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Csonka’s NXT UK Review 5.22.19 (Ep. 44)

May 22, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s NXT UK Review 5.22.19 (Ep. 44)  

Csonka’s NXT UK Review 5.22.19 (Ep. 44)

Fatal Four-Way Qualifier: Travis Banks defeated Joseph Conners @ 8:20 via pin [**¾]
– Noam Dar defeated Mark Andrews @ 5:55 via pin [**½]
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NXTUK Title Match: WALTER defeated Pete Dunne @ 16:45 via pin [****]

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Travis Banks vs. Joseph Conners: How the fuck did Conners make the cut here? They lock up and Banks grounds the action, looking to work the arm. The basement dropkick follows, and he follows with leg kicks. Banks sends Conners to the floor and Conners pulls him out and slams him off the steps. Back in and he works grounded strikes, and covers for 2. Conners then follows the slam, and the cover get 2. He grounds things, but Banks hits a jawbreaker but is cut off with a double stomp, and Conners covers for 2. Banks now fires back with a flurry of kicks and strikes, The PK follows, and Banks then hits a suicide dive. Back in and Banks misses slice of heaven, and Conners hits the sling shot bulldog and powerbomb for 2. Banks then gets a small package for 2. They trade pin attempts, and Conners hits the clothesline and that gets 2. Conners yells at Banks, and Banks hits slice of heaven and the kiwi krusher for the win. Travis Banks defeated Joseph Conners @ 8:20 via pin [**¾] This was pretty good, Banks continues to deliver, while Conners continues to be Conners.

– Banks puts over his upcoming competition as dangerous, but plans to win the title shot. Travis Banks, Joe Coffey, Jordan Devlin, & Mastiff are locked into the #1 contender’s fatal four-way in two-weeks.

– Nina Samuels comments on her upcoming match with Toni Storm. She says Storm has lost control and it will cost her the championship. They face next week.

Mark Andrews vs. Noam Dar: These two fought to a no contest two months back when both were injured during the match. They lock up and work to the ropes for a clean break. They pick up the pace, working into counters, and end in a stalemate. They lock up again, Andrews hits a head scissors, and the standing moonsault follows for 2. Andrews ground the action, but then misses a running cross body and Dar gets the backslide for 2. Dar grounds things working the arm. Andrews makes the ropes and follows with strikes and an enziguri but Dar follows with a bicycle kick for 2. Andrews then cradles him for 2. Dar follows with a flurry of strikes, but Andrews hits stun dog millionaire, and follows with a tope. Dar favors his previously injured knee, Andrews shows concern, and Dar drops again clutching at his knee. Andrews checks on him and IT’S A TRAP as Dar attacks. The Nova roller connects for the win. Noam Dar defeated Mark Andrews @ 5:55 via pin [**½] This was a solid match, designed to set Dar as a heel again.

– Drake & Gibson arrive and comment on Mustache Mountain wanting a title shot. They say everyone wants a shot at them, but the fans & other talent don’t make the matches, they do.

– Rhea Ripley arrives. Ripley says that they want to see her in action tonight, but too bad. She says that Piper Niven is allegedly a big deal here in Scotland, but to her, Niven is nothing but a wanna be superstar that smells of fear. All Niven does is talk about her, because she wants to be Ripley. Ripley says when she steps in the ring with her, nightmares become reality.

– Kassius Ohno is looking for Scala & Saint about getting into the four-way. He finds Sid and Sid says Ohno will face Jack Gallagher next week. Ohno thanks him and leaves. I am positive that Scala murdered Johnny Saint and melted his body down in a vat of acid.

Champion WALTER vs. Pete Dunne: They lock up and work to the ropes for the clean break. Dunne now attacks the arm, but WALTER counters out and they break. Dunne grounds things again, but WALTER escapes and teases a big chop. They lock up and WALTER grounds things, but Dunne escapes and attacks the arm. The dragon screw then follows and WALTER spills to the floor. Dunne follows, but WALTER fires away with chops. WALTER then misses and hits the post, allowing Dunne to attack the hand, using the steps. WALTER fires back with a big boot, uppercuts, and John Wooooooo into the barricade. WALTER then stomps away at him on the steps, and back in, follows with a big boot. Dunne catches the arm and attacks the fingers until WALTER hits chops. He grounds the action, but Dunne fires up and levels him with strikes. The enziguri follows, and then a dropkick to the knee of WALTER. He rolls into a knee bar, but WALTER fights out and eats kicks from Dunne. The octopus hold follows, Dunne then attacks the fingers, and hits a crucifix bomb for 2. Dunne stomps on the hands, but WALTER cuts him off with a lariat. The urange follows for 2. WALTER locks on the crab, but Dunne kicks his way out and hits a PK. He stomps away on WALTER, and rolls into an arm bar. WALTER fights and makes the ropes. WALTER hits a clothesline, heads up top but Dunne hits a dropkick and follows him up top. Dunne locks on a triangle, and hits a RANA for a great near fall. He follows with leg kicks, WALTER fires back with chops, and they trade. Dunne follows with a German but WALTER kills him with a lariat for 2. WALTER heads up top and flies into the forearm strike and Dunne hits bitter end, and transitions into a triangle. He snaps the fingers, but Fabian Aichner arrives and takes the ref. Barthel attacks Dunne and WALTER hits the powerbomb to retain. WALTER defeated Pete Dunne @ 16:45 via pin [****] While not on the level of their Takeover epic, this was still a great match that played well off of the theme of that match well. The finish works to protect Dunne, set up a potential third bout, as well as give us a new dominant faction in NXT UK, while also showing that WALTER has some fear in facing Dunne again.

– Fabian Aichner, Marcel Barthel, & WALTER stand tall as WWE’s non-union NXT UK equivalent of RINGKAMPF.

Next week: Kassius Ohno vs. Jack Gallagher & Toni Storm vs. Nina Samuels.

– End Scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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The final score: review Good
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This week’s episode of NXT UK was a good show with a great main event and new faction, that also set the #1 contender’s match, teased Ripley vs. Niven, and also set matches for next week.