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Csonka’s NXT UK Review 11.28.19 (Ep. 71)

November 28, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s NXT UK Review 11.28.19 (Ep. 71)  

Csonka’s NXT UK Review 11.28.19 (Ep. 71)

– Piper Niven defeated Jinny @ 7:25 via pin [*]
– Eddie Dennis defeated Deriese Gordon @ 4:05 via pin [**]
– Noam Dar defeated Ashton Smith @ 7:46 via pin [***]
– Imperium vs. Gallus went to a no contest @ 15:30 [***¼]

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– We open with an Imperium vs. Gallus video package.

Piper Niven vs. Jinny: Gabert is at ringside. Jinny plays keep away to begin, but Niven follows with shoulder tackles and a slam. Gabert distracts Niven as Jinny attacks. Niven misses a charge, and Jinny takes her down and spiked herself on a senton atomico, which looked horrible. The octopus hold follows, and then cradles her for 2. She lays the boots to Niven, dumps her and Gabert teases attacking and gets sent to the back. Jinny is pissed. Niven fires back and hits an elbow drop and covers for 2. Jinny fires back with slaps, head butt by Niven and both are down. Back to the feet and they trade, Niven hits a Saito and Jinny fires back, heads up top, but Niven catches the RANA and hits an electric chair for 2. Jinny counters back with a knee strike for 2. She lays the boots to Niven, but Niven hits a dropkick, cannonball and Michinoku driver for the win. Piper Niven defeated Jinny @ 7:25 via pin [*] This was bad, with lethargic, disjointed and poor work overall. The win sets Niven on course for a possible title shot.

– Post match, Niven calls out KLR and says she’s coming for the championship. KLR arrives and slaps Niven. Niven fires up and hits a Saito to send KLR packing. A wild Toni Storm returns and brawls with KLR.

Eddie Dennis vs. Deriese Gordon: Dennis is making his return from injury. Gordon is a Trent Seven trainee, so this plays into Dennis & seven’s interaction last week. They lock up and work into counters as Dennis grounds things. Gordon counters out and Dennis transitions into a cravat. The shoulder tackle follows, but Gordon picks up the pace and hits a dropkick. Dennis cuts him off and dumps him. Dennis beats him down on the floor, back in and he follows with knee strikes, a big boot and the seven star lariat follows. The buckle bomb and next stop driver finish it. Eddie Dennis defeated Deriese Gordon @ 4:05 via pin [**] This was ok and served to build to Dennis vs. Seven. But I fear Dennis came back too soon from his torn pec, and he looks to have no definition in his left arm.

– Joseph Conners claims he’s Takeover worthy (HAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) and wants Ligero & Banks in a triple threat.

Noam Dar vs. Ashton Smith: Smith overpowers Dar early on, hits a shoulder tackle and dropkick. Dar powders and Smith rolls him back in, but Dar cuts him off and follows with kicks, a dropkick and takes him down. He follows with strikes, but Smith counters back into a delayed suplex for 2. Dar powders and Smith follows, but gets run into the barricades. Dar follows with a rebound lariat and takes out Smith’s knee. Back in and Dar lays in ground and pound, stomps and the uppercut follows. Smith counters back, but Dar follows with up kicks and the omoplata follows. Smith escapes and Dar lights him up with strikes until Smith hits a desperation DVD for 2. Dar takes out the knee, follows with running kicks and runs into a blue thunder bomb for 2. Dar trips him up and dumps him. Back in and the Nova roller finishes it. Noam Dar defeated Ashton Smith @ 7:46 via pin [***] This was a good and competitive match with Dar picking up a win.

Next Week: Jordan Devlin vs. A-Kid & Joseph Conners vs. Ligero vs. Travis Banks.

Imperium vs. Gallus: Wolfgang & Wolfe begin. They lock up and Aichner tags in and he grounds Wolfgang in the corner. Barthel tags in and double teams follow. Barthel works the arm, Wolfe back in and Wolfgang cuts him off as Mark tags in, Joe joins in for double teams, hits a sliding lariat and covers for 2. Dragunov now tags in and hits the cross body on Wolfe for 2. Dragunov follows with strikes, and the kick follows for 2. Wolfe cuts him off and Aichner tags back in as they work over Dragunov in the corner. Dragunov fires back, hits a knee strike and chops, and the senton follows. He chops WALTER and everyone is in for a standoff. Dragunov then takes control, until WALTER low bridges him. Imperium takes control, grounding Dragunov. WALTER tags in and delivers uppercuts. Ground and pound follows, Dragunov tries to fire up and WALTER overpowers him and attacks the neck. He then delivers chops, and Barthel tags in and chokes him out. He then lays the boots to Dragunov in the corner, and follows with chops. Aichner tags back in and cuts off the tag with backbreakers for 2. Barthel back in and grounds the action. Dragunov fires up and hits a desperation clothesline and Wolfe cuts off the tag until Dragunov hits a suplex. Mark & Aichner tag in and Mark follows with uppercuts, the uranage follows and Wolfgang joins in as they double team Aichner. Double teams to Barthel follow and Aichner makes the save. Gallus takes the ring and isolate Aichner. Barthel makes the save, Imperium double teams follow until Wolfgang hits the double spear. It breaks down and Joe 7 WALTER tag in and brawl. Joe follows with the belly to belly, strikes and WALTER hits John Wooooooooooooo. Joe counters the powerbomb and dumps WALTER, suicide dive by Dragunov and they all brawl to the floor as the match is thrown out. Imperium vs. Gallus went to a no contest @ 15:30 [***¼] I don’t mind the non-finish in their first meeting, because when one unit wins it needs to mean something and this was only chapter 1. Plus they did good work to follow up on Wolfe vs. Dragunov, build to WALTER vs. Joe, and set up issues between the tag champions and Aichner & Barthel. The match was good.

– They continue to brawl post match as officials try to separate them

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This week’s episode of NXT UK was an overall solid show, as they are obviously putting pieces in place for Takeover in January.