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Csonka’s NXT UK Review 4.02.20 (Ep. 89)

April 2, 2020 | Posted by Larry Csonka
NXT UK Ilja Dragunov
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Csonka’s NXT UK Review 4.02.20 (Ep. 89)  

Csonka’s NXT UK Review 4.02.20 (Ep. 89)

– Jinny & Kay Lee Ray defeated Piper Niven & Dani Luna @ 7:10 via pin [**¾]
– Xia Brookside defeated Amale @ 2:55 via pin [NR]
20-Man #1 Contender’s Battle Royal: Ilja Dragunov won @ 28:45 [**¾]

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Piper Niven & Dani Luna vs. Jinny & Kay Lee Ray: Niven and Jinny begin as Ray powders. Luna then tags in and tries to attack Ray, gets cut off but quickly battles back, taking out Jinny and then Ray. The backbreaker gets 2 on Jinny. Ray takes out Niven on the floor and Luna chases her. Jinny cuts her off and double teams follow. Ray lays the boots to Luna, follows with a suplex and covers for 2. Ray grounds things, tags in Jinny and she continues to control, working the octopus. The cradle follows for 2. Luna fires back, powers out of a guillotine and hits the suplex. Niven tags in and runs wild on Jinny, and the fisherman’s buster follows for 2. Jinny fires back, but Niven buckle bombs her and follows with the cannonball. Ray tries to cut her off, Jinny attacks and Ray tags in. Niven head butts her, Ray fires back and Luna tags in with a German on Ray. It breaks down, Ray dumps Niven and Jinny shoots her to the steps and nails Luna. The Gory bomb finishes it. Jinny & Kay Lee Ray defeated Piper Niven & Dani Luna @ 7:10 via pin [**¾] A solid opening match with the heels outsmarting the babyfaces to steal a win.

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– We get a Gallus video package.

Xia Brookside vs. Amale: They lockup and work into counters as Brookside trips her up and follows with a cross body for 2. Brookside grounds things but Amale escapes, and starts attacking the arm. She grounds Brookside, Brookside fights to escape and Amale controls the arm. Brookside counters out and follows with a head scissors. The broken wings finishes it. Xia Brookside defeated Amale @ 2:55 via pin [NR] This was Brookside’s first NXT UK match in 2020, and was fine for the time given.

20-Man #1 Contender’s Battle Royal: This is the majority of the male NXT UK roster involved; only Seven, Bate, Joe Coffey, Holland, Ilja & Wolfe got entrances. Ohno backs off as he wants them all to attack Mastiff & Holland. They all brawl, Ohno is gone and Williams is dumped. The brawling continues and Flash is dumped. More brawling and Huxley is dumped. A-kid is dumped onto Huxley and climbs off of him back in. T-Bone is dumped. Seven works over Coffey, the lethargic brawling continues as Mastiff dumps Banks. Bate runs wild with strikes. and Mastiff dumps Jordan. Holland tossed Devlin around, dumps Smith and then dumps UK Kofi. Mastiff tosses Ligero and comes face to face with Holland. Dar attacks, Holland kills him with a suplex and Conners arrives and distracts Holland as he gets dumped. Coffey & Ilja brawl, Ilja hits a German as Bate & Seven hits airplane spins. They come face to face and Seven hits the lariat on Bate. Coffey dumps Seven. Mastiff Germans Bate and we get more bland and lethargic brawling. Devlin dumps A-kid, and he starts to run wild, bringing some life to this match… until Dar dumps him. Mastiff attacks, hits the cannonball and Dar and the others dump Mastiff. Dar attacks Bate, but Bate battles back and dumps him. Bate, Wolfe, Coffey & Ilja are left. They all brawl, Coffey takes control and runs wild on all three until Wolfe attacks and runs Ilja into him for the elimination. Ilja accidentally hits Bate, Wolfe attacks, hits a German but Bate comes back with the lariat, Ilja dumps Wolfe and its down to Bate and Ilja. They brawl, Ilja takes control and follows with chops, knee strikes until Bate hits bop and bang. Ilja counters back, but Bate tries to toss him until he hits a suplex. The running shooting star press follows and Ilja fights back with the lariat. Bate hits one of his own and Ilja rebounds and hits 61-line. They trade, unloading until Ilja hits an enziguri. Bate to the apron, they work up top and Ilja heads to the apron. He follows with chops, they trade and work up top as Ilja fights him off and hits the big senton. Torpedo Moscow is countered, and Ilja counters the Tyler driver and Ilja hits Torpedo Moscow for the elimination. Ilja Dragunov won @ 28:45 [**¾] This was largely lethargic and bland, but was really salvaged by the hot Devlin and closing stretch. They really needed to dump more of the geeks early on and get into the meat of the match sooner as it felt too long, but it thankfully wasn’t bad.

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This week’s episode of NXT UK was a solid but completely unspectacular show as we can’t even really celebrate the Ilja win since Takeover is off and who knows when we’ll get fresh content due to current circumstances.