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Csonka’s NXT UK Review 12.26.18 (Ep. 20)

December 26, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Rhea Ripley NXT UK 11-28-18 wrestlers
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Csonka’s NXT UK Review 12.26.18 (Ep. 20)  

Csonka’s NXT UK Review 12.26.18 (Ep. 20)

– Zack Gibson & James Drake defeated Wild Boar & Primate @ 4:55 via pin [**¾]
– Marcel Barthel defeated Mark Andrews @ 9:50 via pin [***¼]
NXT UK Women’s Title Match: Champion Rhea Ripley defeated Deonna Purrazzo @ 11:30 via pin [***½]

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Zack Gibson & James Drake vs. Wild Boar & Primate: Boar and Gibson to begin. They lock up and Boar works some slick escapes, surprising Gibson. Drake tags in and Boar takes him down and hits a senton. Primate in and hits suplexes and clotheslines. Gibson blind tags in and Primate gets dumped to the floor. That allows Gibson & Drake to take control, with Gibson grounding the action. Drake tags in and lays in strikes on Primate. Tag back to Gibson as they isolate Primate, cutting off the ring and keeping control. Primate fights back, dumps Gibson and tags in Boar and he runs wild. The uranage and senton follows on Drake, and the powerbomb follows for 2. Boar misses the cannonball, Gibson tags in and ticket to ride finishes it. Zack Gibson & James Drake defeated Wild Boar & Primate @ 4:55 via pin [**¾] The Grizzled Young Vets continue their winning ways in a pretty good and enjoyable match, with Boar & Primate being fun opponents for them.

– Gibson says that they will dominate Europe and will win the NXT UK Tag Titles.

– Mustache Mountain comments on their match next week vs. Gallus, which is a tag tournament semifinal match.

– Eddie Dennis attacks Mastiff’s victim before the match can start and Mastiff wants him in the ring but Dennis bails.

– Joseph Conners cuts a backstage promo, and promises to take out all of the new toys in NXT UK. This man is incredibly boring in anything he does.

Marcel Barthel vs. Mark Andrews: They lock up to begin, and Barthel grounds the action and starts working the arm. Really slick work by Barthel here, Mark fights to his feet, counters out and hits arm drags and a RANA. Barthel cuts him off with elbow strikes, and then slams Mark down and follows with a running knee strike for 2. He grounds things again, keeping Mark down. Barthel lays the boots to him, and follows with a dropkick. Mark fires back with strikes, but Barthel lays in uppercuts and covers for 2, and is back to working the arm. Mark counters into a cradle for 2 and follows with chops. The enziguri connects, and the charging knees and standing double stomp land and Barthel powders. Mark follows and hits a cannonball off the steps. Aichner arrives, distracts Mark, allowing Barthel to attack. Mark counters back with stun dog millionaire, heads up top and Barthel counters the shooting star press. Barthel stuns him off the ropes and Aichner attacks. Back in and Barthel finishes off Andrews with a backflip version of the Landungsbrücke. Marcel Barthel defeated Mark Andrews @ 9:50 via pin [***¼] This was a good match and debut for Barthel, who was someone I speculated would fit better into the MXT UK brand as opposed to NXT where he wasn’t being used. The Aichner involvement played well as he’s had issues with Andrews & Webster and promised to get a tag team partner to deal with them, and this should lead to that tag match.

– We get a really good Toni Storm video package.

– We get a Travis Banks video package.

UK Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley vs. Deonna Purrazzo: Purrazzo attacks at the bell, taking the fight right to Ripley and immediately grounding things as she looks to target the arm early. Ripley fires back with strikes, but Purrazzo cradles her for 2. The paradise lock follows, and Purrazzo then dropkicks her to the floor. Ripley counters the apron PK and slams Purrazzo to the apron and then the barricade. Back in and Ripley covers for 2. Ripley follows with a delayed suplex and that gets 2. Ripley then grounds things with a body scissors, slaps Purrazzo around and maintains control. Purrazzo manages to escape, but Ripley lays in ground and pound. Ripley counters out of the sunset flip into the modified cloverleaf. Purrazzo makes the ropes, takes Ripley down and covers for2. Ripley cuts her off with the dropkick, they go to he floor and Purrazzo fights out of a suplex and hits a PK. The apron cannonball follows. Back in and Purrazzo hits the flatliner into the koji clutch, Ripley fights, and escapes. They trade strikes, Ripley hits a short flapjack, and lays in clubbing strikes. She takes Purrazzo up top and follows. Purrazzo fights off the superplex, and counters into a German off the ropes and both are down. They trade strikes and slaps, Purrazzo goes crazy fists and follows with a DDT for 2. Knee strike from Purrazzo, but Ripley sends her to the buckles and follows with riptide and Purrazzo is finally done. Champion Rhea Ripley defeated Deonna Purrazzo @ 11:30 via pin [***½] This was a very good match, they got time, Purrazzo was a game opponent, and made Ripley work for her win, but the champion overcame in the end.

– Post match, Ripley attacks Purrazzo and Toni Storm runs out to make the save as Riley bails. Storm vs. Ripley is official for Takeover.

– End Scene.

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The final score: review Good
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This was a good show, with The Grizzled Young Vets continuing to roll along, Barthel & Aichner coming together, and good wrestling overall as we head towards Takeover.