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Csonka’s NXT TV Review 8.23.17

August 23, 2017 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s NXT TV Review 8.23.17  

Csonka’s NXT Review 8.23.17

– Peyton Royce defeated Sarah Logan @ 4:20 via pin [**]
– Pete Dunne and Wolfgang defeated Trent Seven and Tyler Bate @ 7:45 via pin [***¼]

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– Tonight’s matches were taped prior to NXT Takeover: Brooklyn III.

– No Way Jose is out to kick off the show and make the fans happy. He starts a big old conga line… unfortunately for Jose LARS SULLIVAN HATE CONGA MUSIC. LARS SULLIVAN SMASH PUNY JOSE! Well at least he didn’t kill a poor unsuspecting tag team partner this week.

– Next up are highlights from the show stealing Gargano vs. Almas match from NXT Takeover: Brooklyn III. Gargano is interviewed and says he will make no excuses for his loss, because he has no one to blame but himself and his memories. He knows people still believe in him and that was not the end for Johnny Wrestling.

– We now get highlights of Asuka retaining her title over Ember Moon at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn III. Asuka gave an interview post match, noting that she’s better than Moon, and will remain champion going forward. Unfortunately she’ll be out anywhere from 6 to 9 weeks, due to a broken collarbone.

– Pete Dunne says the WWE UK Brand started when he won the title. Wolfgang interrupts, and wants a title shot after they win their tag match tonight. Dunne tells him to stay focused and to not get ahead of himself.

Peyton Royce w/Billie Kay vs. Sarah Logan: Logan is in the MYC, which debuts on Monday. They lock up and work some basic back and forth until Logan trips up Royce and then grounds her and works the arm. Royce fights back and drops Logan with a spin kick. Royce then works her over in the corner, and chokes her out with the boot. Knee strikes follow and then works a tarantula variation in the ropes. Slaps her around a bit, but Logan comes back with a German suplex. Strikes and chops follow, Logan follows with a dropkick and that gets 2. Kay tries to help Royce, but Royce cuts off Logan and hits the fisherman’s suplex for the win. Peyton Royce defeated Sarah Logan @ 4:20 via pin [**] This was a solid little match here, but I highly question putting Logan on TV and hyping that she’s in the MYC only to have her lose.

– We now go to highlights from Sanity winning the tag team titles from the AOP at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn III. We also see footage of Roode losing the title and well as the post match activities from Adam Cole (BAY BAY!), Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby.

– Bobby Roode is interviewed, and we see footage of his Smackdown debut. He claims that he isn’t done with NXT just yet because he has business to finish with Roderick Strong.

– We next get highlight from Itami vs. Black from NXT Takeover: Brooklyn III.

Pete Dunne and Wolfgang vs. Trent Seven and Tyler Bate: British Strong Style collides! Seven lost to Wolfgang in the UK Tournament, while bate is looking for revenge against Dunne after dropping the title to him. Bate and Dunne to begin as they get big UK chants. They open up with some nice mat work, and end in a stand off. Post break, and Bate hits a dropkick and tags in Seven, they work double teams and maintain control. Dunne fires back with a cheap shot on Seven and tags on Wolfgang. Seven quickly cuts him off with a DDT, Dunne distracts Seven allowing Wolfgang to hit the spear and cover for 2. Dunne back in now, and he attacks the arm of Seven to keep control. Dunne focuses on the arm, lays in some kicks and tags Wolfgang back in. Wolfgang hits a few takedowns, but Seven turns him inside out with a tiger suplex. Bate and Dunne gets tags, Bate hits a suplex but Dunne counters the German and Bate kills him with a lariat. Bate follows with the big airplane spin. It breaks down, Seven to the floor along with Wolfgang. Bate hits the jab, but Dunne hits an enziguri. Wolfgang blind tags in as Bate hits the Tyler driver 97. Unfortunately for him, Wolfgang flies in with the senton and picks up the win. Pete Dunne and Wolfgang defeated Trent Seven and Tyler Bate @ 7:45 via pin [***¼] This was a good main event, I always enjoy when the UK guys are brought in for NXT. They bring in fresh (to NXT) matches and the matches are always good and fun.

– End scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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This was the typical and solid post Takeover edition of NXT, filling the void until the next tapings and getting everyone up to date on the events of the latest special.