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Csonka’s NXT Takeover Portland 2020 Review

February 16, 2020 | Posted by Larry Csonka
BroserWeights NXT Takeover: Portland, Pete Dunne
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Csonka’s NXT Takeover Portland 2020 Review  

Csonka’s NXT Takeover Portland 2020 Review

NXT North American Title Match: Champion Keith Lee defeated Dominik Dijakovic @ 20:25 via pin [****¼]
Street Fight: Dakota Kai defeated Tegan Nox @ 14:20 via pin [****]
– Finn Balor defeated Johnny Gargano @ 27:20 via pin [****¼]
NXT Women’s Title Match: Champion Rhea Ripley defeated Bianca Belair @ 13:35 via pin [***½]
NXT Tag Team Title Match: The Broserweights defeated Champions Undisputed Era @ 17:50 via pin [****½]
NXT Title Match: Champion Adam Cole defeated Tommaso Ciampa @ 33:25 via pin [***½]

– Follow all of my reviews at this link.

– Nigel, Beth, & Mauro are on commentary.

– We open with a performance by Poppy.

NXT North American Champion Keith Lee vs. Dominik Dijakovic: These guys are 1-1-2 in NXT, but they have a rich history outside of the company. Thy lockup and work into passes until Lee hits a RANA. They work into counters, trade shoulder tackles and Lee attacks the arm. Dijakovic follows with chops, into the international and Dijakovic hits a cyclone kick. Lee catches the Fosbury flop but Dijakovic escapes. Dijakovic suplexes him to the apron, back in and Dijakovic follows with grounded strikes. Lee is rocked as Dijakovic continues to throw strikes. Lee fights off a suplex, follows with strikes and works over Dijakovic with a backbreaker and release German for 2. Dijakovic counters back, hits a boot and another cyclone kick. Dijakovic to the ropes and up top, and the corkscrew moonsault connects and that gets 2. Feast your eyes is fought off by Lee, he follows with strikes and elbows as they then trade clotheslines. Lee fires up and they collide center ring. Dijakovic follows with knee strikes and a clothesline. Lee to the apron, they work to the corner and Lee heads up top. Dijakovic fires back, follows him up and the avalanche DVD follows for 2. Dijakovic follows with strikes, but Lee hits a pounce… PERIOD. Dijakovic spills to the floor, Lee follows and delivers big time strikes and chops. Lee sits him in a chair and follows with more chops. Dijakovic fires back, he sits Lee in the chair and follows with a superkick. Dijakovic then springboards to he floor and wipes out Lee with a cannonball! Back in and Dijakovic looks for a chokebreaker, but Lee counters until Dijakovic counters, they trade and Dijakovic counters the chokelam with a back flip, Lee does the same and the spirit bomb follows. Dijakovic pops up and Lee hits another for 2! Lee heads up top, but Dijakovic dumps him. Lee back up and he heads back up top, Dijakovic follows with kicks and follows him up. The Spanish fly follows and Dijakovic covers for 2. Feast your eyes is countered, Dijakovic favors his back and Lee follows with ground zero for the win. Champion Keith Lee defeated Dominik Dijakovic @ 20:25 via pin [****¼] This was an absolutely great opening match, with great hoss spots, wild athleticism from both, some crazy near falls and a molten crowd that was into it the whole way through. This was another banger in their great catalogue of matches to be sure. I am thrilled that both finally got to shine in a singles match on the takeover stage. I love the big lads.

– They share a sign of respect post match.

Street Fight: Dakota Kai vs. Tegan Nox: Kai attacks Nox during her entrance and they brawl into the crowd. Nox spears her through a barricade but Kai counters into a DDT onto the barricade. In the ring and Kai covers for 2. Kai grabs trashcan lids, trashcans and then slams Nox to the steps. Kai misses with a 2×4 spot, Nox hits a high cross of the steps and puts a trashcan over her head and follows with a cannonball against the steps. Back in and Nox covers for 2. Nox gets a table, sets it up and Kai fights off the suplex, follows with trashcan lid shots and back in, lays the boots to Nox. Kai misses the kick, Nox follows with superkicks and follows with trashcan shots. The German onto the can follows for 2. Kai counter back into the chiropractor for 2. Kai up top Nox catches her but Kai counters into a scorpion kick. Nox counters the PK, slams her to the apron and heads up top. Kai cuts her off, follows her up and they fight for position as Nox chokeslams her off the ropes and follows with the Molly Go Round for 2! Nox sets up a chair, looks sad but looks to attack until Kai hits a superkick, kicks the chair into her face. To the floor and Kai posts her. Kai duct taps her to the post and kicks her in the face. She hits another and frees Nox. Nox fires back, attacking Kai’s knee and she’s snapped. Nox gets chains and keeps attacking the knee of Kai, rips off the brace and Pillmanizes her knee. The shiniest wizard connects and Nox now realizes what she’s done. But she wants more and slides the table in the ring. She sets it up and lays Kai on it, wraps a chair around her neck and Raquel Gonzalez attacks Nox. She tosses her onto the table but I AM THE TABLE! Kai covers and wins. Dakota Kai defeated Tegan Nox @ 14:20 via pin [****] The match had a great start perfectly fitting the feud. I loved the call backs to the feud and emotion they brought throughout, as I felt they not only played the stipulation well, but it just simply played off of the established story well. The finish was a little flat for me, but these two delivered a great match.

– On Sunday April 26th, NXT UK Takeover: Dublin takes place.

Finn Balor vs. Johnny Gargano: Balor is 9-1 all time at Takeover. They circle, lockup and Balor trips Gargano down. Lockup again and Gargano cradles him for 1. Gargano takes him down, they work into counters on the mat and Balor takes control with a head scissors while doing pushups. Gargano escapes, hits a dropkick and grounds Balor. Balor escape, Gargano follows with a side kick and rolling kick. He starts working the arm, grounding Balor. Balor fires back, hits a back elbow and follows with strikes in the corner. he follows with chops, an strike to the back. He follows with running chops, Gargano fires back and he delivers chops. Gargano now delivers strikes, and then spears him on the apron as they spill to the floor. he shoots Balor to the barricades, follows with chops but Balor cuts him off with sling blade. The knee strike follows, and back in, Balor grounds things. He follows with a dropkick and grounds things again. Gargano fights but he’s still down. Gargano fights to his feet, hits divorce court and starts targeting the arm. Gargano grounds him and covers for 2. Balor then counters the enziguri into a dragon screw. Balor then grounds things, working the knee. Gargano tries to roll into an arm bar, but Balor cuts him off. He works the knee in the ropes, grounding Gargano. Balor keeps attacking the knee, Gargano fights him off and cradles him for 2. Balor rolls into an Indian death lock, Gargano fights and escapes, hits an enziguri and head kick. The clothesline follows and Balor counters the suicide dive, but Gargano slams him into the steps. The apron cannonball connects, back in and the slingshot spear follows for 2. Gargano lays the boots to him, follows with chops and Balor counters the lawn dart and the final cut follows for 2. Balor stomps away at Gargano, beating him like he owes him money. Gargano rolls to the floor, Balor follows and eats a superkick. back in and Gargano hits the lawn dart to the buckles, but Balor hits a PELE but Gargano falls on him and covers for 2. Gargano to the apron, they trade strikes. They go crazy fists, enziguri by Gargano and the spear is countered by knee strikes, Balor up top and the double stomp misses, slingshot DDT by Gargano and that gets 2. They come face to face and Gargano hits a big lariat. The DIY kick is countered into sling blade. John Woooooooooo is countered by a superkick, and Balor rebounds into sling blade, John Woooooo and the double stomp misses, Gargano escape by Gargano and Balor fights but Gargano rolls and keeps the hold. Balor rolls out into a standing double stomp, but Gargano counters bloody Sunday into the Gargano escape until Balor makes the ropes. He spills to the floor, Gargano follows and John Woooooooooooos Balor through the barricades as payback from Full Sail. Gargano teases Bloody Sunday, clears of an announce table and Balor suplexes him onto the table. Balor climbs onto the other table and hits JOHN WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Back in and the double stomp connects; bloody Sunday finishes it. Finn Balor defeated Johnny Gargano @ 27:20 via pin [****¼] This match ruled. It was everything I wanted from this Takeover match, great intensity and hate, they played off of the established feud extremely well and the action was absolutely great throughout as we got both Johnny Takeover and NXT Balor. Balor was a spectacular asshole, Gargano a tremendous babyface and the callbacks to how the feud started and unfolded were excellently done. It was not only about who was the better wrestler, but also had the heat of the established feud and story added in.

– Roddy says Dream is a dead man on Wednesday and tonight, his boys will dominate tonight.

NXT Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley vs. Bianca Belair: These two have a lot to follow. They lockup and separate. Lockup again and Rhea looks to work the arm. She grounds Bianca, Bianca fires back and takes Rhea down. back to the feet and they work to the ropes. They work into counters, as Rhea follows with kicks and clotheslines. The dropkick follows, Rhea delivers chops and takes Bianca down. Bianca counters back, slams Rhea down and lays the boots to her. Bianca grounds things with a cravat, Rhea powers up and Bianca slams her down and the standing moonsault gets 2. Rhea counters a suplex, but Bianca counters back into a rough looking jackhammer for 2. She follows with a camel clutch, Rhea escapes and follows with kicks. She hits a backdrop, clotheslines and knee strikes. The basement dropkick follows and the electric chair connects for 2. Rhea locks on the inverted cloverleaf, but Bianca rolls and counters out, posting Rhea. The cradle follows for 2. The spinebuster also gets 2. Bianca then follows with shoulder tackles, they work up top and trade slaps. They light each other up, hair whip by Bianca and the press slam follows Bianca follows with the back handspring moonsault, but it eats knee. They work into counters, spear by Bianca and both are down. They trade from their knees, Bianca takes over until Rhea follows with a superkick. Strikes from Bianca and the hair whip misses. Bianca dumps Rhea and follows with a tope. Rhea battles back, slams her to the steps and back in, Bianca dumps her again. Rhea to the apron, they trade, Rhea heads up top and Bianca fights her off. Bianca counters the sunset bomb, but Rhea counters into riptide for the win. Champion Rhea Ripley defeated Bianca Belair @ 13:35 via pin [***½] These two were in such a difficult spot, so much greatness before them and a cold crowd to start due to the fact that people weren’t buying into Bianca winning as expected. To their credit, they busted their asses and had a very good match.

– Post match, Charlotte attacks Rhea and accepts the match at Mania. She hits natural selection and poses with the championship. Charlotte then slams Bianca into the steps.

– The Broserweights ride the Brosermobile to the ring. Riddle gives us bro and delivers his wacky Bobby Fish line repeatedly. Bobby is not amused.

NXT Tag Team Champions Undisputed Era vs. The Broserweights: The champions attack and brawl on the floor. They take control, in the ring and Riddle cuts off Kyle. He follows with kicks, Fish in and they trade until Riddle hits gut wrench suplexes, tags in Dunne and they follow with double teams. Fish cuts off Dunne with knee strikes. but Dunne fires back and then attacks the arm of Kyle. To the floor and Dunne suplexes Fish to the apron and suplexes Kyle onto Fish. Back in and Fish cuts off Dunne, Kyle tags in and follows with kicks, strikes and takes Dunne down. Fish back in and he keeps Dunne grounded, Dunne fires back but runs into a Samoan drop. Kyle follows with ground and pound, Fish in and the senton atomico follows for 2. The champions follow with quick tags and double teams, but Dunne fights back until they take out his knee. Back in and Fish covers for 2. Dunne battles back, Kyle accidentally kicks Fish and Dunne makes the tag. Riddle runs wild with strike and kicks, an XPLODER and another. The brotons follow and the fisherman’s buster connects. Bro to sleep and a German follows for 2. Kyle cuts him off, Dunne in and double teams follow for 2. Riddle & Dunne head up top and follow with moonsaults but Riddle eats knees on. Dunne misses a kick, hits the post and Kyle follows with Germans on Riddle but Riddle pops up and the final flash and another knee strike follow for 2. Kyle dumps Riddle, he spears Fish and then spears Kyle in the ring. Fish chop blocks Riddle and the DDT/German combo follows for 2. Riddle counters high/low and Dunne tags in, attacks Kyle’s arm and Kyle counters out but Dunne hits an enziguri . The am bar follows by Dunne, they work into counters and the champions lock on submissions until Riddle fights out and saves Dunne. Dune follows with a German, head kick and the challengers are cut off as Kyle takes out Dunne with an apron knee strike. Superplex by Fish, bombs away and knee bar by Kyle but Dunne fights off Fish, saves Riddle and Dunne trades with Kyle, Kyle runs Dunne into Riddle but Dunne snaps Kyle’s fingers. Kyle counters bitter end, Riddle accidentally spears Dune, get dumped and chasing the dragon gets 2 on Dunne! The high/low is countered, Riddle tags in and the stereo kicks follow. The bitter bro to sleep finally finishes it and we have new champions. The Broserweights defeated Champions Undisputed Era @ 17:50 via pin [****½] The Undisputed Era deliver again on Takeover, and they did an excellent job of teasing that The Broserweights would fail and implode, leading to a hot closing stretch with some really well done near falls that pulled the crowd into it big time. There was a lot of innovative stuff combined with a foundation of classic tag team wrestling. This was an absolutely tremendous piece of business with all four delivering as expected. I absolutely loved this match.

NXT Champion Adam Cole vs. Tommaso Ciampa: They circle and lockup, working to the ropes for a break. Ciampa looks to ground things, but Cole counters out and grounds Ciampa. Ciampa fights to his feet, hits a shoulder tackle, another and dumps Cole. He teases willow’s bell, but Cole escapes. Ciampa chases and grounds Cole back in the ring. Cole counters but Ciampa slaps him and takes control back. Cole counters out, hits a shoulder tackle and they work into counters as Ciampa grounds things once again. Ciampa follows with chops, counters the backstabber but Cole wipes him out with a kick on the floor. Ciampa battles back, posts Cole and dumps him over the commentary table. The running knee strike follows, and Ciampa rolls him back in. Cole powders, misses an enziguri and Ciampa follows wit a running knee strike. Back in and Cole rolls back to the floor. Ciampa follows and drapes him on the barricade. The running knee strike connects. He follows with strikes, chops and kills Cole with another running knee strike he’s dead, Jim. Cole counters the powerbomb and Germans Ciampa neck first to the announce table. Back in and Cole covers for 2. The neck breaker follows, and Cole grounds things, working the neck. He follows with kicks, heads up top and Ciampa cuts him off. He follows him up, they trade and Cole counters the air raid crash, follows with the backstabber and covers for 2. Ciampa tries to fight to his feet, and gets the backslide for 2. Cole counters willow’s bell, hits an enziguri but Ciampa cuts off panama sunrise with a jumping knee strike. They trade, clotheslines by Ciampa follow and then hits a German. The running knee strike follows, and three seconds around the world gets 2. They work into counters, ushigoroshi by Cole and that gets 2. They work to the corner and Cole looks for Panama sunrise, Ciampa fights him off with chops and the avalanche air aid crash for 2! Cole fights back, hits the superkick but Ciampa counters back and powerbombs him on the announce table. He looks for another and puts Cole through the table this time. Back in and the knee strike connects but Cole fires back and then runs into a lariat. Project Ciampa follows and that gets a great near fall. Ciampa follow with strikes, they trade and Cole follows with kicks, dumping Ciampa. Ciampa cuts off the suicide dive with a jumping knee strike. Ciampa rolls him back in, but Cole cuts him off with a stuff piledriver, the OG last shot and covers for 2. Cole talks shit, Ciampa fires back, they trade and Cole follows with superkicks and the last shot but Ciampa rolls to the ropes. To the apron and Cole climbs the ropes, and the Panama sunrise is countered into the apron air raid crash. Cole fights off fairy tale ending on the floor, climbs to the announce table and follows with the Panama sunrise on the floor. back in, willow’s bell by Ciampa and the fairy tale ending connects and Cole kicks out! Ciampa can’t believe it, and Cole counters into a crossface. Ciampa fights, and counters into a crossface. Cole makes the ropes, and rolls to the floor. Roddy arrives and takes the ref. Kyle & Bobby attack Ciampa, rolls him in and Cole covers for 2. TUE try to rally Cole, he misses the last shot and Ciampa dumps him onto Bobby & Kyle, he takes out Roddy and follows wit a dive. Superkicks by Cole, and the last shot only gets 2. Ciampa fights off the belt shot, REF bump and low blow by Cole. Ciampa fights back again, fairy tale ending but no ref. Gargano is out to rally Ciampa, but takes the title away from him and lays out Ciampa as Cole covers for the win. Champion Adam Cole defeated Tommaso Ciampa @ 33:25 via pin [***½] There was a lot to love about this match, and on the surface I love the Gargano heel turn following his failure against Balor earlier in the evening. In many ways, it went too long and in the end, with the overbooked finish felt like diminishing returns with too many big kick outs, and while I am one who can let some selling aspects slide with ease, due to adrenaline and story there were some glaring issues with it here, namely the Panama sunrise on the floor only to slide right back in, willow’s bell by Ciampa and the fairy tale ending connecting as Cole kicks out. This wasn’t a fighting spirit striking exchange that was just going move for move with nothing in between. It was really good, but they really lost me down the stretch.

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The final score: review Very Good
The 411
NXT Takeover Portland 2020 was an overall great show, with a lot to love in the ring, new tag team champions, Charlotte accepting Rhea’s challenge and the big heel turn by Gargano. Had the main event played out a bit differently and they not shown their hand so early with Charlotte & Rhea, I thin it’s even better.