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Csonka’s NXT UK Review 9.11.19 (Ep. 60)

September 11, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s NXT UK Review 9.11.19 (Ep. 60)  

Csonka’s NXT UK Review 9.11.19 (Ep. 60)

– Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel defeated Danny & Harry Boots & Tights @ 3:40 via pin [**]
– Jordan Devlin defeated Ashton Smith @ 5:40 via pin [**½]
– Tegan Nox defeated Shax @ 0:30 via pin [NR]
NXTUK Tag Team Title Match: Champions Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster defeated The Grizzled Young Veterans @ 12:45 via pin [***¼]

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– Imperium arrives to kick off the show while the crowd chants for Tyler Bate. Barthel says they are needed in NXT UK, because NXT UK was weak. You will learn, accept, and respect their rules and teachings. Wolfe says they are here to protect the honor of the mat, and honor of their sport. If you reject them, you will endure pain and suffering and fall. WALTER now says at Takeover, they disposed of Bate & British Strong Style and there is no one else to step to them. Accept that Imperium is the future.

Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel vs. Danny & Harry Boots & Tights: Imperium attacks right away and dumps one and Barthel takes control with ground and pound on the other. He slaps him around and follows with an uppercut and butterfly suplex. Aichner tags in and maintains control. The toss slam follows and victim#2 is back in and Barthel tags in and the double team implant DDT connects. Barthel follows with the draping dropkick and the doomsday powerbomb finishes it.Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel defeated Danny & Harry Boots & Tights @ 3:40 via pin [**] Delicious squash.

– Post match, WALTER & Wolfe kick the shit out of our victims.

– We get highlights of Ohno beating Scala last week. Scala now challenges Ohno to a rematch, and it will be British rounds rules match. Scala says he will be ready this time.

Jordan Devlin vs. Ashton Smith: they lockup and Devlin looks to work the arm, and then slaps Smith. Smith fires back, hits a shoulder tackle and follows with a dropkick. Devlin cuts him off and follows with chops. He starts attacking the back, and grounds the action. He follows with strikes and the standing moonsault eats knees as Smith fires back. The running boot follows and Smith hits a DVD for 2. Devlin fires back but Smith catches the high cross and hits a suplex for 2. Devlin fires back, countering the neck breaker and follows with the slingshot cutter for 2. Smith fights back and superkicks Devlin as he flies in with a moonsault for 2. Devlin counters back with a Spanish fly for 2. Kawada kick and the devil inside (which Smith took awkwardly) finishes it. Jordan Devlin defeated Ashton Smith @ 5:40 via pin [**½] This was solid Devlin picks up the win but remains treading water while Smith is a guy who fills a spot.

– Nina Samuels arrives and says she’s the future of the women’s division.

– They hype next week’s Ohno vs. Scala rematch.

Tegan Nox vs. Shax: Shax slaps Nox, so Nox hits a head kick, fall away slam and Nox finishes things with the shiniest wizard.Tegan Nox defeated Shax @ 0:30 via pin [NR] Gorgeous squash.

– Post match, champion Kay Lee Ray arrives and runs down Nox, but says that no one wanted to talk about her title win. They just wanted to talk about Nox, so Nox says if she wants a fight, they can have a match.

– Noam Dar has a press conference, and Trent Seven is on the phone and then makes fun of Dar. Seven, on the phone, begs Drake Maverick to take Dar back so Dar ends the press conference. That was a segment. A bad segment.

Champions Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster vs. The Grizzled Young Veterans: Mark and Gibson begin, with Mark grounding things and then Drake tagging in with strikes, mark counters back with arm drags and Webster tags in as the champions work double teams an cover for 2. Mark back in and more double teams follow again for 2. Gibson tags in and cuts off Mark as Drake takes out Webster. Quick tags and double teams by the challengers follow for 2. Drake dumps Mark and the challengers follow with the spiked shoulder breaker on the floor. Gibson starts working the arm, and the challengers follow with more double teams for 2. Drake grounds the action, but Mark counters back into stundog millionaire. Webster gets the hot tag, runs wild and hits a suicide dive, The sitout pedigree follows for 2. Drake cuts him off, double teams follow and Webster battles back, and Mark tags in, the assisted 450 follows and Mark covers for 2. It breaks down, they cut off Webster and the doomsday device gets 2 for the challengers, Mark takes out Gibson on the floor and Drake & Webster work up top, Mark tags himself in and hits a super poison RANA for 2. Drake battles back as Gibson takes out Webster, Gibson tags in and attacks the arm of Mark. Shankley gates follows, but Webster flies in and makes the save. Webster now follows with strikes, the moonsault press and then Drake tags in and Mark makes the save and Webster gets the cradle for 2. It breaks down and Webster gets another cradle for 2. Drake tags in and Webster misses the dropkick and ticket to mayhem is countered and Drake accidentally superkicks Gibson and the shooting star press finishes it for the champions. Champions Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster defeated The Grizzled Young Veterans @ 12:45 via pin [***¼] They had a good match that felt rushed at times, and it felt like they really abused the blind tag deal throughout, which just became repetitive.

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This week’s episode of NXT UK was a solid, but flat placeholder style of show. I didn’t find it bad, but it was rather uninteresting and the crowd wasn’t very invested.