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Csonka’s NXT UK Review 5.08.19 (Ep. 42)

May 8, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Mustache mountain NXT UK
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Csonka’s NXT UK Review 5.08.19 (Ep. 42)  

Csonka’s NXT UK Review 5.08.19 (Ep. 42)

– Mustache Mountain defeated Wild Boar & Primate @ 7:40 via pin [***]
Fatal Four-Way Qualifier: Joe Coffey defeated Flash Morgan Webster @ 6:05 via pin [***]
– Nina Samuels defeated Kasey Owens @ 2:50 via pin [NR]
NXT UK Tag Title Match: Champions Zack Gibson & James Drake defeated Kenny Williams & Noam Dar @ 13:55 via pin [***½]

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– Sid Scala announces that in four weeks, there will be a #1 contender’s four-way, with eight men competing for spots, starting tonight. The winner faces the winner of Dunne vs. WALTER; that match takes place in two weeks.

Mustache Mountain vs. Wild Boar & Primate: Bate and Boar begin. Bate uses his speed and grounds things, covering for 2. Seven tags in and Boar cuts him off, tagging Primate in. He follows with strikes and Seven fires back with chops. The DDT scores for 2. Seven then follows with a suicide dive, but back in and Primate cuts him off with a suplex, covering for 2. Boar tags in and grounds the action and follows with strikes. The senton follows. Boar starts working the arm, but Seven fires up and connects with strikes, but Boar hits a head butt. Primate joins in for double teams and covers for 2. Primate hits corner clotheslines and then misses a spear. Boar tags in and so does Bate. He runs wild with strikes and a RANA. The diving uppercut follows and then a big strong boi XPLODER. The running shooting star gets 2. The airplane spin follows, he tosses Boar into Primate and Seven joins in for double teams. Primate is dumped and it breaks down. Primate and Boar battle back, but get cut off. The lariat/dragon suplex combo finishes Primate. Mustache Mountain defeated Wild Boar & Primate @ 7:40 via pin [***] This was a good and energetic opener to kick off the show

– Backstage we discover that Amir Jordan has been attacked ahead of tonight’s main event.

Joe Coffey vs. Flash Morgan Webster: They lock up and Coffey tosses him aside. Lock up again and Coffey grounds things. Webster escapes, picks up the pace and looks to ground things. Coffey cuts him off, and hits a shoulder tackle. Webster hits an arm drags and dropkick. He follows with an enziguri and senton for 2. Coffey cuts him off with uppercuts, and then the swinging butterfly suplex gets 2. Coffey grounds the action, Webster fights to his feet, but Coffey locks on a full nelson. Webster counters into a crucifix, and hits a running cross body and strikes. He then tackles Coffey to the floor and then follows with a tope. Back in and Webster hits a moonsault press, and knee strike for 2. Webster up top again, and the swanton eats knees. Coffey hits the spear and rolling lariat for the win. Joe Coffey defeated Flash Morgan Webster @ 6:05 via pin [***] This was a good outing with Coffey advancing to the fatal four-way#1 contender’s match.

– Gallus cuts a post match promo, noting that this is their kingdom. Coffey is focused on winning the #1 contender’s spot and then the title. Wolfgang calls out Mastiff for next week, but Joe tells him to be focused on him getting a title shot.

– We get a Pete Dunne video package, focusing on his training for his rematch with WALTER.

Nina Samuels vs. Kasey Owens: They lock up and Nina attacks with strikes and kicks. She works her over in the corner, and then in the ropes. The dropkick follows for 2. Nina grounds things, maintaining control. Owens fires up and lays in kicks and strikes. The double knees follow for 2. She misses the PK and Nina hits a back breaker. She heads up top and then drops down and hits the ushigoroshi for the win. Nina Samuels defeated Kasey Owens @ 2:50 via pin [NR] This was a fine squash as they look to be heating Samuels up for a possible title shot.

– Post match, Samuels says Toni Storm has worked hard to get where she is. But she abandoned her family to live her dream. She plans to take that dream away from her.

– Mastiff plans to give Wolfgang the battering of a lifetime next week. Kay Lee Ray then arrives and says no one will forget about her and she won’t wait on opportunity like Samuels.

– Next week, Ligero faces Jordan Devlin & Wolfgang faces Mastiff in a fatal four-way qualifiers.

– Zack Gibson cuts a promo about Jordan’s attack and that he can’t compete tonight. There will be no tag title match tonight. Williams arrives and wants to fight. He brings out Noam Dar as his new partner for the night.

Champions Zack Gibson & James Drake vs. Kenny Williams & Noam Dar: Dar and Williams attack and we’re underway. They brawl to the floor, with the challengers controlling early on. Dar runs wild on Gibson in the ring and hits the northern lights for 2. Drake tags in and cuts off Dar and then knocks Williams to the floor. He isolates Dar, and the champions then double team him on the floor. They isolate him back in the ring, working quick tags and double teams. Drake starts attacking the knee of Dar, and cuts off the tag. Dar fires back with strikes, and Gibson cuts off the tag, pulling Williams to the floor. Dar keeps fighting and finally makes the tag. Williams runs wild on the champions, isolating Drake and follows with a bulldog. He dropkicks Gibson and then DDTs Drake for 2. Gibson pulls Drake to the floor and Williams follows with the springboard coffin drop. Back in and Williams hits the flying elbow and covers for 2. Drake cuts him off and Gibson & Dar tag in. Dar attacks the knee, and gets the ankle lock. Williams takes out Gibson on the floor, as Dar gets the ankle lock on Drake. Williams then gets the ankle lock on Gibson and the champions are in trouble. They all kick and punch at each other, but Gibson kicks Williams into Dar to save Drake. It breaks down and all four men are down. Dar then cradles Drake for 2. Drake attacks the knee, working a half crab but Williams makes the save. Williams & Gibson tag in and Williams hits the Nigel rebound lariat. Dar saves Williams, and Williams hits the face buster for 2. Dar gets cut off by Drake and Drake posts the knee. The champions are alone with Williams, he fights but gets cut off with double teams and helter skeltor and the 450 finish him. Champions Zack Gibson & James Drake defeated Kenny Williams & Noam Dar @ 13:55 via pin [***½] This was a very good and tremendously fun tag team main event. The champions tried to get out of the defense by attacking Jordan, and while Dar was a good surprise and gave them a fight, his knee issues cost him as the champions were more than willing to fight dirty to retain.

– End Scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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The final score: review Good
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This week’s NXT UK was a good show with a very good main event, a good opener, and also kicking off the hunt for a new top contender while also positioning Samuels & Kay Lee Ray and as potential challengers for Toni Storm. The crowd was also great.