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Csonka’s NXT Review 6.12.19

June 12, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Kushida NXT 5-15-19 WWE
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Csonka’s NXT Review 6.12.19  

Csonka’s NXT Review 6.12.19

– Candice LeRae & Io Shirai vs. Marina Shafir & Jessamyn Duke went to a no contest @ 5:50 [**½]
SUBMISSION MATCH: KUSHIDA defeated Drew Gulak @ 10:15 via submission [***½]
– Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan defeated Kyle O’Reilly & Roderick Strong @ 9:50 via pin [***½]

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Candice LeRae & Io Shirai vs. Marina Shafir & Jessamyn Duke: Baszler is at ringside. Duke and LeRae begin, with LeRae getting a roll up for 2.Shafir tags in and LeRae hits a neck breaker, and covers for 2. Shafir powders and LeRae follows to the floor, working both she and Duke over. Back in and Shafir cuts her off, tagging Duke in who follows with elbow strikes and an axe kick for 2. Shafir tags back in and follows with knee strikes and a judo throw for 2. LeRae battles back with an arm drag, but Shafir kicks Shirai to the floor. Duke tags in and follows with knee strikes, covering for 2. LeRae slowly fights them off, looking for a tag, hits an enziguri and Shirai gets he hot tag. Shirai runs wild with strikes, a 619, and the springboard missile dropkick follows. She does the Baszler arm stomp on Duke, hits the double knees and the moonsault to the floor to take out Baszler. LeRae follows with a suicide dive. Baszler is tossed to the steps and the bell rings as Shirai kicks Baszler’s ass in the crowd. LeRae fights off Duke & Shafir and they are finally separated. Candice LeRae & Io Shirai vs. Marina Shafir & Jessamyn Duke went to a no contest @ 5:50 [**½] The match was solid stuff, Duke and Shafir still need work but did well, while Candice & Io were awesome here and the post match angle/brawl was really good.

– Velveteen Dream cuts a promo about his greatness.

– We get a Damian Priest video package; he debuts next week.

Submission Match: KUSHIDA vs. Drew Gulak: They immediately work to the mat, and into a stalemate. KUSHIDA pulls guard, they scramble and KUSHIDA just plays around with him. We get a lock up, they work to the ropes and KUSHIDA rolls for the arm bar, but Gulak rolls until KUSHIDA gets a hammerlock. Gulak fires back; takes KUSHIDA to the buckles and lays in chops. KUSHIDA then kicks him to the floor, and then back in, KUSHIDA grounds things, attacking the arm. Gulak cuts him off with a slam, hits another and then locks on a Gory special. KUSHIDA fights, but Gulak transitions to a crab until KUSHIDA escapes. Gulak grounds things, attacking the arm. KUSHIDA fires up to his feet, but Gulak drags him back down. KUSHIDA fires back with strikes, kicks, and follows with running forearms and a cartwheel dropkick. KUSHIDA follows with an enziguri and tornado DDT into the arm bar; Gulak fights and just barely make the ropes. KUSHIDA goes right back to the arm, and after a series of counters, Gulak gets an ankle lock. He drops down Taguchi style, but KUSHIDA makes the ropes. To the apron they go, they trade strikes and kicks, and KUSHIDA RANAs Gulak over the ropes and back into the ring. They trade strikes from their knees, throat punch by KUSHIDA and the back handspring elbow follows. The PK and hover board lock follows and Gulak taps. KUSHIDA defeated Drew Gulak @ 10:15 via submission [***½] This was really good stuff and a great change of pace that highlighted the strengths of both men.

– They shake hands post match.

– Vanessa Bourn & Aliyah are interviewed, and are insulted that Mia Yim thinks she deserves a title shot. They bought her fashion, English, & Grammar books to help her out.

– In two weeks, Baszler defends against Shirai in cage match.

– They recap Mansoor winning the SaudiMania III battle royal.

Kyle O’Reilly & Roderick Strong vs. Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch: Bobby Fish, wearing a sling, is at ringside. Lorcan & O’Reilly begin. They lock up and work into counters as O’Reilly grounds things. He follows with strikes, but Lorcan fires back with chops in the corner. O’Reilly cuts him off, but Lorcan levels him with a running uppercut. They continue to trade as Roddy & Burch join in and brawl. Lorcan follows with a dive, and Burch now tags in and they double team O’Reilly, the half and half/knee strike combo follows for 2. O’Reilly cuts them of as Roddy tags in and lays in vicious chops. A back breaker follows, and O’Reilly joins in as they pummel Lorcan in the corner. O’Reilly follows with knee strikes; Roddy tags in and maintains control with a catapult into the ropes. Sliding kick by Roddy follows and he grounds the action. O’Reilly back in and double teams connect. He follows with knee strikes, and locks on a grounded abdominal stretch. Lorcan fires back with uppercuts, but O’Reilly fights back until Lorcan hits the blockbuster. Burch and Roddy tag in and Burch follows with a dropkick and XPLODER. O’Reilly blind tags in and Burch hits ahead butt and powerbomb for 2. Burch locks on a crossface, Roddy makes the save and O’Reilly follows with the Nigel lariat. Chasing the dragon follows for 2 as Lorcan makes the save. They all trade strikes, it completely breaks down and everyone is down. Jaxson Ryker arrives and chokeslams a security guy on the floor. Undisputed gets distracted, ran together, and Burch cradles O’Reilly for the win. Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan defeated Kyle O’Reilly & Roderick Strong @ 9:50 via pin [***½] This was a really good tag match, continuing the fallout from Takeover: XXV, and seemingly positioning Burch & Lorcan for a tag title shot.

– End Scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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* Intro
* WWE Super Showdown Review: 6:15
* NJPW Dominion 2019 Review: 1:03:30
* Will Ospreay’s Dragon Slaying Tour: 1:42:35
* Early G1 Thoughts (Shingo, MOX, KENTA, Ospreay, Cobb): 1:44:45

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The final score: review Good
The 411
This week’s episode of NXT was a good show, with some really enjoyable wrestling, and continued the fallout from Takeover: XXV as well as setting up some stuff for the future.

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