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Csonka’s NXT UK Review 12.19.18 (Ep. 17)

December 19, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Rhea Ripley NXT UK 11-28-18 wrestlers
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Csonka’s NXT UK Review 12.19.18 (Ep. 17)  

Csonka’s NXT UK Review 12.19.18 (Ep. 17)

– Jordan Devlin defeated Wild Boar @ 5:00 via pin [**¾]
– Fabian Aichner defeated Eddie Ryan @ 5:05 via pin [**½]
– Moustache Mountain defeated Saxon Huxley & Tyson T-Bone @ 7:10 via pin [***]
NXT UK Women’s Championship Match: Champion Rhea Ripley defeated Isla Dawn @ 9:03 via pin [**½]

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Jordan Devlin vs. Wild Boar: They lock up and the Wild Boar starts out wrestling Devlin early on. Devlin fires back and grounds him with kidney strikes. Devlin follows with elbow strikes, and then grounds the action with a chinlock. Wild Boar tries to fire up, but get whipped to the buckles. Devlin misses the standing moonsault, and Wild Boar hits a running senton. Wild Boar follows with strikes and shoulder tackles for 2. Wild Boar hits a corner spear but Devlin hits the PELE for 2. Devlin up top, Wild Boar avoids the moonsault and misses the cannonball. Devlin hits the island’s call for the win. Jordan Devlin defeated Wild Boar @ 5:00 via pin [**¾] This was a petty good little opener, with good energy. Boar got in a surprising amount of offense, almost too much, but this worked overall.

– Devlin cuts a promo, noting that he’s the ace that trumps all.

– Moustache Mountain cuts a promo on tonight’s match with Saxon Huxley & Tyson T-Bone; they will take care of business because they want gold.

Fabian Aichner vs. Eddie Ryan: They lock up and work to the ropes. Ryan picks up the pace and hits a dropkick and dumps Aichner to the floor. Aichner slides back in and cuts off the dive with a back breaker and lays the boots to him. Aichner follows with a belly to back suplex for 2. Aichner grounds him, lays in strikes but Ryan fights to his feet. He follows with strikes and an enziguri. The uppercut of the ropes follows for 2. Aichner now dumps him over the ropes and takes him to the floor and slams him to the steps. Back in and the spinning powerbomb finishes things. Fabian Aichner defeated Eddie Ryan @ 5:05 via pin [**½] This was solid as Aichner picks up a largely dominant win.

Moustache Mountain (Trent Seven & Tyler Bate) vs. Saxon Huxley & Tyson T-Bone: Bate and T-Bone to begin. T-Bone works him over with strikes, tags in Huxley and he follows with knee strikes. Bate fires back, hits the uppercut and Seven tags in and follows with chops. T-Bone distracts him allowing Huxley to attack and tag in T-Bone. DDT by Seven, Huxley distracts him and T-Bone attacks with strikes. Huxley tags back in as they isolate Seven in their corner. T-Bone follows with a running corner boot and covers for 2. Huxley tags back in, lays in knee strikes, and hits a running cross body for 2. T-Bone backing and he drops the elbow and that gets 2. He grounds things, Seven fights to his feet, but T-Bone cuts off the tag. Snapdragon suplex by Seven and an enziguri follows and Bate tags in. Bate runs wild, Huxley accidentally hits T-Bone, XPLODER by Bate. The running shooting star gets 2. T-Bone accidentally hits Huxley, suicide dive by Bate, and the lariat/German combo finishes Huxley. Moustache Mountain defeated Saxon Huxley & Tyson T-Bone @ 7:10 via pin [***] Good tag match with the boys from Moustache Mountain continuing to roll along.

– Backstage, Eddie Dennis attacks Dave Mastiff, telling him they aren’t done yet.

– We get a Pete Dunne video package.

Champion Rhea Ripley vs. Isla Dawn: They lock up, Ripley looks to overpower Dawn early on. Dawn trips up Ripley and hits a double stomp for 2. Dawn grounds things, Ripley powers to her feet and takes her to the ropes. The dropkick follows, and Ripley then lays the boots to her. Ripley follows with clubbing strikes, and then lays in kicks. The suplex connects and that gets 2. Ripley continues to lay in kicks, and then more strikes. Ripley grounds things, Dawn ties to fire up but runs into a clothesline and that gets 2. Dawn fights off a suplex, but Ripley counters the cradle into the inverted cloverleaf. Dawn fights for the ropes and makes it. Dawn now lays in strikes, avoids the dropkick, and Ripley then posts herself. Dawn follows with strikes, kicks, and takes Ripley down. Dawn hits a Saito suplex, head kick and her float over suplex for 2. Ripley cuts her off, hits riptide and picks up the win. Champion Rhea Ripley defeated Isla Dawn @ 9:03 via pin [**½] This was a perfectly solid match, with Ripley dispatching her first challenger rather easily and there being absolutely no drama in regards to Dawn winning.

– End Scene.

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This week’s episode of NXT UK was a perfectly solid show, with nothing bad at all, but at the same time, offering nothing must-see. It was a solid show.