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Csonka’s NXT Review 3.18.20

March 18, 2020 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s NXT Review 3.18.20  

Csonka’s NXT Review 3.18.20

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– Triple H and Tom Phillips host the show from WWE HQ.

– We open with a long video package on the history between Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano. They weren’t close before their tryout but they got put together from day one in WWE. They both got told at the first tryout that it wasn’t going to happen but when they get to the Cruiserweight Classic, things changed. Ciampa asked to be part of it to face Johnny, who was already in. When they put on their great match, they kind of broke out. That leads to the Takeover: Brooklyn II match against the Revival. The night that #DIY was officially born. They lost that night but came back to win the gold at Takeover: Toronto. They toured Australia and Japan with the titles, bonding more than ever. They even lived together with Candice LeRae. Ciampa says he had banged up shoulders while Johnny claims Ciampa’s heart wasn’t in DIY anymore. They dropped the titles to AOP. Ciampa says Johnny was the star in Toronto, which he never admitted before. Johnny says Ciampa had a thought of this #DIY thing possibly not working anymore.

– Their first Takeover main event was the ladder match against AOP that felt like their last shot. We get highlights from the match, which they lost. Ciampa then turned on Gargano. Johnny says he did it because he wanted Johnny gone as long as he was. Ciampa admits he did it so it could be his moment. Johnny slumped but rebounded and got an NXT Title shot. Ciampa waited and let him get his shot, which Johnny failed at. That’s why Ciampa waited to attack after the match. The next time, with Johnny’s career on the line, he interfered.

– At Takeover: New Orleans, Johnny wins but Ciampa says he came out as the bigger star. Then, he beat him at Takeover: Chicago and went on to win the NXT Title before Johnny. They had their rubber match and Johnny cost himself, losing to Tommaso. Only the neck surgery stopped his momentum. Ciampa called it the best 280 days of his life. While he was out, Johnny ended up winning the title. Ciampa showed up after the match to celebrate with him. Johnny says he was caught up in the moment seeing his best friend during a great moment. Ciampa went away to rehab and Johnny lost the title in his first defense. Johnny is annoyed that people cheered Ciampa so much upon his return. Still, Johnny does what the people wanted and reformed #DIY for Worlds Collide, while Ciampa put his focus on Adam Cole and the NXT Championship.

– We get a clip of the end of the Ciampa vs. Cole match from Portland. Ciampa notes that his stomach dropped when he saw Johnny at Portland. Johnny says his intention was to support him. Johnny says he saw the same look Ciampa gave in Chicago and when he spat on Johnny’s wedding ring. Ciampa says this is where he differs from Johnny. He let Johnny get his chance at a Takeover title match. Johnny says the fans are too stupid to see. About the brawl last week, Johnny says Ciampa didn’t give him a chance to explain and attacks him.

– Next is Finn Balor and his return to NXT. We see highlights of him starting in NXT, his start on Raw and becoming the first Universal Champion. He keeps calling himself the best wrestler in the world, and that the injury forced him to vacate the title and the atmosphere changed. Finn says guys like Jinder Mahal, Bobby Lashley and Baron Corbin suddenly had their best matches and were pushed after facing him, rather than him getting to shine. It leads to Brock vs. Finn highlights. Brock made him realize that he had been missing that feeling he had against guys like Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens in NXT. Brock beat him but saved his life, bringing back his passion. Finn wanted to get back to simply wrestling. He was out to please himself again instead of media and marketing. He starts to discuss Johnny Gargano, leading to clips from their Portland match. Finn promises to get what he wants from facing WALTER.

– Triple H talks about what it means to have an NXT Title defended at WrestleMania. We get a Rhea Ripley video package, where she talks about how she got started and how she was scared. She had no personality and was compared to all other blondes, even Lana, just for her look. Going into the next Mae Young Classic, she changed her look to be herself and she stood out. At the UK Women’s Title Tournament, everyone expected Toni Storm to win but Rhea proved that to be false and became the first champion. After that run, she arrived in NXT to step up to Shayna Baszler. They then look at her huge week in November. She pinned Charlotte Flair, won War Games, and survived at Survivor Series. In December, she beat Shayna Baszler to win the NXT Women’s Title. She was the hot new thing in NXT. Then, Charlotte won the Royal Rumble and Rhea immediately knew that she wanted to challenge her. Charlotte eventually accepted and they’ll meet at WrestleMania. Rhea says that Mania isn’t in Charlotte’s world of big stadiums and crowds and that no one wanted to see Charlotte vs. becky again. It’ll be in Rhea’s world, the Performance Center. She promises to walk out as champion after pinning Charlotte.

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This week’s NXT was good for what it was, the video packages and interviews were quality stuff as you’d expect and added to the stories similar to a Prime Target special. But at the same time, I do feel like WWE did NXT a disservice in not airing at least one great NXT match from someone involved to break things up. The circumstance suck, the content was good but it didn’t feel must see.

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