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Csonka’s NJPW WTL (Day 15) 12.06.18 Review

December 6, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s NJPW WTL (Day 15) 12.06.18 Review  

Csonka’s NJPW WTL (Day 15) 12.06.18 Review

– Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii defeated Shota Umino & Ayota Yoshida @ 8:05 via submission [***½]
– Jeff Cobb & Michael Elgin defeated Manabu Nakanishi & Yuji Nagata @ 9:10 via pin [**]
– KES defeated Yujiro Takahashi & Hangman Page @ 10:45 via pin [**¾]
– Taichi & Zack Sabre Jr. defeated David Finlay & Juice Robinson @ 9:20 via pin [**½]
– Satoshi Kojima & Hiroyoshi Tenzan defeated Toa Henare & Togi Makabe @ 10:00 via pin [**¼]
– SANADA & EVIL defeated Takashi Iizuka & Minoru Suzuki @ 11:00 via submission []
– Chuckie T & Trent defeated Tanga Loa & Tama Tonga @ 17:11 via pin [***]

I’m still fighting off death, but am here to try and finish of the last three nights.

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– We’re live from the Yamagata Big Wing.

Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii vs. Shota Umino & Ayota Yoshida: The lions are all fired up and attack before the bell. They dump Yano, and Umino tries to battle Ishii but Ishii takes him down with shoulder tackles. Yano takes out Yoshida as Ishii lays in chops on Umino. Ishii works a half crab, but Yoshida tries to make the save and Ishii dumps him. Yano tags in and whips Umino to the exposed buckle. Eye rake by Yano, sends Umino to the exposed buckle but Umino fires back with a dropkick. Yoshida tags in, runs wild with body slams and knee strikes. He follows with kicks and more knee strikes, covering for 2. The sleeper follows, and Umino tags in and hits a missile dropkick for 2. Yano cuts him off with a hair pull, Ishii tags in and he and Umino trade strikes. Umino keeps firing, but Ishii cuts him off as it breaks down. Yano dumps Yoshida, Ishii maintains the crab, but Umino makes the ropes. Ishii hits a back breaker, Yoshida makes the save and Umino gets a cradle for 2. The lions double team Ishii, Yano makes the save, Yoshida cuts him off. Knee strike/German combo on Ishii gets a good near fall. Ishii has had enough, hits a suplex and strikes. Umino gets another cradle for a near fall. Ishii hits the Saito suplex for 2. The crab follows and Umino has to tap. Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii defeated Shota Umino & Ayota Yoshida @ 8:05 via submission [***½] This was a very good opening match with a great pace, and some good near falls and fire from the lions.

Jeff Cobb & Michael Elgin vs. Manabu Nakanishi & Yuji Nagata: Nagata and Elgin to begin. Elgin works the power game to begin; they work into some back and forth and into a stand off. Cobb and Nakanishi tag in. They work into a test of strength, Cobb controls, but Nakanishi fires up and lays in strikes and a shoulder tackle. Cobb answers back with a slam, tags in Elgin, and he and Nakanishi trade forearm strikes. They trade chops, Cobb tags in and thy trade head butts. Elgin tags back in, they trade chops, and Nakanishi takes him down and tags in Nagata. He fires away with kicks, but Elgin fights off the XPLODER, Nagata takes out the knee and the XPLODER finally lands for 2. Cobb makes the save, gets dumped, but Elgin superkicks Nagata and does the deal with a falcon arrow. Cobb and Nakanishi tag in, Nakanishi hits thrusts to the throat, does his dance, and the lariat connects for 2. Nakanishi gets the rack, Nagata gets a crossface, and they then break and isolate Cobb. Spear by Nakanishi, and Elgin makes the save. Nagata gets dumped, Nakanishi is left alone, and they light him up with strikes and suplex Nakanishi for 2. Elgin takes out Nagata, Angle slam and standing moonsault by Cobb picks up the win. Jeff Cobb & Michael Elgin defeated Manabu Nakanishi & Yuji Nagata @ 9:10 via pin [**] This was ok, but you can really see the tour taking its toll on Nakanishi here.

Yujiro Takahashi & Hangman Page vs. Davey Boy Smith Jr. & Lance Archer: Page and Smith to begin. Smith overpowers to begin with shoulder tackles and throws. Page fires back, works into slick counters, Yujiro cuts off Smith but they spill to the floor and page and Archer join them. Yujiro and Page fire up, hit suicide dives, but back in, KES hits a Hart attack and take control. Archer hits a wicked lariat and that gets 2 on Yujiro. Archer follows with chops, Smith tags in and they work double teams and cover for 2. KES just pummels Yujiro now, Archer berates him and beats him down with ease. Archer misses a charge, and Yujiro bites him and makes the tag. Page is in, runs wild and hits a plancha on Smith and then dumps Archer. Page then looks for a moonsault, fights off KES and hits it on Archer for 2. Yujiro back in, they work over Archer and page hits a funning shooting star press for 2. Superkick by Page, but Archer rebounds and hits the pounce. Smith in, Yujiro works him over and hits a bulldog. Smith cuts him off with a suplex, Page breaks up the powerbomb, and dropkicks on Smith follow. Yujiro hits the fisherman’s buster for 2. Page flies in with the buckshot lariat, gets dumped and it breaks down. Pop up powerslam on Page, and the killer bomb finishes Yujiro. KES defeated Yujiro Takahashi & Hangman Page @ 10:45 via pin [**¾] This was pretty good, with Yujiro playing a really good babyface and showing great fire.

David Finlay & Juice Robinson vs. Taichi & Zack Sabre Jr.: Suzuki-gun attacks before the bell, but Juice and Finlay cut them off and hit planchas. Back in and Juice works over Sabre, but the cannonball misses. Taichi works over Finlay on the floor as Sabre starts tying up Juice with submissions. Taichi chokes out Finlay with a chair as Sabre continues to work over Juice. Sabre uses Juice’s hair to choke him out, and back in, Sabre starts working the arm. Taichi tags in, and maintains control on Juice, choking him out. Juice fires up with chops, but Taichi rakes the eyes and tags in Sabre. Sabre follows with kicks and uppercuts, Finlay gets tossed, and Sabre continues picking apart Juice. Sabre now cuts off the spinebuster with a guillotine choke. Sabre now locks on the cobra twist, but Juice powers out and hits the juice box. Tags to Finlay and Taichi, and Finlay runs wild with elbows and uppercuts. The diving uppercut connects for 2. Taichi rakes the eyes, hits an enziguri and he and Sabre work double teams. PK by Sabre and the buzz saw kick by Taichi gets 2. The pants are off, and Finlay gets a roll up for 2. Taichi hits a huge lariat for 2. Taichi gets the mic stand, gets cut off, and Juice dumps Sabre. Taichi fights them off, ref bump, low blow and Gedo clutch by Taichi and that’s that. Taichi & Zack Sabre Jr. defeated David Finlay & Juice Robinson @ 9:20 via pin [**½] This was going along well and it appeared that they were building to a hot finish until we just got the same old bullshit.

Satoshi Kojima & Hiroyoshi Tenzan vs. Toa Henare & Togi Makabe: Makabe and Tenzan to begin. They trade shoulder tackles, Makabe takes Tenzan down but Tenzan fires back with Mongolian chops. He then misses a kokeshi, and we get wholesale changes to Henare and Kojima. They trade chops, strikes, and then Henare hits a big shoulder tackle. He follows with chops and covers for 2. Kojima cuts him off with a DDT, takes out Makabe, and Tenzan joins him for Mongolian chops. They follow with double teams and cover for 2. Henare fires back, trading head butts with Tenzan, but Tenzan takes him down and covers for 2. Tenzan follows with a spin kick and that gets 2. Kojima back in and the neck breaker scores for 2. Henare tries to fire back with chops, and connects with a flying shoulder tackle. Makabe tags in, lays in mounted strikes in the corner in Tenzan, but Tenzan fires back until he eats a clothesline from Makabe, and that gets 2. Tenzan now hits the clothesline and suplex for 2. He and Makabe trade clotheslines, and work into a double down. Wholesale changes to Henare and Kojima, Henare lays in machinegun chops, but Kojima now shows him how it’s done. Don’t steal my shit young boy. Henare cuts him off with a Samoan drop, and follows with a spear for 2. The koji cutter stops that, Tenzan back in and the Tencozy cutter follows and Makabe makes the save. He hits clotheslines to both, and Henare hits the flying shoulder tackle on Kojima for 2. Kojima fights off the uranage, and kills Henare with the lariat for the win. Satoshi Kojima & Hiroyoshi Tenzan defeated Toa Henare & Togi Makabe @ 10:00 via pin [**¼] Kojima & Tenzan worked really hard and Henare continues to grow as a performer and show tremendous fire. He’s getting close to breaking out into something more.

SANADA & EVIL vs. Takashi Iizuka & Minoru Suzuki: Suzuki-gun, pre-match attack, shocked and appalled, floor brawling. Suzuki and SANADA pair off, working back into the ring, and they trade strikes. Chair shot by Iizuka, and back to the floor they all go. Suzuki works over SANADA with repeated chair shots as Iizuka works over EVIL. Suzuki now pummels SANADA with strikes and then hits him with pieces of the barricade. SANADA barely beats the count, and gets pummeled by Suzuki & Iizuka. Suzuki lays in chops, tags in Iizuka and he’s freed and starts biting SANADA and then EVIL. Suzuki works a hanging arm bar on SANADA as Iizuka bites him. More biting follows and he dumps SANADA and Suzuki attacks with more chair shots. Back in and SANADA hits a missile dropkick. Dragon screw on Suzuki and EVIL tags in. He runs wild, neck breaker on Suzuki and the senton follows for 2. Suzuki cuts him off with knee strikes, and PK for 2. EVIL fires back with chops, they trade, lighting each other up until EVIL hits the fisherman’s buster. SANADA tags in and Suzuki gets the sleeper, Iizuka in and they work double teams, PK by Suzuki and that gets 2. Iizuka gets his rope and chokes out SANADA. Suzuki dumps EVIL, Iizuka gets the iron fingers, but SANADA cuts him off. Suzuki in and EVIL hits a lariat. LIJ double team Iizuka, but he bites them, but ends up eating the magic killer. Skull end by SANADA and Iizuka taps. SANADA & EVIL defeated Takashi Iizuka & Minoru Suzuki @ 11:00 via submission [*½] More of the same from Suzuki-gun, there were fun portions when Iizuka wasn’t involved, but it wasn’t any good. At least the right team won.

Chuckie T & Trent vs. Tanga Loa & Tama Tonga: Jado is at ringside. If GOD win they are locked into the finals. They have been teasing issues with the Best Friends, with rumors that Chuckie is Jay White’s mole inside CHAOS. The Best Friends take early control, clearing the ring. GOD cut off the planchas, leading to floor brawling. Trent then hits an asai moonsault and wipes out GOD. Back in and Chuckie hits a missile dropkick for 2. Trent tags in, and hits a dropkick on Tonga for 2. He follows with strikes and chops, Jado hits him with the kendo, allowing Tonga to take control. He dumps Trent and Jado attacks with the kendo. Back in and GOD work quick tags, and Loa hits an apron DVD on Trent. Back in and Loa works over Trent, Tonga tags back in and Chuckie tries to rally Trent. Tonga hits a dropkick, dumps Chuckie, but Trent hits a desperation backdrop. Loa stops the tag, and GOD keep Trent grounded. Loa spears him to the buckles, follows with head butts, but Trent hits the running knee strike. Chuckie tags in, runs wild with clotheslines, and a RANA on Loa. Chuckie then wipes them out with a tope. Back in and Chuckie hits a knee strike, and sliced bread for 2. Chuckie heads up top, hits the double stomp and Loa makes the save. Chuckie dumps Loa, follows with rights, but Toga hits a spear and tags in Loa. They run through double teams on Chuckie, but Chuckie fights back with soul food. Tag to Trent, he hits a high cross and clotheslines Loa. Loa counters the tornado DDT and dumps Trent on the ropes. Chuckie is knocked to the floor, and Loa hits a sitout powerbomb. He mocks Trent instead of covering, he drags Trent to his feet and slams him to the buckles. Trent fights back and hits the tornado DDT but Tonga makes the save. They trade strikes, Trent is rocked, but keeps fighting. Loa cuts him off with body shots, Trent counters the German, and we get a ref bump. And another. Red Shoes is dead. Jado in with a kendo stick shot, and GOD hit Guerrilla warfare on Trent. They work double teams, but Chuckie makes the save with chair shots and Loa shakes them off but Chuckie finally takes him down and busts him open. Chuckie gets a backboard and slams Tonga on it. Jado with a kendo shot, Chuckie shakes it off and chases Jado away. Trent rolls up Loa and picks up the win. Loa is a bloody mess. Chuckie T & Trent defeated Tanga Loa & Tama Tonga @ 17:11 via pin [***] Even with the overbooking, this was good. The story is that Chuckie snapped again, but this time they won, but he cost them two matches via DQ, which keeps them out of the top mix. I am really interested in the Chuckie story.

The Standings

Guerrillas of Destiny (Tama Tonga & Tanga Loa) (9-3; 18pts)
Tomohiro Ishii & Toru Yano (9-3; 18pts)
Killer Elite Squad (Lance Archer & Davey Boy Smith Jr.) (9-3; 18pts)
Los Ingobernables de Japon (EVIL & SANADA) (9-3; 18pts)
Michael Elgin & Jeff Cobb (8-4; 16pts)
Suzuki-gun (Zack Sabre Jr. & Taichi) (7-5; 14pts)
Juice Robinson & David Finlay (7-5; 14pts)
Best Friends (Trent & Chuckie T) (7-5; 14pts)
Suzuki-gun (Minoru Suzuki & Takashi Iizuka) (5-7; 10pts)
Satoshi Kojima & Hiroyoshi Tenzan (4-8; 8pts)
Togi Makabe & Toa Henare (4-7; 8pts)
The Elite (Hangman Page & Yujiro Takahashi) (4-8; 8pts)
Yuji Nagata & Manabu Nakanishi (2-10; 4pts)
Ayato Yoshida & Shota Umino (0-12; 0pts)

– End scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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The final score: review Average
The 411
Night 15 of the NJPW WTL was a solid overall show, with four teams in contention, and some fun stories being told. It wasn’t must-see but wasn’t bad either. Kevin Kelly and Excalibur were really good together on commentary.