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Csonka’s NXT UK Review 6.26.19 (Ep. 49)

June 26, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
WALTER NXT Takeover New York NXT UK
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Csonka’s NXT UK Review 6.26.19 (Ep. 49)  

Csonka’s NXT UK Review 6.26.19 (Ep. 49)

– Mark Andrews defeated Joseph Conners @ 6:15 via pin [***]
– Xia Brookside defeated Killer Kelly @ 3:20 via pin [**]
– Ligero defeated Noam Dar @ 9:10 via pin [**¾]
NXT UK Tile Match: Champion WALTER defeated Travis Banks @ 8:50 via pin [***½]

– Follow all of my reviews at this link.

– Matches are from Downloadfest.

– Earlier today, Travis Banks commented on tonight’s match with WALTER, claiming to be prepared. No one is ready for he big daddy, Travis.

Mark Andrews vs. Joseph Conners: Conners has new tights, which I guess is a new character trait for him. They lock up and Conners grounds things. Mark fights to his feet, picks up the pace and follows with an arm drag. Conners grabs the hair, Mark trips him up but Conners cuts him off and lays the boots to him. He chokes him out in the ropes, and the neck breaker follows for 2. He follows with corner strikes and hits a clothesline for 2. Mark fires back, but Conners follows with a suplex for 2. He stomps away at him, and chokes him out on the apron. Back in and Mark fires back with a flurry of strikes and hits a suplex and dumps Conners. The suicide dive follows. Back in and Mark hits the standing moonsault for 2. The 619 connects, but Conners hits a buckle bomb and face buster for 2. Mark cradles him for 2 and hits stun dog millionaire. The shooting star press finishes it. Mark Andrews defeated Joseph Conners @ 6:15 via pin [***] This was a good opener, with an invested crowd and the right man winning.

– Imperium preps WALTER for today’s main event.

– Mastiff meets with the Hunt, and talk about taking care of Gallus. They are all fired up.

– NXT UK Tag Champs the Grizzled Young Veterans arrive. Gibson introduces themselves and claims to be the locker room leasers. They aren’t thrilled to be here in front of dirty, sweaty, goths. He mocks the crowd for not using deodorant, and says that he hasn’t heard any real music, just noise. They don’t want to be here, but will defend the titles against Mustache Mountain next week, but will return to their 5 star hotel first. They are the most prestigious champions anywhere. The title match takes place next week.

– We get a video package on Rhea Ripley & Piper Niven. They face next week.

– In two weeks, Gallus faces Mastiff and the Hunt.

Xia Brookside vs. Killer Kelly: Brookside attacks right away, laying in strikes and they trade. Brookside hits a head scissors and dropkick, but Kelly cuts her off with a German for 2. She grounds the action, follows with strikes and starts attacking the arm. Kelly rakes the yes, and cradles her for 2. The big boot follows and then mounted strikes. Brookside fights back with a jawbreaker as Jinny & Gabert arrive. This distracts Brookside, allowing Kelly to attack and cradle her for 2. Brookside hits a code breaker for the win. Xia Brookside defeated Killer Kelly @ 3:20 via pin [**] This was ok overall, giving Brookside some revenge on Kelly for abandoning her previously and continuing her issues with Jinny & Jazzy.

– Toni Storm comments on Kay Lee Ray earning a title shot last week. But in two weeks, Toni will be back in action.

Noam Dar vs. Ligero: They lock up and work to the ropes. Dar mocks him and bails. Back in and Dar attacks the arm, looking to ground the action. Ligero escapes, picks up the pace but Dar bails again. Ligero follows and chases, but Ligero cradles him for 2. They lock up and Dar grabs the mask and grabs a headlock. Dar keeps grabbing at the mask, but Ligero fires back and hits strikes and a dropkick for 2. Kenny Williams arrives to watch. Ligero follows with a back elbow, but Dar trips him up and attacks the arm. He grounds things, lays in uppercuts and covers for 2. Ligero fights back, hits a clothesline and the slam and kick follow for 2. Dar avoids the springboard, hits a kick and fisherman’s buster for 2. Dar charges, he’s cut off but then hits a northern lariat. Ligero fires back with an enziguri and both men are down. Dar takes out the knee and heads up top and misses the double stomp. Dar favors his previously injured knee, asks Williams for help, but Williams teases doing so, allowing Ligero to cradle him for the win. Ligero defeated Noam Dar @ 9:10 via pin [**¾] This was pretty good, and continues the Dar/Williams story, but again, fails to give Dar any momentum.

Champion WALTER vs. Travis Banks: Banks attacks with leg kicks at the bell, trying to chop WALTER down but WALTER bullies back only for Banks to keep firing away with kicks. WALTER cuts him off and works him over in the corner before dumping him to the floor. Back in and WALTER chokes him out mauls him with elbow strikes. Banks tries to fire back but WALTER kicks him down with ease. He follows with uppercuts, and then stomps on the hand. WALTER keeps him grounded, but Banks fires back with kicks but is grounded again as WALTER covers for 2. Banks fires back with kicks, picking up the pace and WALTER is finally down. Banks keeps firing away, hits the shining wizard and goes John Wooooooo. Banks heads up top and hits the double stomp and covers for 2. WALTER counters slice of heaven into a crab but Banks makes the ropes. WALTER follows with clubbing strikes in the ropes, tosses him to the corner and misses the boot. Banks takes out the knee, hits slice of heaven and WALTER rolls to the apron. Banks follows with kicks, dropkicks him to the floor and follows with a suicide dive. Back in and WALTER cuts him off with a big boot to the floor. WALTER follows with chops, and an apron bomb. Back in and WALTER hits another powerbomb for the win. Champion WALTER defeated Travis Banks @ 8:50 via pin [***½] This was really good and especially so for a first meeting as it left a lot on the bone for a rematch in front of more invested crowd, because lets face it, no one really thought Banks was winning the title from WALTER so soon and especially at Downloadfest.

NEXT WEEK: Gallus vs. The Hunt & Mastiff and The Grizzled Young Veterans vs. Mustache Mountain

– End Scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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The final score: review Good
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This week’s episode of NXT UK was an overall good show, continuing established feuds, setting matches for next week, and delivering a very good and entertaining main event.