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Csonka’s Reviews Free Matches With Jushin Liger, Fred Yehi, & More

January 4, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Jushin Liger
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Csonka’s Reviews Free Matches With Jushin Liger, Fred Yehi, & More  

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Csonka’s Reviews Free Matches With Jushin Liger, Fred Yehi, & More

From ROH: Dalton Castle defeated Jushin ‘Thunder’ Liger @ 11:07 via pin [**¾]
From EVOLVE 51: Lio Rush defeated Fred Yehi @ 9:55 via [**¾]
From Women’s Wrestling Revolution: MJ Jenkins vs. Vanity @ 7:20 via pin [*]

Dalton Castle vs. Jushin ‘Thunder’ Liger: They shake hands and we’re friends to begin. The crowd is pumped for this, and so is Alex Shelley on commentary, fan boying all over Liger. It’s playful to begin, but as Castle looks to play, Liger grounds the action and takes control. Castle makes the ropes for the break. Castle gets fanned in the corner, fanning up and then taking Liger down. Castle poses and Liger calls the boys in to fan him, but Castle calls the off. Back to action and they trade shoulder tackles. Liger tosses Castle and teases a dive, frustrating Castle. Castle back in and Liger poses to the shock of Castle. Liger tosses him again and to the floor they go. Castle cuts off Liger, and rolls him back in. Castle follows and takes control, tossing Liger around and then grounds the action. Castle then hits a dropkick, covering for 2. Liger makes the ropes, avoids a charge and we then get a double down. Liger recovers and hits a shotei and follows with a RANA off the ropes, covering for 2. Castle fights off the tiger bomb, but Liger sends him to he floor and hits a baseball slide dropkick and then a cannonball to the floor. The boys then fan and pose with Liger. Castle is not happy, but walks into chops by Liger. Castle then hits a delayed German for 2. He rolls for another, but Liger counters into the European clutch for 2. Castle grounds things again, but Liger fights out but runs into bangarang for the win. Dalton Castle defeated Jushin ‘Thunder’ Liger @ 11:07 via pin [**¾] This was a pretty good little match, played for a lot of fun, which the crowd enjoyed. You could tell that Castle was having the time of his life working with Liger here. Also, when his in ring career is done, ROH should lock Shelley up as an announcer, he’s done some really great work when asked to do commentary, always putting over the talents and comes off very enthusiastic.

Speedball Mike Bailey vs. Nathan Martin: Both men were making their Evolve debuts here. Yehi looks like he’s wearing his PJs. He eventually took them off and had tights on. They did some fast paced counter wrestling to begin, Rush slowed it down and then worked some kicks. Yehi had enough of that shit, blocked a kick and then just punched the foot of Rush. Yehi scored with a series of suplexes, and then slowed things down with the body scissors. Rush would escape and get some run, connecting with kicks, but would run into an STO, and then Yehi locked in the koji clutch. Rush managed to roll to the ropes and got the break. Rush looked to control with a series of strike, but Yehi just head butted him in the throat, and then hit a fisherman’s buster for a near fall. Rush hit a standing Spanish fly, and then hit the frog splash for the win. Lio Rush defeated Fred Yehi @ 9:55 via [**¾] This was a good little showcase match, a little too frantic at times, but it featured strong performances from both.

MJ Jenkins vs. Vanity: Jenkins was under contract with Impact for a bit, but was barely used and then released. They lock up to begin, with Jenkins getting a takedown. They work some back and forth, Vanity dances and then works the arm. Vanity trips her up, and follows with shoulder blocks. Arm drags follow and then a dropkick by Vanity. Jenkins cuts her off and follows with a clothesline. She then repeatedly slams Vanity to the mat, and chokes her out in the ropes. Jenkins really heeling it up here hits charging knees and a big boot. The spin kick follows for 2. Jenkins takes the heat, just laying in strikes on Vanity. The draping neck breaker follows, and the cover gets 2. Jenkins takes time to sing and then works a head scissors. The skull fucker follows, and but Vanity escapes and they work into a double down. Vanity fires up and lays in forearms, and the belly-to-belly gets 2. Jenkins fires back with strikes, they trade center ring, Vanity avoids kicks and locks in an ankle lock. Jenkins fights for the ropes, and gets them for the break. Jenkins follows with strikes and hits a head kick, and we get a botched count and that’s that. It looked as if Vanity was supposed to kick out (and may have been knocked out) and the ref got confused. MJ Jenkins vs. Vanity @ 7:20 via pin [*] Even before the finish, this wasn’t very good. It was slow and disjointed, and the unfortunate finish made it worse.

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The first two matches are pretty good, but the women’s match was rather messy and pulled the average down. Not very good overall this time around.