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Csonka’s NXT Review 4.17.19

April 17, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
NXT 2019 Undisputer Era
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Csonka’s NXT Review 4.17.19  

Csonka’s NXT Review 4.17.19

NXT North American Title Match: Champion Velveteen Dream defeated Buddy Murphy @ 14:50 via pin [****]
– Dominick Dijakovic defeated Aaron Frye @ 0:05 via pin [NR]
NXT Women’s Title Match: Shayna Baszler defeated Kairi Sane @ 8:35 via DQ [***¼]

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Champion Velveteen Dream vs. Buddy Murphy: They lock up and work to the ropes. Murphy now grounds the action, taking early control. Dream counters out, and drags Murphy to the mat with a headlock. Thy work into a series of counters and end in a stand off. They then pick p the pace, and Murphy hits a RANA, but Dream cuts off the dive only to eat a knee strike and Murphy covers for 2. Murphy pots him and follows with a tope. Back in and meteora follows for 2. Murphy lays the boots to him, and then locks on a sleeper. Dream fights to his feet, slams Murphy to the buckles but Murphy cuts him off. Dream fires back, heads up top and gets crotched. Murphy charges and Dream hits a desperation superkick. Dream follows with strikes and a dropkick. Dream takes him to the floor and follows with the double axe handle. Back in and Dream hits the code breaker for 2. Murphy fights off the Dream valley driver, stuns Dream off the ropes and they now work up top. They trade strikes and both fall to the floor. They beat the count back in, trading strikes and Murphy hits a spike DDT for 2. Murphy heads p top, Dream cuts him off but Murphy dumps him to the mat. Murphy looks for a sunset flip but Dream rolls into the Dream valley driver for 2. Dream heads up top but Murphy hits Cheeky nandos and a sitout powerbomb for 2. They work to the apron, and Murphy about murders Dream with a running knee strike. Back in and Dream cuts off Murphy with the rocker dropper, dream valley driver, and the purple rainmaker finishes it. Champion Velveteen Dream defeated Buddy Murphy @ 14:50 via pin [****] This was an absolute banger of a match to kick off the show, with both guys delivering and making me want to see a rematch,

-The Street Profits cut a selfie video, discussing creating opportunities. They head to Regal’s office, but the THE VIKING EXPERIENCE War Raiders come out and say it’s dealt with and that they will face next week.

Jonathan Wrestling Arrives: Gargano says they’ve been waiting a very long time for this moment. Four years ago he was told no at his tryout, and he refused to accept that and is finally Johnny Champion. Adam Cole arrives and refuses to listed to another love fest with Gargano & the fans. Cole says that Gargano was lucky because he beat Gargano at Takeover. Cole claims to be the uncrowned champion, and Gargano asks if there is trouble in his boy band, “are you guys not in synch?” Gargano then goes all scoreboard on Cole, reminding him that he tapped him twice, and that’s undisputed. Gargano calls Cole a spoiled “Bay Bay,” and then says if you want to grow a pair, he’ll put some more up on the scoreboard Strong attacks Gargano from behind, and now it’s an Undisputed beat down.

Dominick Dijakovic vs. Aaron Frye: Dijakovickils him with a cyclone kick and that’s that. Dominick Dijakovic defeated Aaron Frye @ 0:05 via pin [NR] Dead Meat

– Dijakovic says he’s in NXT due to his family’s sacrifices, and says he’s coming for the North American Title.

– The Undisputed Era plays things cool and Regal arrives, and books Strong vs. Gargano, much to Cole’s dismay.

– Aliyah & Borne complain about Candice LeRae, stating that they weren’t ready last week. They tell her to find a partner and face them next week.

– KUSHIDA debuts in two weeks.

Champion Shayna Baszler vs. Kairi Sane: If Sane loses, she can never challenge for the NXT women’s championship again. Duke & Shafir are out with Baszler. They lock up, working to the rope and Sane drops Baszler with a back fist. The sliding D follows and then a high cross to the floor. Back in and Sane hits the flying clothesline for 2. They trade strikes, and Baszler cuts her off with a knee strike and covers for 2. Baszler hits a running knee strike and covers for 2. Sane fights off a sleeper, and then hits the spear. Sane hits the dragons crew and running neck breaker. She locks on the anchor, but Baszler makes the ropes. Sane hits a second rope inane elbow, heads up top and Baszler cuts her off. Sane knocks her into the tree of WHOA and hits the double stomp. Sane misses the diving apron elbow, crashing on the floor. Back in and Baszler starts torturing the arm, Sane fights and makes the ropes. The ref brings out a doctor and Io Shirai arrives. Baszler attacks Sane, drags her back in and Shirai runs in to save Sane from the arm break spot… but causing her friend to lose. Shayna Baszler defeated Kairi Sane @ 8:35 via DQ [***¼] This was a good match that sets Sane off to the main roster and sets Shirai up as the likely next challenger for Baszler. Te only negative to this is that we’ll never get any fallout from Shirai saving/costing Sane the match.

– Duke & Shafir hold Shirai back as Baszler does the arm break spot on Sane.

– End Scene.

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The final score: review Good
The 411
This week’s NXT was a good show, with a great opener, setting up matches for next week and likely giving us two new title challengers in Dijakovick & Shirai.

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