nagata. He lays in kicks, takes out Despy and hits the XPLODER on Kanemaru. Kojima tags in and lays in chops on Kanemaru. He lights up Taka and then Despy. Suzuki finally cuts him off and Taichi is in. Kojima lays in Mongolian chops, and the cutter on Taichi follows. Tag to Henare, and hits the shoulder tackle on Taichi. Clotheslines follow, and he then hits a suplex. It breaks down, the faces run wild on Taichi and Henare hits the spear for 2. Taichi cuts him off with an enziguri as Suzuki-gun swarms Henare. The pants are off and the buzz saw kick gets 2. Taichi follows with a superkick that misses and gets cradled for 2. Superkick by Taichi and he taps Henare with the stretch plum. Suzuki-gun defeated Nagata, Kojima, Honma, Henare, & Liger @ 12:25 via submission [***] Hood match with Taichi gaining momentum ahead of challenging Cobb for the NEVER title.

Makabe, Yano, & Dragon Lee vs. Tama Tonga, Tonga, Loa, & Ishimori: Jado is out with Bullet Club. Bullet Club attacks before the bell and they take control. Lee quickly cuts off Ishimori, and hits the corner dropkick combo. He dumps Ishimori and Jado hits Lee with the kendo to cut him off. Ishimori attacks the mask, and then tags in Loa. He powerslams Lee, covering for 2. Tonga in and they lay the boots to Lee, isolating him in their corner. Tonga follows with a suplex for 2. Ishimori tags back in and lays the boots to Lee, and follows with an enziguri and sliding German. Lee fires up, hits a German, but runs into a lariat. Wholesale changes to Makabe & Loa, Makabe follows with corner clotheslines to GOD, and the northern lights connects for 2. Tonga cuts him off with a spear, follows with strikes, but Makabe hits a lariat. Yano tags in, exposes the buckle and gets sent into it. Bullet Club runs wild on Yano, covering for 2. Lee dumps Ishimori and follows with a tope. Makabe saves Yano, but GOD cut him off. They talk shit and slam Yano to the exposed buckle, runs them together and Makabe hits lariats and Yano gets the sneaky cradle for the win. Makabe, Yano, & Dragon Lee defeated Tama Tonga, Tonga, Loa, & Ishimori @ 8:35 via pin [**½] This was solid overall, with the Lee vs. Ishimori stuff easily being the best part.

– Bullet Club beats down Yano post match for trying to steal their titles.

Mikey Nicholls vs. Chase Owens: Jado attacks Nicholls with the kendo before the bell. Jado is booted to the back. Owens immediately rolls him in and covers for 2. Owens takes him to the floor and whips him to the barricade, and then chokes him out. He throws Nicholls to the barricade again, Nicholls tries to fight back, but Owens hits a Russian leg sweep to the barricade. The draping neck breaker follows. Nicholls beats the count, but Owens remains in control back in the ring. The running forearm and clothesline follow for 2. Nicholls fires back, lays in strikes, but Owens cuts him off and dumps him to the floor. Back in and Owens hits the running knee strike for 2. Owens works an abdominal stretch, using the ropes for leverage, but the ref catches him. Nicholls fires away with strikes, and follows with a desperation DDT. Nicholls follows with clotheslines, and the spinebuster gets 2. They trade cradles for near falls, and Nicholls hits the DVD and sliding D for 2. The Mikey bomb is countered, Owens follows with strikes and a huge rebound lariat. The knee strike follows, Nicholls fights off the package piledriver, but Owens hits the final cut for 2. Superkick by Owens, and then runs into the Mikey bomb and that’s that. Mikey Nicholls defeated Chase Owens @ 9:10 via pin [***] This was good and the right man won, but it didn’t feel like the showcase performance Nicholls needed.

Jay White & Hikuleo vs. Hirooki Goto & Taguchi: Goto and White begin. White immediately stalls and tags in Hikuleo. They lock up and Hikuleo overpowers Goto. White distracts Goto, allowing Hikuleo to attack with strikes. Goto fights back with shoulder tackles, rocks the big man and White sneaks in and cuts him off. White tags in as Goto is weakened, but Goto runs White into Hikuleo, dumps him and lays in kicks to White. Taguchi tags in, Goto calls the plays as Taguchi runs wild on White. Hikuleo cuts them off, saving White. White and Goto brawl to the floor, and into the crowd. Hikuleo beats on Taguchi, and Taguchi beats the count back in. White maintains the heat, as he and Hikuleo work quick tags. The big man follows with a suplex for 2. White tags back in and lays in chops on Taguchi. White grounds things, and as Taguchi fires up, White counters the ass attacks. Taguchi finally hits one and tags in Goto. He lays in strikes on White, and follows with the kick and Saito for 2. White fights off ushigoroshi, and hits the snap Saito. Tag to Hikuleo, he hits a neck breaker and that gets 2. Hikuleo lays in chops, powerslams Taguchi, but Goto fights back with clotheslines and levels him with a big lariat. Gedo distracts Goto, White in but Goto hits ushigoroshi. One for Hikuleo as well. The GTR finishes the big man. Hirooki Goto & Taguchi defeated Jay White & Hikuleo @ 11:02 via pin [**½] This was fine, but lacked all sense of fire and urgency; it just existed.

Kazuchika Okada, Tomohiro Ishii, YOSHI-HASHI, Sho, & Yoh vs. Tetsuya Naito, EVIL, BUSHI, SANADA, & Shingo: Shingo and Yoh begin. They lock up and Yoh lays in chops. Shingo follows with a shoulder tackle, but Yoh hits a dragon screw. Ishii tags in and EVIL joins him. EVIL & Big Tom start colliding like rams and then beat the shit out of each other. HOSS FIGHT! They just keep throwing, the crowd loves it and EVIL is rocked but they keep fighting. Big shoulder tackle by Ishii and EVIL is finally down. HASHI tags in and lays in chops on EVIL. EVIL cuts him off, Ishii back in and EVIL takes him down. HASHI hits the running blockbuster on EVIL and Sho tags in. 3K work quick tags and double teams, but BUSHI & Shingo cut them off. Everyone spills to the floor for some brawling. LIJ takes control, and backing EVIL picks up a near fall on Sho. BUSHI & Naito follow with dropkicks, and the Naito neck breaker follows. Shingo tags in and delivers chops. The Saito suplex follows for 2. They fight over a suplex, trade strikes, and then clotheslines. Sho hits the dropkick and follows with a spear. Okada & SANADA tag in, picking up the pace as Okada runs wild. He runs EVIL & SANADA together and then DDTs SANADA. SANADA battles back, Okada doesn’t allow the paradise lock but SANADA hits a dropkick. They work into counters, trade strikes, and SANADA hits the dropkick. Tags to BUSHI & Yoh, they trade strikes and kicks until Yoh hits a neck breaker for 2. Sho in and double teams follow, they clear out the others, and BUSHI counters 3K, and follows with a RANA to both. Naito tags in and Yoh cuts him off with a basement dropkick. HASHI tags in and hits a RANA. Chops follow, and CHAOS isolates Naito and work him over. HASHI then covers for 2. The battle spills to the floor, lariats from Sho & Shingo, it completely breaks down into the big move buffet and HASHI lariats Naito for 2. LIJ now work over HASHI, picking up near falls. Destino finishes HASHI. LIJ defeated CHAOS @ 16:35 via pin [***½] This was another very good and tremendously fun tag between the two groups who have delivered all tour as they build to the big matches.

IWGP US Champion Juice Robinson vs. Bad Luck Fale: Fale attacks before the bell and takes control. Juice fights back and looks to slam him but Fale will have none of that and slams Juice. Fale dumps him to the floor, follows and works him over with strikes. Juice manages to slam him to the barricade, but Fale posts him a few times, and slams him on the floor, focusing on the back. Juice rolls back in and Fale works the Tongan massage parlor. Fale dumps him again; follows and they brawl into the crowd. Fale then slams him onto some chairs. Juice struggles and crawls back in and barely beats the count. Fale continues to attack the back, grounding things. Fale follows with a bear hug, slowing things even more. Juice starts to elbow out, but Fale cuts him off. Fale pummels him with strikes, and follows with a backdrop. The elbow drop follows for 2. Fale continues to lay in strikes to the back, but Juice starts to slowly fire back, but Fale fights off pulp friction. Fale misses a charge, and Juice lays in corner clotheslines. Juice looks for the cannonball, and it connects. Juice now heads up top, looks for a high cross but Fale catches him but Juice slips out and chop blocks the knee. The jabs follow, but Fale falls on him as he tries a slam and that gets 2. Fale hits a corner splash and running splash for 2. Fale pulls Juice up, but Juice lays in jabs and a dropkick. Fale cuts him off with a spear, looks for grenade, and it connects for 2. Fale looks for bad luck fall, but Juice escapes and hits the left hand of God. He heads up top and the high cross connects. Left handoff God again and Juice slams Fale. Pulp friction connects and Fale is done. Champion Juice Robinson defeated Bad Luck Fale @ 17:45 via pin [***] This was a good match that went a bit too long, but it had an overall good story where everything mattered and featured Juice being an amazing babyface.

IWGP IC Champion Kota Ibushi vs. Zack Sabre Jr: They circle and work to the ropes. Ibushi lays in leg kicks, but Sabre grounds things. He starts attacking the legs, and then transitions to the arms. Sabre lays in uppercuts, but Ibushi follows with kicks and Sabre powders. Back in and they lock up, Sabre takes things to the ground and works a kimura. Ibushi makes the ropes. Sabre quickly attacks the arm, but Ibushi counters back with leg kicks. The RANA follows and Sabre powders again. They work to the floor, and Sabre starts attacking the neck in the barricade. The octopus lock follows, and then Sabre continues to assault the neck of Ibushi. Back in as Sabre keeps Ibushi grounded, maintaining focus on the head and neck. Sabre lays in kicks, and grounds things once again, now attacking the legs and arms. You’re not supposed to bend that way. Sabre lays in kicks and uppercuts, but Ibushi fires up and gets taken back down. Ibushi powers up into a slam, follows with kicks, and runs into the octopus hold. Sabre drags him to the mat, but Ibushi makes the ropes. Sabre keeps it grounded, attacking the leg and neck until Ibushi powers to the ropes. He hits a desperation dropkick, and follows with a plancha to the floor. Back in and the missile dropkick follows. Ibushi hits a powerslam, but Sabre counters the moonsault into a triangle, but Ibushi makes the ropes. They work into counters and Ibushi follows with a flurry of strikes. The trade near falls and Ibushi follows with a German for 2. Sabre counters kamigoye and locks on a butterfly neck crank, but Ibushi makes the ropes. Sabre lays in uppercuts, but misses the PK. He counters a kick and hits a nasty looking half and half suplex for 2. The PK follows for 2. Sabre lays in some dickish kicks, toying with Ibushi. Ibushi starts absorbing the kicks, gets fired up and fucks up Sabre’s day with chops. Ibushi follows with kicks, and then strikes. Sabre slaps him back, Ibushi fires back and starts rocking Sabre. Sabre firs back until Ibushi levels him with a lariat. Sabre counters last ride into a triangle, but Ibushi powers up and hits the sitout powerbomb for 2. Sabre fights back and hits Zack driver, but can’t follow up. Sabre goes back to attacking the neck, they trade strikes and Ibushi fires up and Sabre lays in uppercuts but Ibushi hits the half and half suplex. Ibushi looks for the deadlift German, Sabre counters into a guillotine and the ref breaks them up allowing Ibushi to hit a PELE. Sabre avoids bom a ye and cradles him for 2. Ibushi cuts him off with a head kick, hits the last ride and that gets 2. Sabre counters back into he octopus hold, but Ibushi escapes with a go to sleep. The Kamigoye follows and Sabre is done. Champion Kota Ibushi defeated Zack Sabre Jr @ 28:55 via pin [****½] This was an absolutely excellent piece of professional wrestling, playing well off of their past encounters, and playing into their strengths in terms of grappler vs. strike goes. The work of Sabre is so smooth and effortless, while Ibushi brings tremendous babyface fire and selling. They did a great job of layering here and constantly building throughout and peaking at the right time. To the shock of no one these two killed it again.

– Naito arrives post match, and talks about Ibushi’s next challenger, and offers himself for the job. Ibushi tells him to tranquilo, and then accepts.

– End Scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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The final score: review Good
The 411
The NJPW Sengoku Lord 2019 event was an overall good show, with nice build to the upcoming tour matches, and delivered an excellent main event.