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Csonka Reviews Free Matches With Tyler Bate, Pete Dunne, KUSHIDA, More

January 13, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka Reviews Free Matches With Tyler Bate, Pete Dunne, KUSHIDA, More  

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Csonka’s Reviews Free Matches With Tyler Bate, Pete Dunne, KUSHIDA, More

From ROH All Star Extravaganza 2016: KUSHIDA, ACH and Jay White defeated The Briscoes & Toru Yano @ 14:18 via pin [***½]
From NXT TakeOver Brooklyn II: Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Champion Samoa Joe @ 21:10 via pin [***½]
From NXT Takeover Chicago III: Pete Dunne defeated Champion Tyler Bate @ 15:40 via pin [*****]

ROH Six-Man Tag Title Tournament Match: The Briscoes & Toru Yano vs. ACH, Jay White & KUSHIDA: They worked a fun back and forth, working through the various pairings. The Briscoes took control as Yano laughed and then cut off a turnbuckle as we got some dives by the others. They worked the heat on White for a bit, but White eventually sent Yano into the exposed buckle and got the hot tag to KUSHIDA. He ran wild on Yano and worked for an arm bar, but Yano got the ropes. Yano then got his hair pull spot and the Briscoes then worked the heat on KUSHIDA. KUSHIDA got some good hope spots and got a luke warm tag to ACH. He hit the run up dive to the floor, and then back in hit a pair of lariats on Mark and then hit a series of knee and kicks to Jay. This was a great run by ACH, leading to he, White and KUSHIDA triple team Mark and score a near fall as Yano made the save. It broke down, allowing the Briscoes to beat down White. KUSHIDA saved him from a Jay driller, but he was taken out and White ate the DVD and froggy bow, and White kicked out. Yano tagged in as all three worked over White. ACH and KUSHIDA made the save again, but got tossed. White then got to make the big comeback, KUSHIDA stopped the low blow, but Yano threw him into White and got a near fall off the roll up. White took out Yano, KUSHIDA dove to the floor and ACH hit the midnight star to pick up the win. KUSHIDA, ACH and Jay White defeated The Briscoes & Toru Yano @ 14:18 via pin [***½] This was a very good match and a ton of fun. White got a ton of run here, and I felt that the right team won as there is a ton of upside in the juniors team moving on.

NXT Title Match: Champion Samoa Joe vs. Shinsuke Nakamura: As the bell rang, the fans were still singing Nakamura’s music. They were tentative early, with both guys looking for openings to take control, but neither gaining an advantage. Nakamura got playful with Joe, which just angered the champion. But it was that which allowed Nakamura to take control with knees as Joe rushed in angry. The action spilled to the floor, where Nakamura landed some knees but Joe cut him off with chops as they returned to the ring. Back in Joe hit the corner back splash and enziguri before talking shit to Nakamura. Nakamura fought back and with Joe on the apron went for a knee, but Joe avoided and Nakamura crashed knee first to the floor. Joe then followed with the elbow suicida and took the heat. Joe was focused and vicious with his attacks before grounding Nakamura, who made the ropes. Nakamura tried to fire back but Joe swept out the leg an hit a powerbomb for a near fall, transitioned into the Boston crab, then into the STF, and then into the crossface; classic Joe here. Nakamura would counter with a roll up and then an enziguri, which rocked Joe. Nakamura then hit the spin kick and they did the double down. Nakamura fired up with the knees in the corner, but he ran into the atomic drop and boot, but Joe missed the running senton. Nakamura looked for a guillotine, they worked countered and Nakamura landed knees to the head of Joe. Nakamura charged and Joe hit a rough (not good) looking STJOE in the corner. Joe then went for a muscle buster, Nakamura fought it off and hit a kick off the second rope. They traded strikes center ring before Joe decapitated Nakamura with a lariat. He went for another but Nakamura scored with the rolling arm bar, Joe rolled and Nakamura transitioned to a triangle. Joe powered into a cloverleaf, which was really slick, but Nakamura made the ropes. Joe went for the choke, Nakamura fought and rolled out but he then ran into a knee by Joe and then elbow strikes. Joe got the choke, but Nakamura managed to get the ropes. Joe once again went for a muscle buster, but Nakamura fought him off and dropped Joe onto his head with a German! Nakamura looked for Kinshasa, but ran into a snap slam and Joe got a near fall. Joe looks completely frustrated, wondering what he has to do to put Nakamura away. He hit an enziguri with Nakamura on the roped and then hit the muscle buster, but Nakamura kicked out! The crowd hyped up for Nakamura, Nakamura countered the muscle buster, Kinshasa connects, but Joe survived and kicked out! Joe may have got clipped god there as he grabs at his jaw. Nakamura hit a knee to the back and then another Kinshasa and wins the title. They got the big reaction for the title change. Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Champion Samoa Joe @ 21:10 via pin [***½] This was a very good, but not great match; the first half was a bit too laid back, the work of Nakamura’s knee meant nothing by the end and I think they went a little long as they lost the early vibe of intensity and never quite got it back. Considering how excited people were (myself included) for the match, it came off a bit disappointing to me.

WWE UK Title Match: Champion Tyler Bate vs. Pete Dunne: Dunne attacks at the bell, taking bate down and grounding him early as the crowd is into both men. Bate escapes, but Dunne goes back to work, attacking the arm and hand. Bate with the slick escape, hits the dropkick and even had time to twirl his moustache. Bate follows Dunne to the floor, Dunne attacks the hand, but Bate hits him with a stiff jab and rolls him back in. Dunne rolls back to the floor, and hits an x-plex onto the apron. Dunne back to the arm, taking Bate down and then bending the fingers in a way they shouldn’t go. Dunne then works forearm strikes and stomps, but Bate fires up and hits a delayed XPLODER. Bate follows with running uppercuts, but Dunne cuts that off, only for Bate to hit a running shooting star press and bridging German for 2. Bate looks for another running shooting star press, but Dunne catches him in a triangle and lays in strikes and elbow shots. Bate looks to escape, and powers up Dunne and powerbombs him and is out. The crowd loves this. Bate shakes out the arm and hits the air plane spin with insane speed and then dumps Dunne, covering for 2. Both men are down, Bate makes it back to his feet and Dunne then counters the German and cuts off a springboard high cross with a straight right hand. The sitout powerbomb connects for a great near fall and the crowd is going bat shit. They trade strikes, going al Frye vs. Takiyama; Bate drops Dunne with the big left. Dunne hits the enziguri, they go face to face and then beat the hell out of each other, Bate then hits the rebound lariat and decapitates Dunne, covering for another great near fall. My word. Bate fires up, looks for the Tyler driver but Dunne counters only for Bate to counter the bitter end and hit a tornado DDT. Dunne rolls to the floor, and Bate hits the moonsault press to the floor. Bate then hits a spiral tap on Dunne for another great near fall. Dunne again bails to the floor and Bate goes for a tope, but Dunne swats him aside and then rolls him back in, hits the bitter end and wins the title. Pete Dunne defeated Champion Tyler Bate @ 15:40 via pin [*****] I loved every second of this. They took everything that they did in their UK tournament final match (which was excellent), streamlined it and made it even better in front of an absolutely insane crowd, great action and pacing with both men doing everything in their power to win; that felt really special. This was easily one of the best matches in NXT’s history. Bate is 20 and Dunne is 24, these men are special talents. I LOVE WRESTLING! This was my WWE match of the year for 2017, no question.

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