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Csonka’s NXT Review 10.30.19

October 31, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s NXT Review 10.30.19  

Csonka’s NXT Review 10.30.19

– Io Shirai defeated Candice LeRae @ 12:55 via pin [***½]
– Bronson Reed defeated Shane Thorne @ 4:25 via pin [***¼]
WWE Women’s Tag Team Title Match Champions Kairi Sane and Asuka defeated Tegan Nox and Dakota Kai @ 17:005 via pin [***½]
– Cameron Grimes defeated Tyler Bate @ 9:35 via pin [***½]
– Champions Undisputed Era defeated Matt Riddle and Keith Lee @ 14:20 via pin [***¾]

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– Poppy opens the show with a live performance as Io makes her entrance.

Io Shirai vs. Candice LeRae: This is a rematch from their excellent Takeover match. Io slaps Candice and Candice chases her to the floor, but Io cuts her off and follows wit a suicide dive. Candice fights back and she hits a suicide dive. The neck breaker in the ropes follows, and the senton follows for 2. Io cuts her off wit a code breaker and lays the boots to her. She chokes out Candice and covers for 2. Io grounds the action, and follows wit a basement dropkick. Candice fires back, hits a jawbreaker and enziguri. Candice’s nose is bloody and they work to the apron. They trade and Candice fights her off and heads up top. Io cuts her off and follows her up. Candice fights her off but Io knocks her to the floor. Io follow with a 619, and a springboard missile dropkick. Candice then cradles her for 2. Io cuts her off and they trade until Io hits the air raid crash for 2. She misses the double knees, but then pulls a crossface. Candice escapes and counters into the Gargano escape. Io counters out and they work into a double down. To their feet and Candice firs up with strikes, a dropkick and the tornado DDT for 2. Candice takes her up top and Io fights of the wild ride. The Io moonsault eats knees, but she pulls an arm bar. Candice makes the ropes, Io gets a chair but the ref takes it and Candice cradles her for 2. The flatliner follows and the superkick connects. The lionsault misses and Candice lands on the chair and Io wins. Io Shirai defeated Candice LeRae @ 12:55 via pin [***½] While not on the level of their excellent Takeover match, this was very good as these two continue to work really good together, and provided a hot start to the show.

– Shirai continued her attack post match but Rhea Ripley made the save.

– Pete Dunne vs. Damien Priest is set for next week.

– Finn Balor arrives and talked about how Bray Wyatt put on a mask and became the hottest thing in the business after beating him, but now he took off his mask and is now the hottest thing in the business. There are a lot of opinions floating around from the locker room and twitter, and those in the locker room are coming off like the fans. He said he heard Gargano got out of the hospital and soon Balor will send Gargano back to the hospital. He’s going to turn “Johnny Wrestling” into “Johnny Watches Wrestling” when he’s done with him. Nice work by Finn here.

Bronson Reed vs. Shane Thorne: Thorne runs wild at the bell with a dropkick, cannonball and is then cut off with a lariat and senton. They trade chops and Reed cuts him off with a rolling forearm. Thorne follows with a kick and Saito suplex for 2. He follows with a flurry of kicks, Red absorbs them and fires up, follows with clotheslines and a German. The Omori driver follows for 2. The straps are down and Red heads up top, gets cut off, Thorne follows him up but Reed shoves him off and follows with the splash for the win. Bronson Reed defeated Shane Thorne @ 4:25 via pin [***¼] This was a good, fun, and hard-hitting sprint to get Reed in the win column.

– Nox & Kai hyped their tag title match for late tonight.

– We get a Mia Yim video package.

Champions Kairi Sane and Asuka vs. Tegan Nox and Dakota Kai: Nox and Asuka begin. They lock up and Asuka cuts her off with kicks. Sane tags in and follows with chops. slams her down and Nox fires back with a dropkick. Kai in and to the floor they go for brawling as the champions cut them off. Post break and Nox cuts off Asuka and tags in Kai. Double teams follow and Kai covers for 2. Kai follows with arm drags, the PK and covers for 2. Asuka then cuts he off with a dragon screw and sends her to he floor. Asuka follows her out and rolls her back in. Asuka follows with Kawada kicks, and follows with a knee bar. Kai fires back with kicks, but Asuka rolls into an ankle lock. Asuka follow with strikes, Sane tags in and works over Kai in the corner. The sliding D follows for 2. She transitions to the stretch muffler, transitions to a leg lace and follows with kicks as Asuka tags back in. The STF follows, Kai counters into a cradle, but cuts her off and tags in Sane. She and Kai trade, Sane hits a shotei and grounds the action. Kai escapes, but Sane follows with kicks and tags in Asuka. Asuka follows with kicks, Kai fires back but Asuka follows with kicks and covers for 2. She goes back to the knee, and keeps Kai grounded. Post break and Sane covers for 2, Asuka back in and goes right back to the leg. The crab follows, and the champions then follow with double tams for 2. Kai fires back, dumps Sane and follows with a scorpion kick. Tag to Nox and she runs wild with strikes, the chokeslam and lady Kane is on fire. She runs Sane into Asuka, and follows with the high cross for 2. the shiniest wizard is countered into a knee bar by Asuka. Nox fights, and courts into an arm bar. Sane makes the save, Kai takes her out as it breaks down and everyone is down. Kai fires up, hits running kicks and Asuka mists her as Sane takes the ref. Insane elbow by Sane and the champions retain. Champions Kairi Sane and Asuka defeated Tegan Nox and Dakota Kai @ 17:005 via pin [***½] Sane and Asuka must have loved being back in NXT and getting time to deliver in the ring. This was really good as they got plenty of time, worked a great heat segment and gave us a solid tease of new champions.

Post match. Shayna Baszler, Jessamyn Duke, and Marina Shafir walked to ringside. Nox punched out Baszler but Duke and Shafir attacked. Baszler hit Nox with a enziguri. Baszler was about to break stomp Nox’s arm the same way she did to Kai, but Rhea Ripley arrived. Io Shirai attacked Ripley and they brawled. Bianca Belair attacked Ripley. LeRae ran out to save Ripley. Mass brawling followed with Baszler and Ripley being the last two to face off standing tall. Ripley got the takedown on Baszler but Belair and Shirai attacked her from behind. Security ran out to separate the women as NXT Dad William Regal then showed up and said he has a simple solution to this, “War Games!”. Somewhat unexpected, but cool and different. Plus when you think about it, they did lay the groundwork for this out over the last few weeks; hot angle overall here.

Cameron Grimes vs. Tyler Bate: They lock up and work into counters and end in a standoff. Bate grounds things, and starts working the arm. Grimes fights to his feet, they pick up the pace and Bate follows with a dropkick. The airplane spin follows and Bate dumps Grimes. Back in and Grimes counters into a side effect for 2. Post break and Bate fires back but Grimes follows wit a German for 2. He follows with knee strikes and covers for 2. Grimes grounds things, working the arm, but Bate fights to his feet and Grimes drags him back down. Bate takes him to the corner, follow with kicks and a flying uppercut. He follows with strikes, an XPLODER and the running shooting star press for 2. The Rey RANA into a cradle by Bate follows for 2. Grimes fights off the Tyler driver, they trade and Grimes hits collision course for 2. Bate follows with the rebound lariat for 2. Grimes fights off Tyler driver, but Bate dumps him and hits the Liger kick and a tope con hello. Killian Dain distracts Bate and Grimes hits the running double stomp for the win. Cameron Grimes defeated Tyler Bate @ 9:35 via pin [***½] I could have done without the clichéd finish, but the match was really good and featured a nice mix of power and speed in the work. I love seeing Grimes getting to deliver after his flat run in TNA/Impact.

– Post match, Killian Dain kicked the shit out of young Tyler to send a message to Pete Dunne.

– We get an Angel Garza video package.

Champions Undisputed Era vs. Matt Riddle and Keith Lee: Undisputed attacks at the bell, dumping Riddle but Lee cuts them off with a running cross body. They powder and Riddle attacks Kyle on the floor as Lee mows down Fish. Riddle tags in with chops on Fish. Lee follows with chops and Riddle follows with the spear and jackhammer for 2. Riddle follows with more chops, Lee tags in and delivers strikes. lee easily overpowers Fish, Kyle tags in and Lee overpowers him. he tosses Kyle onto Fish and tags in Riddle. Fish & Riddle trade, but Riddle follows with rolling gut wrench suplexes. He follows with some on Kyle until Fish cuts off Riddle. They isolate Riddle in their corner, and Kyle then grounds things as Fish hits a senton atomico for 2. He follows with a suplex for 2. Fish grounds the action, Riddle with heel strikes and an enziguri follows, Fish cuts off the tag, Kyle runs wild with kicks on Riddle as Fish joins in. Riddle battles back with kicks but is cut of with chasing the dragon as Lee makes the save, Riddle fights out of a guillotine, Fish attacks Lee but Lee gets pisses as Riddle makes the tag. Lee runs wild with corner splashes, clotheslines and suplexes. Kyle sweeps the leg to counter the powerbomb on Fish. Lee battles back and heads to the ropes and misses the moonsault. Fish hits a Samoan drop for 2.. Kyle follows with an am bar, transitions to a triangle but Lee powers up into a powerbomb. Riddle tags in and runs wild with strikes and kicks. XPLODERS and brotons follow and Roddy & Cole arrive, get fought off and Riddle hits a moonsault onto the pile. Lee POUNCES Cole, but Riddle gets caught with total elimination for the win. Champions Undisputed Era defeated Matt Riddle and Keith Lee @ 14:20 via pin [***¾] Bobby & Kyle continue to show why they are one of the best tag teams in the world today. This was a really good tag match but felt like the first chapter in a much longer story. I am not a fan of another distraction finish, but it plays into a bigger angle and the post match so it works here.

– Post match, Undisputed attacks until Ciampa makes the save. He runs wild on TUE, Lee & Riddle join in and Riddle hits the final flash as Lee press slams Kyle o the floor onto his pals. It appears another War Games match is in play. Goldy will have to wait, because daddy’s going to war.

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The 411 on Wrestling Podcast returns to the 411 Podcasting Network for episode 62. On the show, 411’s Larry Csonka & Jeremy Lambert break down a great week four of the Wednesday Night Wars between NXT & AEW. The show is approximately 87-minutes long.

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The final score: review Very Good
The 411
This week’s episode of NXT TV was a great show. The NXT women completely outshined the “main roster” women by a mile here tonight, we had a lot of really good wrestling, set up two War Games matches, and continued Dunne vs. dain while setting a Dunne vs. Priest rematch for next week. It was also an easy watch that flew by. I love Wednesday nights so much.

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