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Csonka’s NXT UK Review 6.05.19 (Ep. 46)

June 5, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s NXT UK Review 6.05.19 (Ep. 46)  

Csonka’s NXT UK Review 6.05.19 (Ep. 46)

– The Hunt defeated T-Bone & Saxton Huxley @ 3:42 via pin [**]
– Kay Lee Ray defeated Kasey Owens @ 3:30 via pin [**]
#1 Contender’s Match: Travis Banks defeated Joe Coffey, Jordan Devlin, & Mastiff @ 12:20 via pin [***½]

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The Hunt (Wild Boar & Primate) vs. T-Bone & Saxton Huxley: Primate and Huxley start off, they trade strikes and Boar tags in as the Hunt takes early control. Off the ropes and Huxley hits a Thesz press, T-Bone tags in, lays the boots to Boar and Huxley tags back in and follows with knee strikes. T-Bone hits a gut wrench suplex, and the cover gets 2. T-Bone lays the boots to Boar, and follows with rights. Huxley tags back in and Boar fights them off and tags in Primate. He runs wild, Boar takes out T-Bone and they isolate Huxley and hit the pop up German. The stereo top rope head butts finish Huxley. The Hunt defeated T-Bone & Saxton Huxley @ 3:42 via pin [**] This was ok and a fine way to get the Hunt back on track… for a few seconds.

– Post match, Mark Coffey & Wolfgang attack and layout the Hunt.

Kay Lee Ray vs. Kasey Owens: They lockup and Ray immediately attacks the arm to ICW chants. Ray follows with strikes, and dumps Owens to the floor. She follows her out and continues to attack. Back in and Ray goes back to the arm. Owens fires back, but Ray hits a dropkick and grounded strikes. She continues to attack the arm, but Owens fires back and follows with kicks. The knee strike follows, but Ray hits the superkick and widow’s peak for the win. Kay Lee Ray defeated Kasey Owens @ 3:30 via pin [**] This was another ok match with the right person winning.

– Jinny walks with Jazzy Gabert and says she had to fight her or befriend her. They became friends and Jazzy will take care of anyone that stands in their way.

– NXT UK Tag Team Champions The Grizzled Young Veterans arrive. Gibson tells everyone to shut up, and says they were told not to come out here. They are the tag team champions, and they have to defend the tag titles at Download Festival. Gibson is not happy to walk though a muddy field to defend the titles while bands like Slipknot butcher music. They are the locker room leaders, and hold the most important titles in WWE. They want to be treated with respect, and if they are unhappy, the locker room is unhappy. Sort it out old man.

#1 Contender’s Match: Travis Banks vs. Joe Coffey vs. Jordan Devlin vs. Mastiff: The winner receives an NXT UK championship match and right to have WALTER rip their arms off and beat them to death with them. They talk shit and Banks attacks Devlin as Coffey and Mastiff start colliding and spill to the floor. Thy continue to battle on the floor, Mastiff cuts off a Banks dive and Devlin is cut off by Coffey as all four men are down. Banks fires up and he and Devlin follow with suicide dives and back in and Banks lays in grounded strikes. Banks follows with kicks and a German. Running uppercuts follow, and he then trips Devlin into Coffey. Mastiff follows with rolling Germans on Banks, and then on Coffey. He then takes Devlin for a ride, and covers for 2. Coffey attacks with strikes, and the powerslam follows for 2. He then swings Devlin & Banks, and slams them down, covering for 2. The swinging butterfly suplex connects on Devlin for 2. Devlin fights back, posting Coffey and then dumps him to the floor. The uranage and standing moonsault on Banks gets 2. He connects with a running back elbow and dumps Mastiff. Coffey is back and he and Mastiff work over Devlin with strikes, Banks joins in and they dump Devlin. Mastiff cuts off Bank with a German for 2. Head butt by Devlin on Mastiff, looks for the Saito but Banks hits John Woooooooo. It breaks down and Mastiff hits the cannonball, but Devlin flies in with a moonsault to break up the pin. Devlin takes control, slaps Mastiff, but Mastiff hits the Finlay roll and Banks flies in with the double stomp. Devlin cuts him off with a Spanish fly, Coffey takes out Mastiff, and lariats Devlin but Mastiff makes the save. Coffey and Mastiff spill to the floor, slice of heaven by Banks and the kiwi krusher finishes Devlin. Travis Banks defeated Joe Coffey, Jordan Devlin, & Mastiff @ 12:20 via pin [***½] This was a very good main event, with a great pace, a good layout, and Banks picking up the huge win as he looks to get on a Takeover after being taken out of the first one.

Next Week: Ilja Dragunov vs. Joseph Conners & British Strong Style vs. Imperium (WALTER, Aichner, & Barthel).

– End Scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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This week’s episode of NXT UK was a perfectly solid show, carried by a very good main even and also setting two matches up for next week.