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Csonka’s NXT Review 3.11.20

March 11, 2020 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s NXT Review 3.11.20  

Csonka’s NXT Review 3.11.20

NXT North American Title Match: Championship: Keith Lee defeated Cameron Grimes @ 12:00 via pin [***]
Number One Contender’s Qualifying Match: Mia Yim defeated Dakota Kai @ 9:45 via pin [***]
– KUSHIDA defeated Raul Mendoza @ 4:00 via submission [**½]
Number One Contender’s Qualifying Match: Tegan Nox defeated Deonna Purrazzo @ 2:30 via pin [NR]
NXT Tag Team Title Match: Champions The Broserweights defeated Undisputed Era @ 20:00 via pin [***½]

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– We’re live from the WWE Performance Center.

Championship: Keith Lee vs. Cameron Grimes: Grimes tries to use his speed to begin, but Lee easily overpowers him and tosses him aside. Grimes tries to ground Lee, fails and eats chops. Lee dumps him but Grimes cuts him off and delivers the PK until Lee catches the cannonball, but Grimes counters out and stomps Lee’s face. Lee catches the suicide dive and slam Grimes to the apron. Back in and Lee mauls Grimes as they work up top. Grimes fights him off, follows with the high cross and takes control by grounding the champion. Grimes works submission, Lee powers to his feet and follows with the running cross body. Grimes counters the spirit bomb, hits superkicks and a German for 2. The DDT follows and cave in is countered, superkick by Grimes and Lee pounces him. Ground zero finishes it. Championship: Keith Lee defeated Cameron Grimes @ 12:00 via pin [***] This was a good opener and fun defense for Lee, while Grimes got to look good again on TV. It just wasn’t booked to allow them to hit the next gear you know they are both capable of.

– Post match, Damian Priest jumps Lee from behind with a nightstick but Dominik Dijakovic runs him off.

Number One Contender’s Qualifying Match: Mia Yim vs. Dakota Kai: they get right to things, trading near falls and ending in a standoff. Yim take control with knee strikes, chops and trips her up and then hits the dropkick for 2. Yim follows with slaps, kicks and then attacks the knee until Gonzalez cuts her off on the floor. Back in and Kai follows with kicks, but Yim fires back and delivers clotheslines and a neck breaker. The cannonball follows and gets 2. Kai cuts her off in the ropes, they trade and the Kai-ropractor follows for 2. Kai delivers Kawada kicks, but Yim cradles her for 2. To the corner and Yim counters into a powerbomb for 2. as Gonzales gets involved. Kai then cradles Yim, the ref is distracted and the code breaker finishes Kai. Mia Yim defeated Dakota Kai @ 9:45 via pin [***] This was god and while Yim is great in ladder matches, her win came off as a slight surprise as Kai had a ton of momentum following wins over Nox.

– Post match, Raquel Gonzalez lays out Mia with a powerbomb.

– We get another creepy video, possibly for Killer Kross.

KUSHIDA vs. Raul Mendoza: They brawl at the bell and work into counters as Mendoza hits a dropkick. KUSHIDA cuts off the missile dropkick with a big right and tope. The enziguri follows but Mendoza hits the twister and lionsault for 2. KUSHIDA counters back with a flurry, and the dropkick cartwheel combo follows. KUSHIDA up top, Mendoza follows him up and they trade until KUSHIDA counters into the flying arm bar and Mendoza taps. KUSHIDA defeated Raul Mendoza @ 4:00 via submission [**½] This was a short, solid, & fun outing to get KUSHIDA back on the winning track.

– Earlier today, Tyler Breeze was interviewed about the PC. Austin Theory, who says he watched him on Breaking Ground when he was in high school, interrupted him and says some people from the PC don’t pan out, like Breeze. Breeze took a picture of him and said he looked good, for a flash in the pan.

– Rhea Ripley arrives and says Charlotte needs a better game plan to get in her head. She will beat her royal ass at Mania. Charlotte arrives and shuts down some “you don’t go here” chants by saying she “made here.” She puts over Rhea but says it’s too much, too soon to be facing her. Charlotte is too much for her to handle because she’ll drown her in deep waters, Rhea attacks, they brawl until Charlotte catches her with a big boot. Rhea kicks away from a Figure Four and Charlotte heads outside, wraps Rhea’s leg around the ring post and locks in the ring posted figure four

– Outside, two men in masks kidnap Raul Mendoza. Lets hope they aren’t the same dudes who kidnapped Samoa Joe all those years ago, otherwise, he’ll comeback with a penis painted on his face.

Number One Contender’s Qualifying Match: Tegan Nox vs. Deonna Purrazzo: They trade as Purrazzo takes early control. She lays the boots to Nox, focusing on the arm until Nox fires back, but Purrazzo counters the cannonball and the bicycle kick and arm bar follows. Nox fights and escapes, the head butt and shiniest wizard follows for the win. Tegan Nox defeated Deonna Purrazzo @ 2:30 via pin [NR] Don’t fuck with Lady Kane.

– The creepy video runs again.

– The Undisputed Era come out for the main event. Velveteen Dream interrupts and says it has always been about Adam Cole. He doesn’t care about Roderick Strong or his family, berceuse hey were just tights with faces on them. He’s not a vile person and never went after the family, Roddy is just dumb. Dream vs. Cole is the Takeover: Tampa main event in his eyes. Cole says he lost last week and hasn’t earned a title shot, and next week, Cole hosts a celebration as he becomes the longest-reigning NXT Champion in history.

Champions The Broserweights vs. Undisputed Era: Dunne and Kyle begin, working into counters and a standoff. Fish & Riddle tag in, Riddle pulls a guillotine and Fish escapes. Riddle & Dunne follow with suplexes and clear the ring. Post break and the challengers take control, working over Riddle and isolating him in their corner. Kyle unloads with body shots and grounds things with ground and pound. Fish back in and maintains the heat, delivering strikes and following with the senton atomico for 2. Kyle joins in for double teams and covers for 2. He delivers knee strikes, Fish in and Riddle fires back and hits a PELE. Tag to Dunne and he follows with a German, missile dropkick to Kyle’s knee and the arm bar follows, transitions to a triangle and Kyle makes the ropes with Fish’s help. Riddle follows with a dive, rolls Cole in and Dunne polls an Eddie Guerrero to get them tossed. Back in and Dunne grounds Kyle, fights off Fish but Kyle attacks the knee as the challengers take control. Fish in and they isolate Dunne in the corner. Quick tags by the challengers follow, they cut off Riddle as Kyle & Dunne trade. Kyle takes him down, but Dunne fights them off and tags in Riddle. He runs wild on the challengers, hitting brotons and PKs as the Fisherman’s buster gets 2. Dunne back in and Kyle runs them together, but the champions fire back and the tiger driver gets 2. Dunne stomps away at Kyle, follows with strikes as they trade. Axe and smash by Kyle and the lariat follows. Riddle and Fish back in and they work into counters until Riddle hits a knee strike, German but the bombs away cuts that off. Dunne is taken out in the floor, and back in the chasing the dragon gets 2 on Riddle. Riddle hits the desperation double spear, the Grizzled Young Veterans arrive and nail Riddle as Kyle cradles him for 2. Final flash to Kyle, Dunne fights of the GYV and they double team Kyle and the double knees finish it. Champions The Broserweights defeated Undisputed Era @ 20:00 via pin [***½] These guys are al great, and while it didn’t hit the highs of the Takeover match, it was very good and they delivered the best thing on the show with ease. It feels like the Grizzled Young Veterans will get the Takeover title shot.

NEXT WEEK: Adam Cole’s championship celebration & Mercedes Martinez vs. Candice LeRae in a qualifying match.

Tommaso Ciampa arrives and says that he wants Johnny Gargano to come out and explain himself. Johnny appears on the tron and says that Ciampa is the worst man in NXT. Why is he redeemed? He did terrible things in 2017 and continued to do so ever since but he’s somehow the good guy. Ciampa leaves, finds Johnny and attacks. He beats on Johnny through the halls, Ciampa hits him with a crutch and levels a security guard. They brawl into the workout room where Johnny takes control and calls him daddy. He says Ciampa is a liar. Johnny gets a weight as a weapon but Ciampa hits him to stop it, then hits him in the ribs with the weight. They break a mirror behind them and battle into the arena. Ciampa runs a steel chair into Johnny with his knee and shouts that this is his house. Johnny battles back with the Gargano Escape, and then Johnny superkicks him and Ciampa dangles off the platform. Ciampa fires up and delivers the Air Raid Crash off of it and through the table below. William Regal and officials arrive as the show ends.

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The final score: review Good
The 411
This week’s NXT was an overall good show as they continued to set the stage for Takeover in Tampa and was an enjoyable two-hours.

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