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Csonka’s NXT Review 5.08.19

May 10, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Matt Riddle NXT 1-2-19
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Csonka’s NXT Review 5.08.19  

Csonka’s NXT Review 5.08.19

– Bianca Belair defeated Mia Yim @ 7:35 via pin [***]
– Raul Mendoza defeated Riddick Regimen @ 4:34 via pin [**½]
– Matt Riddle defeated Adam Cole @ 13:55 via submission [***¾]

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Bianca Belair vs. Mia Yim: Thy lock up, working into counters and trading arm drags before working into a stalemate. Belair attacks, but Yim cuts her off with a dropkick and follows with strikes and kicks. The cannonball misses, and Belair slams her off the apron and then lays the boots to her. Belair grounds the action, Yim fights back but Belair hits the running splash for 2. Belair follows with strikes, and then alley-oops her to the buckles, covering for 2. Belair continues to control, talking shit and Yim then cradles her for 2. The hanging guillotine follows, but Belair powers out and into a suplex for 2. Belair looks for another running splash, but Yim gets the knees up. She follows with kicks, hits John Wooooooooo and then the cannonball. The tarantula follows, Yim looks for a sunset flip but Belair sits down and uses her hair around the ropes for leverage to win. Bianca Belair defeated Mia Yim @ 7:35 via pin [***] This was a good opener, as their styles and personalities played well off of each other. The finish was also creative.

– Earlier in the day, the Forgotten Sons ambushed the War Raiders at the Performance Center.

– Next is footage from the Performance Center. Shayna Baszler led a sparring session between Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke. As they trained, Io Shirai ran in and attacked Shayna.

Raul Mendoza vs. Riddick Moss: They lock up and work to the ropes. Moss argues with the ref and poses. Mendoza attacks and takes him down. Moss backs off and stalls. Mendoza picks up the pace and follows with kicks. The enziguri follows and then hits the RANA and running shooting star press for 2. Moss catches him and hits a curling fall away slam. The corner spear follows, and the spinebuster gets 2. Moss follows with rights, grabs a drink and Mendoza fires back with kicks. He then follows with rights and a head scissors. Mendoza up top and hits a tornillo for the win. Raul Mendoza defeated Riddick Regimen @ 4:34 via pin [**½] This was a solid match with Moss exploring his new gimmick, while Mendoza got a chance to shine.

– KUSHIDA returns next week.

Matt Riddle vs. Adam Cole: They lock up and Riddle quickly grounds things. Cole escapes to the ropes and powders. Back in and they lock up again, Cole follows with strikes, and Riddle then grounds him again. He follows with a shoulder tackle and senton, covering for 2. Riddle follows with rolling gut wrench suplexes, but Cole then cuts him off with a boot to the face. He grounds things and figure fours the head. Riddle counters out but Cole follows with a clothesline. He lays the boots to him and lays in strikes. The dragon sleeper follows, but Riddle escapes with knee strikes. Cole stops the comeback with a back elbow. Cole talks shit and they trade strikes and chops, and Riddle follows with a German. He unloads with a flurry of strikes and running forearms. The XPLODER follows and the senton and PK follow for 2. Riddle then hits a bridging German for 2. Cole cuts him off with kicks and an ushigoroshi for 2. Riddle fights off a suplex and hits a ripcord knee. Cole then counters bro to sleep with a backstabber for 2. They trade strikes from their knees, Cole stomps on the feet but Riddle gets an ankle lock. The bromission follows, but Cole escapes and Riddle hits the fisherman’s buster and rolls into another, but Cole hits the OG last shot for 2. Riddle follows with chops, counters the destroyer after counters; Cole hits the superkick and last shot for 2. Cole drops the kneepad, but Riddle cuts him off with bro to sleep, a powerbomb and knee strike. Roddy arrives, Riddle takes him out and Cole then superkicks Riddle on the way back in and covers for 2, Riddle counters into bro to sleep and Cole taps. Matt Riddle defeated Adam Cole @ 13:55 via submission [***¾] This was a very good main event, with Riddle picking up the big win and the issues within Undisputed Era continuing.

– Following the match, Cole and Strong get into it as Fish and O’Reilly try to keep the peace. Cole walks off with Kyle, and says that he won big matches alone but all his big losses involve Strong. Trouble in paradise…

– End Scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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* Intro
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* Review/Look Back on The Final Nitro: 23.10
* Dark Side of The Ring on Bruiser Brody & The Von Erichs: 110.00

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