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Csonka’s NXT UK Review 11.07.18 (Ep. 6)

November 7, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Toni Storm NXT UK WWE Evolution
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Csonka’s NXT UK Review 11.07.18 (Ep. 6)  

Csonka’s NXT UK Review 11.07.18 (Ep. 6)

– Toni Storm defeated Dakota Kai @ 7:20 via pin [***¼]
– Zack Gibson defeated Amir Jordan @ 4:25 via submission [**¼]
– Jordan Devlin defeated Kenny Williams @ 4:40 via pin [**¾]
– Wolfgang, Joe Coffey & Mark Coffey defeated Mark Andrews, Ashton Smith & Flash Morgan Webster @ 14:45 via pin [***]

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– Vic Joseph & Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the show as our commentary team.

– We see footage of Toni Storm winning the Mae Young Classic.

Toni Storm vs. Dakota Kai: They lock up, work to the ropes and break clean. They lock up again, back to the corner and Kai breaks clean this time. They shake hands and look to attack at the same time. Kai quickly takes her down and hits a double stomp and PK for 2. Storm fires back with strikes and a big boot, and covers for 2. The suplex follows and that gets 2. Storm now lays in uppercuts, and locks on a modified Muta lock. Kai fights, crawls, and finally makes the ropes. Storm lays the boots to Kai, but Kai fires up and they trade strikes. She follows with kicks but Storm cuts her off with a head butt. They fight back to the feet, trade strikes and chops, and Kai hits a pair of head kicks, but Storm cuts her off with a German. She follows with uppercuts, but Kai about murders her with a running kick. The big bicycle kick follows and Storm cuts off the running stomp and hits a German. The neck breaker across the knee finally finishes it for Storm. Toni Storm defeated Dakota Kai @ 7:20 via pin [***¼] While the finish came a bit out of nowhere, this was a good match that allowed both to shine and gave Storm a big win. Kai looked great ad lost nothing here.

Post match, Jinny arrives and beats down Kai as she leaves, claiming that this is her NXT.

Zack Gibson vs. Amir Jordan: Gibson talks shit as the crowd hates him. Gibson takes control and grounds the action, almost toying with Jordan. Jordan picks up the pace, starts putting some offense together, but is quickly cut off as Gibson starts attacking the arm. Gibson keeps talking shit as he controls with ease, keeping the focus on the arm. Jordan hits a desperation dropkick and high cross for 2. Gibson cuts him off with a lariat and helter skelter follows; shankley gates finishes it. Zack Gibson defeated Amir Jordan @ 4:25 via submission[**¼] This was ok as a match, but was more about getting Gibson back on track and making him look like a dominating force.

– Promo time for Gibson, who says he stands victorious again. He won the UK Tournament. He beat Noam Dar and every day he steps in the ring is another step closer to becoming the champion. This NXT UK brand is the benchmark in British wrestling, the best talent flocked here, and wanted to be something special. But the locker room, they are having a laugh if they think Gibson will share the top, because he’s the guy you build he brand around. He will elevate the brand and make it great. Trent Seven arrives and he’s obviously sick of hearing Gibson speak. Seven calls Gibson delusional. Seven says Gibson was nowhere to be found when they started this whole thing off, because he was at home watching them make history. Gibson did win the 2018 tournament, but he couldn’t get the job done. Seven mocks Gibson over the fans taking their shoes off for him. Seven challenges him to a match, but Gibson powders.

Jordan Devlin vs. Kenny Williams: They lock up, and Devlin grounds things. He works a side headlock, Williams escapes, they work into passes and into a stand off. Devlin hits a big uranage and standing moonsault for 2. Devlin rakes the eyes, and then grounds things. Williams starts to fight back, but gets knocked to the floor. He cuts off the apron PK and follows with a dropkick and suicide dive. Back in and Williams heads up top and hits the flying elbow to a standing Devlin for 2. They work into counters and Williams hits a wheelbarrow driver for 2. Devlin cuts off the DDT and hits his side slam deal that they didn’t name. Jordan Devlin defeated Kenny Williams @ 4:40 via pin [**¾] Devlin picks up another win as he starts picking up momentum. This was pretty good and fun for the time given.

– NXT UK Dad Johnny Saint will deliver a big announcement next week.

Mark Andrews, Ashton Smith, & Flash Morgan Webster vs. Wolfgang, Joe Coffey, & Mark Coffey: Webster and Wolfgang to kick things off. Webster attacks with leg kicks, picks up the pace and follows with strikes. Wolfgang just gets pissed and he drops him with a right. Joe & Andrews tag in, Andrews plays hit and move, but Joe cuts him off and tags in Mark. Andrews fights away and tags in Smith and Smith lays in big strikes and a clothesline for 2. All six work into a stand off. Smith takes over, working strikes on Mark, but gets cut off with strikes and Joe tags in. He works body strikes, and hits a swinging butterfly suplex for 2. Smith manages to make the tag, works over Wolfgang , hits the RANA and Mark distracts Andrews, allowing Joe to beat him down on the floor. Back in and Wolfgang covers for 2. Mark & Joe start working quick tags and isolating Andrews with double teams. Joe grounds Andrews, bets him down and tags in Wolfgang. The knee strike gets 2 on Andrews. Wolfgang follows with a clothesline, and the heels maintain control but the heat is going too long as they are losing the crowd a bit. Andrews fires up with strikes, hits stundog millionaire and gets the hot tag to Webster. Webster runs wild, knocking guys to the floor and laying in strikes and a springboard cannonball for 2. Smith tags in and he works over Wolfgang, gets distracted and the heels work him over as the Coffeys hit the pop up uppercut for 2. Smith tags in Andrews, it breaks down ad Andrews hits the tornado DDT on Wolfgang and the faces follow with dives until Wolfgang kills Webster with a lariat. Webster knocks him to the floor, he heads up top and hits a big dive onto the pile. The Coffey’s take out the others. Spear by Wolfgang and Joe hits the rolling lariat for the win. Wolfgang, Joe Coffey & Mark Coffey defeated Mark Andrews, Ashton Smith & Flash Morgan Webster @ 14:45 via pin [***] This was an overall good main event that they set up well on the previous shows. The babyfaces put up a good fight, but our new heel trio dominated in the end to stand tall.

– End Scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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The 411
Episode 6 of NXT UK was another rock-solid show, continuing on with established angles and building for the next. It’s basic and simple, but solid episodic TV that doesn’t insult your intelligence. I know a lot of people aren’t crazy about the four matches a show deal, and neither am I, but keep in mind that they are trying to introduce a full roster or largely new faces to many fans. Give the show a bit of time to find its legs before passing full judgment. Hopefully, as the brand evolves, they break from the standard four matches soon and hopefully start building to a Takeover style event to pay off the angles.