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Csonka’s Reviews Free Matches With The Hardy Boys, Charlotte, & More

January 5, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s Reviews Free Matches With The Hardy Boys, Charlotte, & More  

Csonka’s Reviews Free Matches With The hardy Boys, Charlotte, & More

From WWE Royal Rumble 2017: Champion Charlotte Flair defeated Bayley @ 13:15 via pin [***]
From WWE Royal Rumble 2007: The Hardy Boys defeated MNM @ 16:20 via pin [***¼]
From WWE Royal Rumble 2012: Beth Phoenix, Natalya & The Bella Twins defeated Eve, Kelly Kelly, Alicia Fox & Tamina @ 5:30 via pin [*]

RAW Women’s Championship Match: Champion Charlotte Flair vs. Bayley: Charlotte took Bayley down early, and then tossed her to the floor. Bayley back in, they shove each other and Charlotte is sent to the floor. Head scissors by Bayley, she climbs to the second rope and hits a high cross to the floor, which led to a near fall. Charlotte rolled to the floor and then slammed Bayley to the apron and then the steps. Back in the ring and Charlotte takes the heat, grounding Bayley. Charlotte is controlling with ease, staying a step ahead and constantly cutting Bayley off. Bayley keeps getting small hope spots, but again, the champion stays a step ahead. Charlotte then hits the skull fucker, and transitions into the figure four head scissors. Charlotte then rolls Bayley around the ring maintaining the hold. Charlotte then takes time to mock Bayley, but she fires up and they clothesline each other and we get a double down. Bayley finally fires up, and then hits the springboard high cross for the near fall. Bayley picks up the pace, heads up top now and then has to drop back down and lay the boots to Charlotte. Bayley up top and hits the elbow drop for a good near fall. Bayley tightens up the ponytail, but Charlotte attacks the knee and locks in the figure eight. Bayley fights, rolls it and Charlotte rolls it back and uses the ropes, but the ref breaks it. Charlotte heads up top, the moonsault is sorta met with a knee (it was a bit late), and Bayley makes the cover for two. Bayley takes Charlotte to the corner, they trade strikes and Bayley follows her up but Charlotte dumps her to the floor. Charlotte then hits natural selection on the apron and retains the title. Champion Charlotte Flair defeated Bayley @ 13:15 via pin [***] Overall this was a good match, and was a good one to kick off the show. The crowd was into it, and Charlotte came off very good here as she continues to grow as a heel. The crowd was into Bayley’s near falls and hope spots. This also had a good energy, and the crowd bought into some of Bayley’s near falls. I thought the finish worked well, with Charlotte tossing Bayley to the floor and hitting her finish on the apron (to sell the hardest part of the ring gimmick).

The Hardy Boys vs. MNM (Nitro & Mercury): Nitro attacks Matt at the bell and we’re underway. MNM works quick tags, working over Matt and working on his injured jaw. Matt fires back and tags in Jeff, who hits a dropkick, covering for 2. He’s quickly cut off, as Mercury rushes him to he corner and tags in Nitro. Jeff is able to hit the atomic drop and leg drop to the balls for 2. Matt & Jeff work some double teams, isolating Nitro. The neck breaker from Matt follows, but Nitro caches him with a right and Mercury tags in and they work Matt over in their corner. Good isolation here from MNM, with Nitro going for a cover and getting 2. Nitro lays in knee strikes and tags in Mercury as they continue to attack Matt’s injured jaw. Mercury wants revenge due to having his face exploded in a previous ladder match; he’s still wearing the faceguard here. Matt tries to fire up, but Mercury cuts him off. He misses the elbow off the ropes, and we get wholesale changes to Jeff and Nitro. Jeff runs wild, hitting whisper in the wind for 2 as Mercury makes the save. Matt takes him out and double teams on Nitro follow. They go for the leg drop/splash combo but Jeff ate knees. Mercury tags in and they take the heat on Jeff. They work over Jeff in their corner, and follow with double teams. Nitro lays in kicks, as the quick tags continue from MNM. Jeff makes a comeback, cradling Mercury for 2, but gets cut off. More double teams follow, but Matt makes the save. Nitro lays in kicks to Jeff, and grounds the action. Jeff battles to his feet, works for the tag, but Nitro cuts him off. Jeff gets the phantom tag, as Mercury took the ref and then double team Jeff in their corner. Jeff runs MNM together, and then gets the tag to Matt. Matt runs wild, taking out both men with elbow strikes. The bulldog/clothesline combo follows for 2. The elbow drop follows for 2. MNM looks for the snap shot, but Jeff makes the save. Poetry in motion misses and Nitro rolls up Matt for 2. Matt then hits a side effect and twist of fate and tackles Mercury to the floor. Jeff tags in, hits the swanton and that’s good enough for the win. The Hardy Boyz defeated MNM @ 15:20 via pin [***¼] This was a good match, with MNM working a sound heel formula and the Hardys playing the resilient faces. The teams worked very well together, and provided a fun match with a really well done closing stretch to finish things off.

Beth Phoenix, Natalya & The Bella Twins vs. Eve, Kelly Kelly, Alicia Fox & Tamina: Tamina and Natalya start off, they go power for power to start, and then trade strikes; Tamina hits a head butt, covering for 2. Eve tags in, twerks and hits a standing moonsault for 2. Natalya cuts her off, tagging in Beth. Eve cut her off with kicks and a clothesline. Beth gets the knees up on the senton attempt, and tags in Brie. She chokes out Eve in the ropes, and Nikki tags in covering for 2. She then grounds things for a bit, but Eve powers out and Fox tags in. She hits dropkicks, and lays the boots to Nikki, but the Bellas pull the switch and Brie takes control. She grounds Fox, but Fox escapes and tags in Kelly. She hits a head scissors and back handspring elbow for 2. It breaks down; bodies spill to the floor for the big brawl. Kelly hits a top rope splash onto the pile. Back in and Kelly works over Nikki, but Beth tags herself in and hits the glam slam for the win. Beth Phoenix, Natalya & The Bella Twins defeated Eve, Kelly Kelly, Alicia Fox & Tamina @ 5:30 via pin [*] This was a late addition to the card, and the crowd largely did not care. That isn’t the fault of the performers, instead, that is WWE’s fault for not booking them in a manner to make us care. It wasn’t good.

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Overall a solid collection, with the old divas match dragging things down with a really bad effort. The first two matches are good, with the Hardys vs. MNM being the best of the bunch.