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Csonka’s NXT UK Review 12.26.18 (Ep. 19)

December 26, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Joe Coffey NXT UK
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Csonka’s NXT UK Review 12.26.18 (Ep. 19)  

Csonka’s NXT UK Review 12.26.18 (Ep. 19)

– Jordan Devlin defeated Kenny Williams @ 5:27 via pin [***]
– Eddie Dennis defeated Dan Maloney @ 1:25 via DQ [NR]
– Tyson T-Bone & Saxton Huxley defeated Jack Starz & Tucker @ 2:41 via pin [NR]
– Joe Coffey defeated Ligero @ 10:20 via pin [***½]

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– Johnny Saint minion Sid Scala arrives and kicks off the show, and brings out Johnny Saint. They announce that on January 12th, NXT UK Takeover: Blackpool takes place. Toni Storm arrives and says she’s proud to be part of this brand, and this year has been good to her. She competed in the Mae Young Classic, and win it at Evolution, which gives her a title shot of her choosing and she challenged Ripley at NXT UK Takeover: Blackpool. Saint agrees.

Jordan Devlin vs. Kenny Williams: Amir Jordan is at ringside. They lock up, working for position, and Williams taking early control. Williams dumps him and follows, but Devlin slams him onto the apron to cut that shit off. Back in and Devlin hits a back breaker for 2. Devlin grounds the action, keeping the highflier grounded, and follows with a uranage, but Williams blocks the standing moonsault and cradles Devlin for 2. Williams hits a bicycle kick and suicide dive. Back in and Williams lays in kicks, and the O’Connor roll gets 2. The PK follows and that also gets 2. Devlin cuts things off with a high angle half and half suplex, Devlin follows with forearm strikes, and a sick Saito suplex. The island’s call finishes it. Jordan Devlin defeated Kenny Williams @ 5:27 via pin [***] This was short, but good and enjoyable. Devlin is a guy who is fully taking advantage of the air time given to him, never wastes it and looks great every time out.

– Post match, Devlin says that he comes out here each week, wins and dominates, and is here to take out all the pretenders.

– Marcel Barthel debuts next week. Good, he’s a much better fit for the UK brand.

– Saint & Scala comment on Takeover, and Ripley arrives to remind us that she’s champion. She decided who she defends against and wants an opponent for next week. Scala says they found her an opponent for next week, Deonna Purrazzo.

Eddie Dennis vs. Dan Maloney: Maloney attacks at the bell, but quickly gets cut off and gets tossed to the floor. Dennis beats the hell out of him with strikes, and hits a catatonic onto the apron. Dave Mastiff arrives and attacks him, looking for revenge from last week’s attack. Eddie Dennis defeated Dan Maloney @ 1:25 via DQ [NR] This was purely a storyline device to circle back around to a Dennis vs. Mastiff rematch, likely for Takeover.

– Maloney steps up to Mastiff for costing him his match, and gets his ass kicked for his troubles.

– Liverpool’s #1 Zack Gibson takes us on a tour of Liverpool. He’s joined by James Drake. Gibson praises Liverpool as hard workers and good people, until he attained some fame and they turned on him. Liverpool needs Zack Gibson more than he needs them.

Tyson T-Bone & Saxton Huxley vs. Jack Starz & Tucker: T-Bone stars off by tossing Starz around with ease. Starz tries to fire back, gets cut off, but Tucker tags in. Huxley & T-Bone cuts him off with a double chokeslam for 2. Tucker keeps trying to fire back, hits an enziguri and tags in Starz who hits a high cross. He’s cut off, T-Bone takes out Tucker, and a flurry of strikes from Huxley & T-Bone finish it. Tyson T-Bone & Saxton Huxley defeated Jack Starz & Tucker @ 2:41 via pin [NR] This was a fine extended squash as they try to give T-Bone and Huxley some credibility in a rebound win.

– Isla Dawn comments on her loss to Ripley, and says she will continue her path, which is the championship. Jinny arrives and mocks her for wasting her chance.

Joe Coffey vs. Ligero: They lock up, Coffey overpowers Ligero early on and grounds things. The shoulder tackle follows; Ligero picks up the pace, does the Johnny Saint ball spot and follows with kicks. He follows with a RANA and Coffey powders. Ligero follows Coffey cuts him off and kills him with an awesome spear into the barricade. Coffey talks shit as he beats in Ligero and back in, they trade strikes until Coffey gets the full nelson and transitions to the butterfly lock and swings him into the suplex for 2. Ligero fights off the suplex, Coffey powders and Ligero wipes him out with a tope. Back in, Ligero up top and hits a cannonball. Coffey misses a charge and Ligero hits sliced bread for 2. Ligero up top, gets cut off and Coffey hits the uppercut and spear. The pop up powerslam gets 2. Ligero fights off the German, but Coffey slams him to the buckles, heads up top and Ligero hits an enziguri. Coffey counters the RANA, hits a powerbomb and locks on the crab. Ligero makes the ropes. Ligero fires back, and gets a cradle for 2. Coffey then levels him with a rolling lariat for the win. Joe Coffey defeated Ligero @ 10:20 via pin [***½] This was a very good main event, with Ligero continuing to be a great babyface and Coffey continuing his winning ways, showing more of his ruthless side as he looks for a UK Title shot.

– End Scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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The 411
This was another rock solid edition of NXT UK, with the big announcement being that of NXT UK Takeover: Blackpool and Toni Storm challenging Rhea Ripley, and Joe Coffey continuing his march towards a possible title shot. They also continued Dennis vs. Mastiff and that the tag tournament semifinals will start in a couple of weeks.