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Csonka’s NWA Powerrr Review 11.26.19

November 26, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
NWA 11.26.19
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Csonka’s NWA Powerrr Review 11.26.19  

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Csonka’s NWA Powerrr Review 11.26.19

Empty Arena Match: The Question Mark vs. Zane Dawson @ 1:15 via pin [NR]

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– Joe Galli welcomes us to the show and hypes the upcoming PPV and promises announcements for the show. The NWA Championship match at that PPV will be a 2 out of 3 falls match. We get footage on Eli Drake from Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, talking about comparisons to the Rock, Stone Cold, and Flair. He doesn’t mind those comparisons, but what bothers him is the comparison to Nick Aldis. Here he stands, where he started, and 9-years ago nothing has changed. He left he NWA, Nick Aldis took his place, and became the man. He’s stepping up, and will pick his spot. But first, he has to deal with Ken Anderson. Drake says he’s a world-class athlete, carved out of stone and certified championship material. He and Anderson have bento and even fired from the same places, but Drake can’t stop the gravy train and being Eli Drake and Anderson will never be him. Drake was GREAT here.

– Galli comments on the Rock & Roll Express’ return, and they challenge for the tag team champions next week.

– We get a really great video about Thunder Rosa’s life, journey into wrestling, MMA debut & training.

– We get highlights of Cabana winning the National Title back. Cabana will defend the title at the PPV, and his opponent will be revealed next week.

The Question Mark vs. Zane Dawson: They hyped this as a tag match, but it’s not. There is no Cornette commentary on this, it’s a solo job by Galli. They brawl at the bell. Question Mark takes control, hits a missile dropkick and Mongrovian spike for the win, The Question Mark vs. Zane Dawson @ 1:15 via pin [NR] Squash.

– The Dawsons are forced to recite Shakespeare after losing as they do it badly and Stevens pretends to throw up.

– Set for the PPV, the Question Mark vs. Trevor Murdoch.

– Joe Galli interviews Melina. Melina loves pro wrestling, and has since she was a kid. Back in the day, people fought for family and name and did so to survive. She loves that presentation and wanted to be that. She came to the NWA because she just doesn’t do any appearance, it has to be worthy of her, and that’s why she’s here because the NWA is special. Galli pts her over as an innovator and Melina says she brought big entrances, flexibility and creative moves to women’s wrestling and never got the credit even if there are imitators. She doesn’t like how Kay treats people and says Kay isn’t anything until she beats the best, and that is Melina. The championship is not an accessory, and while Melina admits that she can be a bitch, she doesn’t feel Kay deserve the championship due to her actions, Just because she did modeling and acting doesn’t mean she doesn’t belong. She earned everything she has, and is a living legend. The championship deserve s more, and that is Melina.

– Galli hypes the new series, the Circle Squared, which will be starting soon.

– Back for more Thunder Rosa into the cage video footage.

– Allisyn Kay & Ashley Vox will face two members from Melina’s team (Melina, Thunder Rosa, or Marti Belle)

– Next week, Colt Cabana vs. Ricky Starks and the Rock & Roll Express challenging for the tag team tiles. Set for the PPV is…

* Question mark vs. Trevor Murdoch
* Eli Drake vs. Ken Anderson
* Allisyn Kay & Ashley Vox vs. two members from Melina’s team (Melina, Thunder Rosa, or Marti Belle)
* Two Out of Three Falls NWA Title Match: Champion Nick Aldis vs. James Storm

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The final score: review Good
The 411
They completely changed the format of the show this week, using it to start the PPV build and to scrub out all things Cornette. The Drake promo was great, the Thunder Rosa profile videos were quite excellent, the Melina interview was well done and we have a contender for sweet Charlotte at the PPV. Overall, this week’s effort was a good and effective show for what it was trying to accomplish.