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Csonka’s NJPW World Tag League 2019 (Day 10) Review

November 28, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s NJPW World Tag League 2019 (Day 10) Review  

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Csonka’s NJPW World Tag League 2019 (Day 10) Review

– Toru Yano & Colt Cabana defeated Hirooki Goto & Karl Fredericks @ 8:25 via pin [***]
– Chase Owens & Bad Luck Fale defeated Yuji Nagata & Manabu Nakanishi @ 8:20 via pin []
– KENTA & Yujiro Takahashi defeated Satoshi Kojima & Hiroyoshi Tenzan @ 12:05 via submission [**]
– Minoru Suzuki & Lance Archer defeated Togi Makabe & Tomoaki Honma @ 12:30 via pin [**½]
– Shingo Takagi & El Terrible defeated Hiroshi Tanahashi & Toa Henare @ 13:10 via pin [***½]
– Tama Tonga & Tanga Loa defeated Jeff Cobb & Mikey Nicholls @ 15:10 via pin [**¾]
– EVIL & SANADA defeated Zack Sabre Jr. & Taichi @ 18:00 via pin [****]

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Hirooki Goto & Karl Fredericks vs. Toru Yano & Colt Cabana: Yano and Goto to begin, Yano wants a handshake and runs the ref into Goto and undoes the buckle pad until Goto attacks. He follows with a shoulder tackle and Larl tags in. Colt and Yano cut him off with double teams, Colt hits a shoulder tackle but Karl hits a high cross and slam. He follows with uppercuts and Goto joins in and they all spill to the floor. They brawl, back in and Colt covers Karl for 2. Colt follows with chops until Karl fires back. Colt grounds him and then follows with strikes, Yano tags in and hits slams. Colt’s splash eats boots, and Karl is sent to the exposed buckles. Karl cuts him off and tags in Goto. Goto takes control, suplexes Colt onto Yano and the clothesline and bulldog follows for 2. Yano battles back, shoots him to the exposed buckles but Goto cuts him off. Karl tags back in and Colt works him over with jabs, and the flying asshole follows. Karl fires back, hits the 2k neck breaker and Goto joins in for double teams and the cover gets 2. Goto dumps Yano, they brawl to the floor and Larl is hit by a buckle pad and the Superman pin finishes him. Toru Yano & Colt Cabana defeated Hirooki Goto & Karl Fredericks @ 8:25 via pin [***] This was a good and fun little opening tag.

Chase Owens & Bad Luck Fale vs. Yuji Nagata & Manabu Nakanishi: Bullet Club attacks before the bell but the dads quickly fight back, dumping Owens and working over Fale. Nakanishi tries for the rack, but Fale cuts him off and lays the boots to him. Owens takes out Nagata as Fale grounds Nakanishi. Owens tags in and chokes out Nakanishi with a shirt. The Tongan massage parlor follows, and Fale covers for 2. Double teams on Nakanishi follow, Fale chokes him out with a shirt but Nakanishi slowly fires back, hits a slow motion backdrop and Nagata tags in. He looks like someone hit fast forward in comparison, working over Owens with the XPLODER for 2. Owens cuts him off, but Nagata counters into the arm bar. Fale makes the save, but Nagata keeps attacking the arm. Owens fires back, they trade and Owens follows with a lariat. Fale tags in, Nagata takes out his knee, tags in Nakanishi and double teams follow for 2. It breaks down, they double team Owens and dance. They attack and pickup a near fall. Fale fights off the rack, but Nakanishi hits a spear. The rack on Fale follows, Owens makes the save and Fale cradles Nakanishi for the win. Chase Owens & Bad Luck Fale defeated Yuji Nagata & Manabu Nakanishi @ 8:20 via pin [*½] They were trolling me with the Fale vs. Nakanishi stuff, time stood still during that. It was dreadfully slow, and not good at all.

– Well, this isn’t good. Doesn’t look like there will be an ROH Honor Rising Tour…

KENTA & Yujiro Takahashi vs. Satoshi Kojima & Hiroyoshi Tenzan: Bullet Club attacks Tenzan and dumps Kojima. Tenzan battles back, working over Yujiro as Kojima tags in for double teams. They take control, Kojima hits machinegun chops but Yujiro bites him and cuts him off. He follows with grounded strikes, the splash and covers for 2. KENTA tags in and follows with strikes, grounds things with kicks and dumps Tenzan. He then works over Kojima in the corner, Yujiro tags in and bites Kojima. Kojima battles back, hits the DDT and tags in Tenzan. He strolls mildly and follows with Mongolian chops, and the suplex for 2.Yujiro fights him off, hits the sliding dropkick and the DDT gets 2. Tenzan then cuts him off with the mountain bomb and KENTA stops the tag. He follows with kicks, Tenzan counters with the spin kick and Kojima follows with machinegun chops. Yujiro cuts off Kojima, they follow with double teams and Tenzan makes the save, Yujiro dumps him and KENTA hits the busaiku knee on Kojima for 2. Tenzan breaks up go to sleep, and the Tenkoji cutter follows for 2. It breaks down, Yujiro runs into a lariat and the brainbuster on KENTA gets 2. The lariat is countered, KENTA follows with strikes and go to sleep is countered, and Kojima hits a lariat. KENTA cuts him off with the game over for the win. KENTA & Yujiro Takahashi defeated Satoshi Kojima & Hiroyoshi Tenzan @ 12:05 via submission [**] This was ok, but sweet Christ KENTA is putting in minimal effort in these matches.

– Goto attacks post match, laying out KENTA with the GTR.

Togi Makabe & Tomoaki Honma vs. Minoru Suzuki & Lance Archer: Suzuki-gun attacks before the bell but GBH cutes them off and isolates Suzuki. Honma teases a kokeshi, but Suzuki rolls away and gets the hanging arm bar. They brawl to the floor as Suzuki-gun takes control. back in and Suzuki lays in kicks on Honma, Honma tires to fire back but Suzuki laughs at him and chokes him out. Archer tags in and lays in chops. Corner attacks follow, and then double teams as Archer covers for 2. Honma tries to fire back, Archer just absorbs the strikes and levels him with one shot. Suzuki in and lays the boots to Honma, Honma fires back but Suzuki laughs and lights him up until Honma hits a DDT. Tag to Makabe and he runs wild with shoulder tackles, clotheslines and mounted strikes. The northern lights gets 2. Suzuki cuts him off with strikes, the running boot but Makabe counters the PK and they trade. Suzuki gets the choke, but Makabe escapes and hits a lariat. Honma in and follows with chops on Suzuki, who just gets annoyed and pissed. Honma hits head butts, chops and the bulldog. The kokeshi misses, Archer in and hits a slam and second rope splash for 2. Honma fires back, hits a flying kokeshi, falling kokeshi and covers for 2. Archer cuts him off with the claw, Makabe makes the save and it breaks down. GBH follow with double teams on Archer and the cradle gets 2. Archer cuts them off with a cross body, and the EBD claw is countered, but Suzuki gets the choke and the chokeslam follows for 2 on Honma. The EBD claw finishes Honma. Minoru Suzuki & Lance Archer defeated Togi Makabe & Tomoaki Honma @ 12:30 via pin [**½] This was solid enough, but they REALLY need to stop booking Honma as this guy who can take tons of punishment and make a big comeback, because he’s not been that guy for a long time.

Hiroshi Tanahashi & Toa Henare vs. Shingo Takagi & El Terrible: Shingo and Tanahashi begin. They lock up and work into counters. They trade shoulder tackles, and hits the high cross. Henare tags in and double teams follow as Tanahashi dumps Terrible. Terrible regroups and makes the save. He follows with strikes on Henare, LIJ cut off Shingo and follow with double teams. He chokes out Henare, as Shingo joins in for double teams. Terrible grounds the action, until Henare fires up and hits a suplex. Terrible fucks him up with a flurry of strikes and chops. Henare battles back with a flying shoulder tackle and tags in Tanahashi. He runs wild on LIJ, hitting slams and elbow drops. The crab on Terrible follows, Shingo makes the save and Terrible follows with the dropkick. Shingo tags in and follows with clotheslines, they trade and Shingo hits the jab, but Tanahashi counters back into twist and shout. Tag to Henare, he run wild with strikes on Shingo, clotheslines and a Samoan drop. The high/low follows for 2. Tanahashi hits a plancha onto Terrible, but Shingo cuts off rampage and follows with a lariat. Terrible back in and double teams follow on Henare. Shingo hits a DVD and Terrible hits the top rope splash until Tanahashi makes the save. Henare fires back on Shingo, they trade and Henare hits a head butt to drop Shingo. Shingo counters back into noshigami. PUMPING BOMBER follows for 2 as Tanahashi made the save. Last of the dragon finishes Henare. Shingo Takagi & El Terrible defeated Hiroshi Tanahashi & Toa Henare @ 13:10 via pin [***½] This was really good and had a great sense of urgency and intensity to it. Shingo & Terrible have been a pleasant surprise so far, Tanahashi &Henare have also been fun but can’t buy a win.

Tama Tonga & Tanga Loa vs. Jeff Cobb & Mikey Nicholls: Jado is at ringside. Loa and Nicholls begin, locking up and working to the ropes for a clean break. Lock up again and they trade shoulder tackles. Nicholls then knocks him to the floor. Back in and they lock up, Loa fires back but Nicholls hits a delayed suplex. Tama in and Cobb cuts him off and he hits a delayed suplex. Cobb then follows with strikes on Loa, and grounds things. Nicholls tags back in and gets dumped. They all brawl to the floor and the Guerrillas take control. Back in and they isolate Nicholls, working quick tags and double teams. Tama takes the heat and more double teams follow for 2. The Tama corner splash follows and Loa tags back in. Nicholls fires back, but Loa cuts him off and works him over in the corner. The Loa powerslam follows for 2. He grounds things, Tama tags in and the double dropkick follows. Nicholls finally cuts off Tama with a DDT. Cobb tags in and runs wild with strikes and chops. Corner elbows follow and he dropkicks Loa. The Angle slam on Tama gets 2. Jado trips him up, but Cobb hits a powerslam for 2. Loa tags in and double teams follow. Nicholls in, he makes the save and he and Cobb follow with double teams. Cobb hits a sidewinder slam, lariat by Nicholls and that gets 2.It breaks down, Cobb hits the helicopter F5 and Jado hits him with the kendo and Loa crossfaces Nicholls. Nicholls fights and Loa keeps the hold. Cobb & Tama blow a gun stun spot and Nicholls taps. Tama Tonga & Tanga Loa defeated Jeff Cobb & Mikey Nicholls @ 15:10 via pin [**¾] They avoided most of the bullshit and it was pretty good overall, but feel apart down the stretch a bit.

EVIL & SANADA vs. Zack Sabre Jr. & Taichi: Sabre and SANADA begin. They lock up, working into counters as Sabre grounds things. He works the arm, but SANADA powers up and counters out and dumps Sabre down. Taichi cuts him off, knocks EVIL to the floor and Sabre attacks SANADA. They all brawl to the floor and into the crowd for a while as the Tekkers take control. Taichi then posts EVIL and choke EVIL out with one of his toys from the crowd. He breaks it and then attacks SANADA. They work quick tags, isolating SANADA in their corner and grounding him. Double teams follow as Sabre lays in kicks. He goes back to the arm as SANADA fires back and then gets caught in a triangle. SANADA fights and makes the ropes. Taichi attacks with kicks, SANADA fires back, sand the missile dropkick follows. EVIL tags in and runs wild with shoulder tackles. Clotheslines follow, and the broncobuster connects on Taichi. Taichi fires back, cuts him off and they trade until they work into a double down. Sabre tags in and lays in uppercuts, but EVIL cuts him off with a side slam. SANADA tags in and takes out Sabre’s knee. Sabre counters the paradise lock, but SANADA hits a dragon screw. The plancha follows, and back in, EVIL takes out Taichi and double teams on Sabre follow until Taichi makes the save. Taichi battles back with kicks, Sabre hits a PK and covers for 2. He grounds SANADA, they trade and the octopus follows. Taichi cuts off EVIL and SANADA counters into skull end as EVIL gets the scorpion death lock. The moonsault misses, uppercut by Sabre and it completely breaks down. SANADA & Sabre trade cradles and they both get near falls. Taichi lariats SANADA, THETROUSERS ARE OFF but EVIL takes him out, LIJ takes control and magic killer follows, skull end on Taichi, and magic killer follows on him. SANADA follows with the moonsault for the pin on Sabre. EVIL & SANADA defeated Zack Sabre Jr. & Taichi @ 18:00 via pin [****] This was a rare great World Tag League match, with everyone working hard, the match peaking at the right time, and the crowd adding a lot to it.

2019 WTL Standings
* David Finlay and Juice Robinson: (7-1), 14pts.
* Big Tom Ishii and YOSHI-HASHI: (7-1), 14pts.
* EVIL and SANADA: (7-1), 14pts.
* Toru Yano and Colt Cabana: (6-2), 12pts.
* Minoru Suzuki and Lance Archer: (6-3), 12pts.
* Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa: (6-2), 12pts.
* Jeff Cobb and Mikey Nicholls: (5-4), 10pts
* Shingo Takagi and El Terrible: (5-5), 10pts.
* KENTA and Yujiro Takahashi: (4-4), 8pts.
* Hiroyoshi Tenzan and Satoshi Kojima: (4-6), 8pts.
* Togi Makabe and Tomoaki Honma: (3-7), 6pts.
* Zack Sabre Jr. and Taichi: (3-6), 6pts.
* Chase Owens and Bad Luck Fale: (3-5), 6pts.
* Hirooki Goto and Karl Fredericks: (2-6), 4pts.
* Hiroshi Tanahashi and Toa Henare: (2-7), 4pts.
* Manabu Nakanishi and Yuji Nagata: (1-9), 2pts.

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The 411
Night ten of the 2019 NJPW World Tag League was a really solid show, back in Kouraken Hall in front of a lively crowd and with more effort into the matches following a slog of a VOD shows.