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Csonka’s NJPW Wrestling Dontaku Review 5.03.19

May 3, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
NJPW Wrestling Dontaku (Night One)
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Csonka’s NJPW Wrestling Dontaku Review 5.03.19  

Csonka’s NJPW Wrestling Dontaku Review 5.03.19

– Tomoaki Honma, Shota Umino, & Ren Narita defeated Toa Henare, Yota Tsuji, & Yuya Uemura @ 10:50 via pin [***]
– Suzuki-gun defeated YOSHI-HASHI, Jushin Liger, Tiger Mask IV, & Ryusuke Taguchi @ 10:10 via pin [***]
– Togi Makabe, Toru Yano, & Will Ospreay defeated Tama Tonga, Tanga Loa, Hikuleo @ 7:30 via pin [**½]
– Kota Ibushi, Sho, & Yoh defeated Tetsuya Naito, BUSHI, & Shingo @ 12:00 via pin [***½]
– Hirooki Goto, Juice Robinson, & Mikey Nicholls defeated Jay White, Bad Luck Fale, & Chase Owens @ 11:30 via pin [**½]
– SANADA & EVIL defeated Okada & Ishii @ 17:00 via referee stoppage [***½]
NEVER Openweight Title Match: Taichi defeated Champion Jeff Cobb @ 17:58 via pin [***]
IWGP Jr Heavyweight Title Match: Champion Dragon Lee defeated Taiji Ishimori @ 25:53 via pin [****½]

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Tomoaki Honma, Shota Umino, & Ren Narita vs. Toa Henare, Yota Tsuji, & Yuya Uemura: Narita and Tsuji begin. They work into a grappling exchange, with Tsuji taking early control and out muscling Narita. Umino tags in and he lays in strikes on Tsuji but Tsuji cuts him off with a dropkick. Umino fires back, and follows with a basement dropkick for 2. Honma tags in and fires away with chops. The falling kokeshi connects and the half crab follows. Uemura makes the save but gets dumped. Narita tags in and works a cravat on Tsuji. He then grounds things until Henare makes the save. Honma tags back in and lays the boots to Tsuji. He follows with chops and tags in Umino. He follows with a slam, and locks on the crab but Tsuji makes the ropes. Tsuji fires back with strikes, but Umino cuts him off. He follows with uppercuts, but Tsuji hits a desperation backdrop and tags in Henare. He lays in chops and a shoulder tackle. And follows with clotheslines and hits a superkick. The suplex follows, and he covers for 2. Umino cuts him off with a dropkick and he tags in Narita. Uemura also tags in, they brawl and Uemura locks on an arm bar, but Narita makes the ropes. They triple team Narita and Uemura back to the arm bar, but Narita makes the ropes. Uemura follows with an overhead suplex for 2. It breaks down and Narita hits the overhead bridging suplex for the win. Tomoaki Honma, Shota Umino, & Ren Narita defeated Toa Henare, Yota Tsuji, & Yuya Uemura @ 10:50 via pin [***] This was a good opener with a great energy, especially down the stretch.

YOSHI-HASHI, Jushin Liger, Tiger Mask IV, & Ryusuke Taguchi vs. Minoru Suzuki, Yoshinobu Kanemaru, El Desperado, & Taka Michinoku: In a true shocking turnoff events, Suzuki-gun attacks before the bell and takes the advantage. HASHI hits the blockbuster on Kanemaru and follows with the draping dropkick. Team Liger takes control as Taguchi calls the plays. They look to slam Kanemaru into his ass, but he turns it around and sends HASHI into his ass. Suzuki-gun then kicks the shit out of Taguchi and the action spills to the floor. Liger & Suzuki pair off as Taguchi makes it back in and gets double teamed. Suzuki follows with a chair shot and Taka takes over. Taguchi cuts him off with an ass attack, and Suzuki cuts off the tag. The PK follows for 2. Suzuki then lays in chops, but Taguchi hits an ass attack. Tag to Liger and he brawls with Suzuki, he takes out Kanemaru & Despy, shotei to Suzuki but Suzuki locks on the arm bar but Liger makes the ropes. Suzuki lays the boots to him and slaps him around. They trade chops, Suzuki teases the Gotch but Liger escapes. Tiger flies in with a high cross on Taka, and cradles him for 2. It breaks down as Suzuki-gun runs wild on Tiger. Tiger battles back, hits the Tiger bomb but only gets 2. Suzuki tortures Liger’s arm on the floor as Taka picks up the win with the Michinoku driver. Suzuki-gun defeated YOSHI-HASHI, Jushin Liger, Tiger Mask IV, & Ryusuke Taguchi @ 10:10 via pin [***] This was another good match with a good energy and highlighted by the Liger vs. Suzuki war.

Togi Makabe, Toru Yano, & Will Ospreay vs. Tama Tonga, Tanga Loa, Hikuleo: Jado is out with Bullet Club. Bullet Club attacks before the bell and they isolate Yano and beat him down. Yano exposes the buckle and then rakes the eyes until GOD cuts him off. Loa lays the boots to him and expose him to the exposed buckle. Hikuleo tags in and follows with chops. The suplex follows for 2. Tonga tags in and whips Yano to the exposed buckle a few times. Yano gets the hair pull takedown and tags in Makabe. He runs wild on Loa, but Loa slams him to the exposed buckle and spears him. Hikuleo tags in but Makabe cuts him off with a lariat. Tag to Ospreay who flies in with a springboard clothesline. He runs wild on Tonga, and Jado cuts him off with the kendo shot. Double teams follow, and Hikuleo hits a neck breaker for 2. It breaks down to floor brawling as Hikuleo looks to finish Ospreay but Ospreay cuts him off but gets leveled by a lariat. Ospreay counters into a cradle for 2. The oscutter finishes it. Togi Makabe, Toru Yano, & Will Ospreay defeated Tama Tonga, Tanga Loa, Hikuleo @ 7:30 via pin [**½] This was a solid tag match with the faces winning and ruining Bullet Club’s birthday.

Kota Ibushi, Sho, & Yoh vs. Tetsuya Naito, BUSHI, & Shingo: BUSHI and Yoh begin. They lock up and work to the ropes. BUSHI lays in chops and Yoh battles back with the flying forearm. Ibushi tags in and lays in a flurry of strikes on BUSHI, but BUSHI counters the standing moonsault, Naito in dumps Yoh. He lays the boots to Ibushi and grounds the action. Ibushi makes the ropes and Shingo tags in. They double team Ibushi, Shingo follows with knee strikes and Shingo dumps Sho. The senton on Ibushi follows. Naito tags in and hits the corner dropkick combo for 2. Ibushi fires back with the running double stomp and Sho and Shingo tag in. Fuck yes they start throwing right away, trading clotheslines and Sho hits the spear. Shingo fights off the German, hits the jab and lariat. Sho fights back with a suplex for 2. Shingo follows with thunderous chops, Sho fires back with strikes, Shingo hits the snap German, but Sho pops up with a lariat. Yoh tags in and does the deal with a falcon arrow for 2. 3k follows with double knees, look to hit 3k, but Shingo fights it off and suplexes both of them. Tag to BUSHI who flies in with the missile dropkick. The DDT follows for 2. Yoh cuts him off with a dragon screw, Ibushi tags in and runs wild, hitting the powerslam and moonsault for 2. Naito makes the save, but Ibushi hits the double PELE. BUSHI and Ibushi battle back and forth, Ibushi hits boma ye, and the kamigoye finishes it. Kota Ibushi, Sho, & Yoh defeated Tetsuya Naito, BUSHI, & Shingo @ 12:00 via pin [***½] As you would expect, this was very good with all the pairings working well, the continued build to Naito vs. Ibushi, and the great stuff between Sho & Shingo.

– Post match, Ibushi wants to make the title match with Naito official. Naito teases tomorrow, and leaves.

Hirooki Goto, Juice Robinson, & Mikey Nicholls vs. Jay White, Bad Luck Fale, & Chase Owens: Gedo is out with Bullet Club. Fale and Nicholls begin. They lock up and Fale shoves him away. He then follows with body shots, Nicholls fires back with clotheslines and Juice joins n and they double team Fale and then Owens. Goto dumps White. Bullet Club then pulls them to the floor for brawling. Nicholls beats the count back in but Fale immediately attacks. The Tongan massage parlor follows. Owens takes the heat on Nicholls, follows with chops and rakes the eyes. He grounds the action, and then tags in White. He rakes the eyes and follows with chops. White cuts off the tag but Nicholls cuts him off with a DDT. Tag to Goto, he and White battle and Goto follows with kicks, the spin kick and then the Saito for 2. White fights off ushigoroshi, and hits the snap Saito. Owens tags in and Goto fights off the package piledriver, and follows with a suplex. Hot tag to Juice, who runs wild and knocks Fale to the floor. He follows with jabs and chops on Owens, and follows with the spinebuster and crab. Bullet Club makes the save, and then triple teams Juice. They work into counters, it breaks down and Juice looks for pulp friction, White makes the save as it breaks down again. Owens hits the lariat on Nicholls, knee strike on Juice but Juice cuts him off, left hand of God and pulp friction finishes it. Hirooki Goto, Juice Robinson, & Mikey Nicholls defeated Jay White, Bad Luck Fale, & Chase Owens @ 11:30 via pin [**½] This was a solid tag, with the faces gaining some revenge.

– Post match, we get a mysterious video package aimed at Juice. It says “Time’s Up,” teasing a June 5th debut. This dude also seems to be a knife pervert from the UK, as there was a union jack on his coat (someone from RevPro maybe). June 5th is the BOSJ final. Who is this mystery man? At first you had my curiosity, but now you have my interest.

Kazuchika Okada & Tomohiro Ishii vs. SANADA & EVIL: Okada and SANADA begin. They lock up and Okada looks to ground the action. Okada follows with a shoulder tackle, they work into counters and both tease finishers, ending in a standoff; spirited beginning here. EVIL and Ishii tag in and immediately start kicking ass. They trade strikes, rocking each other, and EVIL finally cuts him off with a side slam. EVIL follows with chops, and Ishii is down. LIJ work quick tags, isolating Ishii and EVIL covering for 2. SANADA follows with chops, which annoy Ishii as he fires back and lights SANADA up. SANADA then runs into a powerslam, EVIL cuts off the tag, but Ishii hits the suplex. Tag to Okada, he runs wild on EVIL and follows with a plancha. Back in and the elbow and DDT connect for 2. EVIL cuts him off and tags in SANADA. Okada fights off the TKO and hits the flapjack. The slam follows, and Okada heads up top and has to jump back down, where he runs into a dropkick. The belly to back suplex follows from SANADA for 2. Skull end follows, Okada fights and counters into a cobra clutch. SANADA escapes, but Okada hits the air raid neck breaker. Ishii tags in and SANADA cuts him off with the missile dropkick. EVIL tags in, he and Ishii trade bombs and EVIL hits darkness falls for 2. Ishii counters everything is evil and hits the Saito suplex. SANADA is in and they double team Ishii, with EVIL covering for 2. They look for magic killer, but Ishii fights it off and hits a German, dropkick by Okada and Ishii follow with a lariat for 2. SANADA takes out Okada and magic killer follows on Ishii, EVIL locks on the sharp shooter, and Ishii powers up but EVIL pulls him back center ring as SANADA cuts off Okada with skull end. Ishii digs deep, but fades and the ref stops it. SANADA & EVIL defeated Okada & Ishii @ 17:00 via referee stoppage [***½] This was very good, with the pairings locked in for tomorrow and all four men delivering again on this tour. LIJ, and CHAOS & Ibushi have completely carried this whole tour in the ring.

NEVER Openweight Champion Jeff Cobb vs. Taichi: Miho Abe, Taka, & Kanemaru are at ringside. Taichi stalls to begin. Abe distracts Cobb and Taichi attacks, but Cobb jut gets pissed and lays in chops. The dropkick follows and Taichi powders and hides behind Abe. Kanemaru attacks, Cobb fights him of, but Taichi hits Cobb with the mic stand. Taichi works him over at ringside, and then celebrates. Back in and Taichi lays the boots to Cobb. He rakes the eyes and chokes him out in the ropes. Cobb fires up and lays in strikes until Taichi hits kicks. Eye rake by Taichi, but Cobb takes him up top and follows. The delayed superplex follows. Cobb follows with clotheslines and a running uppercut. The Samoan drop hits but the standing moonsault misses. Enziguri by Taichi, he looks for the last ride, but can’t get Cobb up. He connects with a hook kick and the buzzsaw kick follows for 2. The pants are off, Cobb counters the superkick and Taichi lays in leg kicks, which pisses Cobb off. Cobb drops him with strikes, but Taichi fires back with body kicks. Cobb hits a fall away slam but Taichi cuts him off with a leaping enziguri. Taichi looks for stretch plum, but Cobb escapes, only for Taichi to ht the backdrop driver. He locks on stretch plum, and then covers for 2. Cobb now hits rolling gut wrench suplexes, and the jumping piledriver. Cobb gets to his feet, pulls Taichi up and Cobb hits the swinging Saito. Taichi fires back with kicks and the axe bomber, and both men are down again. Taichi fires up, but Cobb cuts him off with a lariat and standing moonsault. Tour of the islands is countered into a cradle for 2. The ref gets distracted, and the low blow and Gedo clutch get 2 for Taichi. Taichi hits the superkick and black mephisto for the win Taichi defeated Champion Jeff Cobb @ 17:58 via pin [***] This ended up a good match with a strong story that allowed the fans to stay invested, but with a completely lame result as Cobb as NEVER champion had a lot of legs to me.

IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion Dragon Lee vs. Taiji Ishimori: They circle and lock up, working into counters and ending in a standoff. Lee shoots the single leg, grounding the action. Ishimori counters out as they pick up the pace and end in another standoff. Lee follows with shoulder tackles, they work into lucha passes and Ishimori hits the head scissors. He follows with chops, a clothesline and then Lee hits the RANA and follows with a tope. Lee works him over on the floor, and rolls him back in. Lee follows with a rolling dropkick and strikes. The corner dropkick follows and then does the Shibata pose. Lee follows with kicks, and then attacks the knee. Ishimori cuts him off, working a cravat and attacks the mask. The dropkick follows, and then a neck beaker gets 2. Ishimori grounds the action, looking to slow Lee. Lee fights to his feet, but Ishimori immediately grounds him again. Lee makes the ropes, but Ishimori hits the sliding German and follows with the triangle moonsault to the floor. Back in and Ishimori covers for 2. Lee then gets a cradle for 2. Ishimori hits John Wooooooooo and the double knees for 2. Lee cuts him off with an STO, and both men are down. The trapped German follows for 2. Lee follows with chops, kicks, and then catches Ishimori but Ishimori counters into a crucifix driver for 2. Lee then hits a sitout, one-armed powerbomb for 2. Lee then hits the over the ropes RANA to the floor. He whips Ishimori to the barricade, and Ishimori then returns the favor. They struggle and make it back in. They trade strikes from their knees, and then on their feet. They light each other up, and Ishimori fades and drops. They continue to throw, superkick from Lee and Ishimori counters the German and they trade kicks until Lee hits a snap German, but Ishimori rebounds into the destroyer. Lee then counters, doing the deal with a falcon arrow for 2. Lee fires up and sets Ishimori up top and follows. He knocks him into the tree of WHOA and the double stomp connects for 2. Ishimori counters Desnucadora into a RANA and cradle for 2. Ishimori then hits la mistica, and transitions into the LeBell lock. Lee fights, digging deep and Ishimori rolls him back center ring. Lee keeps fighting and finally makes the ropes. Ishimori hits the inverted dodon and covers for 2. Ishimori looks to finish him, but Lee counters bloody cross and hits the revere RANA and snap German. The running knee strike follows for 2. Lee hits Desnucadora and retains. Champion Dragon Lee defeated Taiji Ishimori @ 25:53 via pin [****½] This was an excellent man event, with them getting plenty of time to work and Lee solidifying himself as the rightful champion, beating Ishimori, who didn’t take the pin at G1 Supercard. The match was really good throughout, with well executed peaks and valleys before heading into a really well done and dramatic homestretch, really teasing that Ishimori was going to take the title back. This was excellent stuff with the right man winning and delivering in the main event spot.

– End Scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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* Dean Ambrose’s Future: 1:55
* Goldberg Returning For That Sweet Saudi Money: 12:10
* NJPW Wrestling Dontaku Tour & Wrestling Hi No Kuni Thoughts: 25:30
* NJPW Wrestling Dontaku Night One Preview: 36:00
* NJPW Wrestling Dontaku Night Two Preview: 42:50

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The NJPW Wrestling Dontaku night one event was a good and consistent show, with an excellent main event, and setting the stage for tomorrow’s night two event.